Robin’s Review of Dom of the Dead by Nic Roads

Dom of the Dead: A Zombie Vale Novella by Nic Roads Don’t fear the walking dead. Dominate them.

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Dom of the Dead

 by Nic Roads

Rating: 5 out of 5.
Dom of the Dead: 
A Zombie Vale Novella
by Nic Roads

Don’t fear the walking dead. Dominate them.

Yasmine Alvarado has a secret life and a haunted past.

A single mother living in the remote mountain community of Sparrowdale, Colorado, Yasmine is a survivor. Having escaped from a sadistic, psychopathic husband, she now secretly moonlights as a professional dominatrix while raising her teenage daughter, Charlie.

But when a mysterious, horrifying plague is unleashed, turning countless people into ravenous, undead monsters, Yasmine’s dungeon turns deadly.

All alone, and with the world crumbling all around her, Yasmine will have to confront her deepest, darkest nightmares and risk everything to save her daughter. Will she be able to survive the onslaught of the dead?

Dom of the Dead is a thrilling, dramatic page-turner, a standalone novella set in Nic Roads’ upcoming Zombie Vale series.


Yasmine Alvarado - aka Mistress Odessa is a divorced, thirty-six-year-old single mom with a teenage daughter, Charlie trying to survive a zombie apocalypse.

This was a first for me in the genre of zombie apocalypse. It was fast paced, descriptive and definitely had an interesting plot. I really enjoyed reading it.
Names: monsters, homicidal maniacs, crazies, living dead, undead zombies, flesh-eating undead monsters, zombified, infected crazies, virals, Mad Cow cannibals, vicious creatures, reanimated, undead revenant.

Favorite Lines:
“And my post-apocalyptic method of transport was an adorable, bright green, 50cc Vespa. As I rode through the devastated streets, its noisy little engine buzzed like a leaf blower on steroids.”

“Wham, bam, zombie jam.”

“The great thing about scooters is that they're noisy as hell. The scooter itself, when it's revving, sounds like a steel can full of angry bumblebees hooked up to a loudspeaker.”

“post-zombie-combat sleep”

Zombie Tips:
Infected people were immune to pain.

Bites were contagious.

Blood wasn't infectious, and skin doesn’t soak up whatever the disease was.

Shut the door behind you so no more zombies barge in.

Zombies could climb.

Science Fiction

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