Robin’s Review of Seed of Despair Guardians of the Seeds – Book 1

Seed of Despair: A paranormal dystopia novella (Guardians of the Seeds Book 1)

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A dystopian paranormal novella

by M.A. Olesen

Rating: 5 out of 5.
Seed of Despair: Guardians of the Seeds
by M.A. Olesen

Whoever controls the seeds, controls the people…
While the privileged sleep soundly in their beds, the pain in the outskirts birthed its own monsters.

The Mahres, creators of nightmares and immortal guardians of the heirloom seeds, have sworn to free the destitute from hunger and destroy the hold the genetically engineered plants have over humanity's food source.

Alistair, the most gifted of the Mahres is wasting his powers away. He can control people’s minds, but to take his place in the fight he needs to control himself first and prove his wisdom as a mentor.

Abandoned by his family on the steps of the Eram when he changed into a Mahre, Godfrey is a brave and kind six-year-old. Trouble finds him as he struggles to embrace his new gift and let go of the family that gave him away.

When the child is forced into his care, Alistair must find out if he can save him from the terrible world that poverty created and how far he would go to protect him.

Robin's Review:

I love love love this story. I can’t wait to read the next book in the series. It’s that awesome. It was a short, fast read with so much depth to the story. The characters and their relationships were well written and complex. This story had all my emotions going… sad, happy, angry, and heartbroken. M.A. Olesen is now on my auto-buy list. I strongly recommend this book and author to everyone who wants a thought-provoking story based in a dystopian world.

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