Life After: The Arising

In a scientific and spiritual sense, humanity has its world ordered

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Life After: The Arising

The first book in The Arising Series

 by Bryan Way

Life After: The Arising
by Bryan Way
In a scientific and spiritual sense, humanity has its world ordered

Rating: 5 out of 5.
Life After: The Arising
by Bryan Way

In a scientific and spiritual sense, humanity has its world ordered, but that order slowly descends into chaos when something defies the tenets of both, leaving the events of human history divided into life before and life after the bodies of the dead began to reanimate. College student Jeff Grey comes home to be confronted by something he'd only read about in fiction and seen in movies: Zombies. Despite lungs beset by asthma and a total lack of survival skills, his lifelong desire to endure an undead apocalypse sees him unite a small group of acquaintances, but with the town quarantined as emergency infrastructure breaks down, Jeff and the rest of the survivors will have to grow up fast if they want to see a life after the arising.

Robin's Review:

Jeff and his girlfriend, Julia are survivors of an apocalyptic event that creates zombies. They and others are left to find their way in this new and dangerous dystopian world. This story take place over a 10-day period with the survivors moving from the high school they were hiding in, to different locations that are supposed to be Rescue Centers.

The plot was interesting and entertaining. It had a lot of good survival ideas.

Favorite Lines:

Becoming undead, by definition, is the removal of that soul, and your survival largely depends on how you cope with that concept.”

Smart Lines:

“Okay, keep breathing slow… we have three options… go back out, run, or stay put…”

“Okay… think about it this way…” I start. “Outside, you have no control other than where you plan on going and how you plan to get there. There’s no safe, just safer.”

“Light bulbs? “Shatter them… if anyone comes up the steps, we’ll hear the glass break.”

“Alright… no one ever goes anywhere alone, no excuses. There’s a lot of us up here, so if you have to go anywhere… groups of three.”

“Why would they go slow, they’re human beings who are like, sick or something, right?” Melody asks. “Rigor mortis? That’s my best guess…”

“So, it affects the brain, right? What if that’s all that happens? If you don’t actually die, there’s no reason for rigor mortis to set in.”

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Book 2 of 2: Life After is available now

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This title will be released on December 21, 2021.

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