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August 23, 2023

New Terms and Conditions

If I am to review your book, I prefer printed copies to e-copies (PDF, Mobi, Epub, etc. are all fine), But it is okay either way. It just looks better on social media videos. If you have any media or marketing information, please send it my way. Also, if you want your book review on Amazon as a video, please let me know ahead of time.

I will post my review on Amazon. Just for your information, Amazon may take up to 2 weeks for them to approve it. After it’s approved, I will then post it everywhere you have chosen. If you would like my review prior to the date it goes live on Amazon, please let me know when and where you would like it. If your book is available on Kindle Unlimited I will always “borrow” your book there so that it will be a verified purchase which is very important to Amazon. Otherwise, I will state that I was given a copy in exchange for an honest review. Amazon’s reviewing conditions are linked below in case you want to look it up yourself.  

My Review Process:

  1. I will make the initial announcement in video form that your book is now on my TBR list. I keep a calendar up on my blog so that it will show your book on it. If we talked about it, and it doesn’t show, let me know. I update the calendar every Friday.
  2. I will make a video saying I am currently reading it (in whatever modality). If I have a paper copy, I will begin to “post note” it. No harm is done to the book. LoL. If in electronic form I will highlight it.
  3. I will make my last video that will state to look for my review soon on my blog and social media.

If you want feedback before my review goes live, please inform me in our initial conversation.  

If you want: typos, plot questions, or wrong word usage (that is where it is a “real” word but not the correct one as used, which means it makes it through your spell check without being flagged) brought to your attention, again please let me know about that in our first conversation.

If I review your book but DNF it. I will contact you directly (this has only happened once). Also, if my review has a rating of less than three stars, I will not post it. If agreed upon in our first conversation, I will let you know directly.

I do require knowledge of any content and/or trigger warnings ahead of time. I do have triggers, but as a reviewer, that will not change my review of your book. In other words, that is a me problem, not a you problem.

If your book is an ARC, I will need to know the date your book will go “live” and where it is live. Some authors like Amazon, others Barnes and Noble, etc.

Also, I will need to know when you would like your review to be posted. That way if you’re doing a soft launch, I can have it ready for all platforms at the same time. so be sure to let me know the date and platforms, please. Also if you will be doing a media push, cover reveal, etc., I do not want to conflict with your timeline.

If your book is part of a series, please let me know when the next book will be coming out, if possible, and please include the series and/or reading order. Book 1 of __XX__, Titled ___, Book 2 of __XX___,  Titled____.

If you are interested in my review being used as a blurb, any social media content, or whatnot, please let me know in our initial conversation.    

Some of the review sites I can post on are Amazon, Barnes and Noble, BookBub, Booksprout, BookSirens, Facebook, Godless, Goodreads, Instagram, Pinterest, Prolific Works, StoryOrigin, TikTok, Twitter, and more. If you don’t see your preferred review site for me to post on above, let me know.