Robin’s Review of Least of These

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Least of These


by Lancelot Schaubert

Rating: 5 out of 5.
Least of These 
by Lancelot Schaubert 

It unsettles me that Jesus never specified on the second time he said it.
 The verse fills us with dread in general: where have we overlooked the hungry, the sick, the undocumented refugee or person experiencing homelessness, the naked, the prisoner? When have we neglected to quench, feed, heal, host, and visit? And when - specifically - have we done so to Jesus himself?

The dread grows.

For Jesus, the second time - in the judgment passage, says the least of these. These what?

These prisoners. These naked. These hungry. These thirsty. These migrants or homeless. It seems to me there are all kinds of ways to come in last place. And not just the most hungry, most thirsty, most naked, most unhomed, most imprisoned. It's least socially. Least financially. Least in terms of quality of thought or emotional stability. Most lost spiritually. Least attractive. Most obscure. The one who brings the clearest shame. Poorest, most uninfluential, of lowest repute. It means the one who deserves it the least in every single category.
Robin's Review:"Least of These" by Lancelot Schaubert explores whom Jesus refers to as the "least of these" and challenges readers to consider if they have missed opportunities to show kindness and empathy to society's forgotten and excluded. It's a thought-provoking read.

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