Robin’s Review of Last Girl Standing: A Journey Through the Zombie Apocalypse

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Last Girl Standing: A Journey Through the Zombie Apocalypse


by Tom Marshall

Rating: 5 out of 5.
Last Girl Standing: A Journey Through the Zombie Apocalypse 
by Tom Marshall

In the heart-pounding novel, "Last Girl Standing," prepare to embark on an electrifying journey through a zombie-infested Britain.
As a harrowing virus outbreak engulfs London, the contagion spreads like wildfire, leaving Lily and her friends fighting tooth and nail to defy the odds and survive.
Amidst the chaos, Lily's father, a jaded soldier serving in Afghanistan, learns of his daughter's perilous situation. Steals a helicopter and sets off on a perilous mission to rescue her, braving the treacherous hordes of the undead and facing insurmountable challenges along the way.
Robin's Review: This virus starts out across the pond in the United Kingdom where a man intentionally releases a contagion. Thereby starting a chain reaction breaking down the infected into two types:
First Type:Direct Exposure = Certain Death 
“We estimate the period between exposure and death as being about 12 minutes, but during that time they are extraordinarily aggressive and destructive, usually trying to kill everyone else around them with their bare hands, when they are not trying to claw their own faces off.”
Second Type:First Exposed Bites Others = Second Type
“The second type are those who have been bitten by the first type and thereby get a mutated version of the toxin.  It causes them to become almost comatose in their appearance, until the infection hits their central nervous system, then they display similar symptoms to the original casualties.”  
Favorite Lines:“Namely?” “They try to kill everyone they see.” “How long do they live for?” asked an Admiral, “A couple of hours? A day?” “No Sir, unfortunately from what we can determine at this stage, they seem to live for far longer.  Their hearts aren’t put under the same amount of pressure as the type-one infected personnel due to the initial coma they are put into.  Their bodies become impervious to pain and will continue attacking others even with a large number of bullets in them.”
“Kevin, are they padded cycling shorts?” I asked “or have you done a big poo in your pants?”
“Three-months with the squadron, mainly trying to catch up with the pre-deployment training, and now I’m here, the armpit of the world, with some nutters trying to kill me simply for being alive!”
“Camel Spiders are just plain evil.” he said before chopping again “they are the most malevolent, hate-filled creatures on God’s green earth.”
“We’ll have to send O’Toole back as well, he caught one in the ear, took it clean off and although it might have knocked some sense into him, it’s probably better to send him and his ear back to get reattached in case his eyesight fails in the future.” Seeing the confused look on the Junior Officer’s face the Flight Sergeant clarified “It’s hard to wear glasses without both ears, Sir!” before he hustled off again, chuckling to himself.”
“The PM turned to his General with an ashen face as the realisation that the ship was not only sinking in the eyes of the world, but that any rats trying to escape it would be shot for the greater good.”
Houses = People = Zombies
Less People = Less Trouble
"Last Girl Standing" by Tom Marshall is the perfect zombie apocalypse read - it's well-written, easy to digest, and packed with relatable characters that will have you rooting for them from page one. But let's be real, the real MVP is Marcy, whose sass and quick wit had me LOL-ing for days. And don't even get me started on the sarcasm - it's so good, it's scary. Trust me, this book is a joyride you don't want to miss out on.

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