Robin’s Review of Attercoppe

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Shirley Day

Rating: 5 out of 5.
By Shirley Day

The poems in Kris Falcon’s some blue, a little spur function like a map of dark watercolors, where the speaker is building a way through a space-time collage.
Ella's running from her abusive husband when she ends up stranded on an Essex marsh island with an uncanny past. She tries to blend in with the small rural community until a curious virus breaks out—a cursed dream: tell it once, and you're dead. Ella needs to evade her husband, stop the virus from getting off the island, and save the people she's come to think of as her friends.
Robin's Review: "Attercoppe" by Shirley Day tells the story of Ella, who flees from her abusive partner and finds refuge on a secluded island. However, the island is at risk from a dangerous virus that could spread rapidly.

This book has it all: an intriguing plot, fleshed-out and believable characters, and unexpected twists that kept me hooked until the last page. It's an entertaining and straightforward read that will that kept me eager to discover what happens next. 

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