Robin’s Review of They Don’t End Up Together

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They Don’t End Up Together


by Heather Zinda

Rating: 5 out of 5.
They Don't End Up Together
by Heather Zinda

As a wedding photographer, Jette is thrilled when her best friend gets engaged. 
Love, however, has been tricky for Jette as she navigates the world of dating. When her ex, who she hasn’t seen in a year, arrives at her friend’s engagement party, his presence disrupts her once manageable lifestyle. Their unfinished story creates waves throughout each of their lives as they attempt to reconcile their past.
Robin's Review: I found myself completely absorbed in the captivating storyline of this book and thoroughly enjoyed reading it. The way the author portrayed love and the challenges that come with it felt genuine, and I couldn't help but root for the flawed characters. This book captures the reality that love is not always a smooth journey.
The emotional impact of this book was profound and moved me to tears several times throughout the story. The author's remarkable ability to evoke such deep emotions through authentic vulnerability touched my heart, and I am grateful for having read it.

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