The Ancient Ones Trilogy

Artistically Outstanding!

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Liminality (Book 2)

 by Cassandra L. Thompson

Rating: 5 out of 5.
Liminality (The Ancient Ones Trilogy Book 2)
by Cassandra L. Thompson

Artistically Outstanding!

Picking up right where The Ancient Ones left off, David has just discovered the diabolical brother he left for dead in 15th century Romania has returned. Making matters even stranger, the news is delivered by his old friend, Danulf, the half-vampyre/half-lycanthrope he had also presumed dead. As Dan divulges his story to David and his newly reanimated lover, Morrigan, it becomes clear that the ancient pagan god’s history hoped to forget are back.

Another adventure throughout history, from the Carpathian Mountains to Pre-Revolutionary France, the story unfolds to reveal there is a much bigger problem than just the vainglorious Lucius. Even with the addition of a liminal witch named Cahira, the gods find themselves facing a threat that can erase their existence for good. Wrought with adventure, romance, tragedy, and heartache, the second book in The Ancient Ones Trilogy dives deeper into a tale as old as time itself... that bites.
Robin's Review:

I usually summarize the book in my reviews, but I can’t with this one because I do not want to ruin the experience for anyone. Because you know, you can never get that back. It’s what I like to call “love at first read”. You would give anything to read a book like it’s the first time. This book heck this series is like that. “Sigh”

Read the first book The Ancient Ones (The Ancient Ones Trilogy Book 1)
Immerse yourself in the second book
Liminality (The Ancient Ones Trilogy)
Pray for the third book

Cassandra L. Thompson is a strong, intelligent, and creative women and it shows in her writing. I highly recommend her series for readers of any genre.

I won a giveaway for a signed copy of this book. Thank you Cassandra L. Thompson

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