Robin’s Review of Whispering Tree: A Paranormal Suspense Thriller

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Whispering Tree: A Paranormal Suspense Thriller


by Shirley Bear Fedorak

Rating: 5 out of 5.
Whispering Tree: A Paranormal Suspense Thriller
by Shirley Bear Fedorak

Ghostly whispers from The Tree. Unexplained mishaps. Can an empath solve the mystery of her hauntings and save her family from a psychopath bent on revenge?
Empath Ariana Nightley is living her dream on a Canadian prairie farm. She is a bestselling author, she’s marrying the man she loves, and the dangerous sociopath who stalked her is gone. Then the women of The Tree start whispering again. They warn her of danger. Michael is back.

Ariana’s only solace comes when she discovers her beloved grandmother’s spirit has joined the women in The Tree. Gran soothes her with memories of her long life.

Michael’s sinister threats increase, and she seeks answers from the women of The Tree until a disturbing discovery shatters her faith in them. When Michael takes deadly revenge on someone she loves, Ariana hatches a risky plan that will save her family or destroy them all.

Whispering Trees is book 2 in the Whispers trilogy, a genre blend of paranormal suspense, crime thriller, and romance.
Robin's Review: Initially, I had some doubts about Whispering Tree as I'm not typically a fan of suspenseful romance novels. However, what intrigued me was the protagonist being an empath. To my delight, I found myself thoroughly invested in her story and now consider myself a fan of Shirley Bear Fedorak. 
Regarding the review, the writing was seamless and flowed effortlessly. The story was well-crafted and easy to follow, with a perfect balance of suspense without being overly graphic. The author wisely avoided excessive world-building or deep character introduction details, as this is the second book in the series. 
The plot was refreshing and engaging, catching me off guard. Even though it's the second book, the characters were fully fleshed out and relatable, making me root for more than one of them. The family tree chart and the cast of characters' explanations at the beginning of the book proved to be quite helpful, as I referenced it multiple times throughout the story.
This book provided the exact change of pace I needed, and I've become quite fond of the characters and their tales. I plan to read and review Book 1 as well. Overall, I highly recommend this author and her series.

My Favorite Lines:
“Drat you man, there had better be a real house come spring, or I’ll let the icicles at your privates.”

“He ran his hands through his thin brown hair. “Can you forgive an old-fashioned numbskull of a guy? I’m still learning how to be a good husband, and I admit I’m lost more often than I know what I’m doing.”

“My darling little girl scrunched up her nose and sent me an annoyed mind-nudge.”

“Olivia led me through dozens of soul-sucking cubicles and into a stark conference room.”

“A psychopathic ghost threatened my family and haunted my dreams.”

“Gran’s magic closet.”

“Ryan shook his head. “You two set the women’s movement back a spell. Did it ever occur to you to step back?”

“We are the women of The House,” Sarah said. “We live in The Tree now.”

“We must pay for our sins,” Sarah said. “The walls keep us prisoner.”

“I will love you forever and a day my handsome prince,”

There are a few trigger warnings.
Violence and Death
Mental Health

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