Robin’s Review of Praeceps: A Rain City Story

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Praeceps: A Rain City Story


by Albert Aykler

Rating: 5 out of 5.
Praeceps: A Rain City Story 
by Albert Aykler
On Praeceps there is no crime because there are no laws.

Every neon-stained gray dawn reveals the body of another ‘impossible person' floating face down in the drainage canals. 
A group called The Syndicate controls Precip City with a brutal security force made up of off-world mercenaries. Under their watch, even possible people have no rights or recourse.

Sancho Panza Borkman takes a job working for the Galactic Consortium to help bring justice to his home world, but when the Consortium's machine mind Garde T-31 arrives to validate the need for GC-administered rule of law, anomalies begin to occur. Rain stops falling, Praeceps goes silent, and constructed minds die.

Panza must find the source of the anomalies and stop it before T-31 is destroyed and the galaxy's best hope for justice along with it.

Praeceps is a thrilling sci-fi mystery that will please fans of The Expanse, Iain M. Banks, and the Wayfarer series. Join Panza on his journey and buy it today!
Robin's Review: Praepes: A Rain City Story by Albert Aykler is an amazing read! The dynamic characters, adventurous plot and bold storylines create a great fantasy world. With easy-to-follow dialogue and descriptions, the author skillfully crafts an immersive journey through a dystopian future. It leaves you feeling like you’ve only scratched the surface of what this mysterious city holds in store for its inhabitants. So, if you like futuristic stories that keep you on your toes with suspense, don’t miss out on this unforgettable tale of courage and perseverance!

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