Robin’s Review of The Mutation: Book 3 in The Virus series

The Mutation: Book 3 in The Virus series Book 3 of 3: The Virus series by Damien Lee

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Robin’s Review of The Mutation: Book 3 in The Virus series

by Damien Lee

Rating: 5 out of 5.
The Mutation: Book 3 in The Virus series 
Book 3 of 3: The Virus series
by Damien Lee

 The past few days have taken their toll on Frank, but R&R is not an option...
Eden isn’t quite the utopia he’d expected. When they come under attack from zombies and humans alike, difficult decisions must be made.
With the horrific events still fresh in their mind, Amy and Ben finally feel safe in their secluded cottage. But that’s when things start to go wrong. The undead are getting faster. They’re smarter. They’re mutating.
To make matters worse, something else lurks in the shadows; something far worse than any zombie.
Robin's Review: In this third installment and increasingly addictive story, the characters:
Group A Frank, Lisa, and Kara with a stray called Jay
Group B Donna, Kev, Ben and Amy
No spoiler here folks

The characters must make their way through a new and treacherous world and are just trying to survive. But wait, cause a new kind of zombie emerges, WTH – amping up the fun so that I kept turning the pages all through the night.
This action-packed zompoc is filled with dangers, characters with hidden agendas, and sarcastic wit that leads to an adrenaline-filled ride as everyone's paths entwine with one another - but will anyone live long enough to regret it? So, the most important question remains: who can you trust? And more importantly...will trusting them save their lives? 
Mr. Lee's storytelling style is refreshingly direct and delightfully engaging - no superfluous details, just a wonderful reading experience. I really enjoyed this book and I am told there is more to come so thankfully this series won’t end.  I highly recommend it.
Favorite Name:
Zombie choppers

Favorite Lines:
“Don’t worry. He’s dead,” Armstrong muttered. “And I mean dead, dead, not the undead type you’ve had to deal with.”
 “I thought seatbelts were meant to save your life.” “Not in a zombie apocalypse they don’t.” 
“And, unlike the living, they didn’t seem reliant on the same fundamental needs. They didn’t drink; they didn’t sleep; they didn’t stop.”

Now for the Game Changer:
Frank tried to dispel the unsettling notion. The dead didn’t think like that. They were driven by relentless hunger, reverting to a primal state. They weren’t capable of thought or problem solving.
“Nothing. I’m good. It just… caught me off-guard. It feaking jumped, Lise. It climbed!” “I know, I was there.” “But how?” “I dunno. I’m not a scientist. We need to be more alert, that’s all. Providing they don’t start sprouting wings, we should be okay.”

Conserve ammo
“We can’t leave her without a gun.” Frank huffed. “She can’t shoot for crap. We need every bullet if we’re going to be up against zombies and survivors out there.” “And what if this place comes under attack?” Frank rapped the butt of the shotgun at his side. “Then let’s hope she’s got a good baseball swing.”
Build a ditch or moat
“A digger?” Frank laughed. “You’re taking the piss. Where the hell are we going to find a digger?” “There’ll be one somewhere.” “So what do you want to do, dig a moat? Jesus Christ, I know I said old-school, but I didn’t mean medieval!” “Not a moat, dickhead. We need a ditch or something to go all the way around. It’s the only thing that will stop them driving through the fence.” “We need bullets. Something to keep us alive, not all this Home Alone shite.” “This is England. We don’t sell guns and groceries in the same shop!”

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