Robin’s Review of A World Fallen

What would you do to save someone you love?

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A World Fallen

by Nicholas Lawrence Carter

Rating: 5 out of 5.
A World Fallen
by Nicholas Lawrence Carter

A disease ravaged the world… …and now, it has adapted. What would you do to save someone you love? As a young girl, Rosaline watched her mother and sister die. The monsters were brutal, relentless. Now, she has a son. She will do anything to protect him. The diseased only want to kill and, to her horror, they've evolved. They can speak and deceive. "Are you alone?" That’s always what they ask. Over and over again."Are you alone?"Usually followed by the false promise, "I can help you." Anyone can be infected. Trust is a risk. Are there any good people left? You’ll love A World Fallen, because even in despair, we can find hope.

Mature Content Triggers: Violence, PTSD, Mental Illness, Cutting

Robin's Review: This was an amazing book. It went beyond just being an average zombie apocalypse story. It touched upon many issues that some writers might overlook like mental illness, depression, and PTSD that you might find in an apocalypse. I believe the author researched these issues fairly well and portrayed them realistically. I find the love and caring between the characters to really make the story. They were your average everyday people, so they were to me very relatable. And of course, the different types of zombies were intriguing and really creepy. I really enjoyed this book and I look forward to more from Nicholas Lawrence Carter. Well done, Sir.

Rosaline and Mikey
Kylie, Marcus, and Patrick
Hawaii, Zee, Rad, Outlaw and Sweetie
Norman, Jack, and Daisy

Zombie Names:
creatures, diseased, infected, beast, Adapted, afflicted, monsters, talkers, smart ones, and killers.

Zombie Tips:
The goggles are important to ensure no blood gets in the eyes and the gloves keep the hands clean.

Never take chances

never sleep on low ground go somewhere more defensible or to higher ground.

The disease infects people which makes people the threat.

sleep fully dressed

People need water so the infected lie in wait at the water source.

Favorite Lines:
“It only takes an apocalyptic event to give my profession a good name, how about that?” the attorney responds, a cheeky expression exuding from her.

“You’re sunshine in the flesh, you know that?

Science Fiction
Coming of Age

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