Robin’s Review of The Assassin of Malcoze

The Assassin of Malcoze by Bryan Asher

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The Assassin of Malcoze

by Bryan Asher

Rating: 5 out of 5.
The Assassin of Malcoze
by Bryan Asher

An aging mercenary struggles to find meaning while chasing a contract many believe is a lie.
The King's daughter toils with a life changing decision to follow her family's path or forge a new one. A young boy possesses a power no one has seen since the Kingdom's greatest nemesis. Behind them sits an assassin lurking in the shadows, who will unwittingly unite them all. A heroic adventure of self-discovery and bravery evoking classic pulp tales like Conan and Elric, with a mix of modern fantasy through its perspective and character development. This is a novel you will race through to finish, and immediately wish to read again. In addition to the incredible cover art, are several beautiful illustrations inside the book from Lithuanian artist Emilis Januškevič.
Robin's Review: The Assassin of Malcoze is a fast paced, well written, and fun to read story of three characters called Malcozéans who are living in the “intercontinents.” I enjoyed each of the characters storylines and how they connected with one another. The world building is rich, descriptive, and different from what I’ve read recently. As a bonus there are some neat illustrations from Lithuanian artist Emilis Januškevič. 
I had a tough time putting this book down and yes, I did lose some sleep over it, but so worth it. You can read this as a standalone book or as a series. I highly recommend this book, series, and author.
If you want to delve deeper into this story, then look at Bryan Asher’s podcast on Spotify, where he goes through The Assassin of Malcoze by chapters, like a book club.
It was my pleasure to receive a free copy of this book but that does not in any way affect my opinions in this review of this entertaining story.

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