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Out With The Old and In With The New

2023 Edition


New Terms and Conditions

If I am to review your book, I need it in printed type or marketing materials to use in TikTok videos. Also, I will now be doing videos with my reviews for Amazon. If you would like tagged, please provide your information.

1. I will include a short video look at the book in my review for Amazon, so preferably sending me a paper copy is best, but marketing materials can also be helpful. That would include the cover, blurb, hashtags, and book trigger warnings.

2. I will always “borrow” your book on Kindle Unlimited so that it will be a verified purchase which is very important to Amazon.

3. If you want feedback before my review goes live, please inform me in our initial conversation.

4. if you want typos brought to your attention again, please let me know about that in our first conversation.

5. If I am to review your book but DNF it. I will contact you directly (this has only happened once).

6. Also, if my review has a rating of less than three stars, I will not post it. If agreed upon in our first conversation, I will let you know directly.

7. If it is an ARC, I will need to know the date your book will go “live.”

8. Also, I will need to know when you would like your review to be posted. Date and platforms, please.

Amazon, Barnes and Noble, BookBub, Booksprout, BookSirens, Facebook, Godless, Goodreads, Instagram, Pinterest, Prolific Works, StoryOrigin, TikTok, and Twitter.

9. if this is part of a series, please let me know when the next book will be coming out. Include the series order and/or reading order.

10. if you are interested in my review being used as a blurb, please let me know in our initial conversation.



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