The Splintering Place

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Ghosts have a story to tell so the dead stick around to tell their story.

by Venessa Kimball

Rating: 5 out of 5.
The Splintering Place
by Venessa Kimball

Ghosts have a story to tell so the dead stick around to tell their story.

Welcome to House. A quintessential Victorian masterpiece, with a presence bold enough to bolster a deeply rooted family dynasty, draw in the curiosities of its legacy, and sustain the darkest secrets brimming within its exquisitely aged walls.

Isabel Prado has been offered a job too good to refuse. All expenses paid and an extremely generous salary to care for the elderly Mrs. Joan Gideon - a renowned author and award-winning screenwriter of mysteries and the macabre, now suffering from Alzheimer’s disease.

As Isabel moves into Gideon House to care for the matriarch of the estate, she’s hopeful this opportunity will give her the security she’s been seeking all her life. But both Gideon House and its inhabitants are hiding sinister secrets … secrets that are slowly unleashing a trail of terrifying supernatural manifestations before Isabel’s eyes.

As Mrs. Gideon’s mind deteriorates under Isabel’s care, Isabel must determine if the ailing widow is conjuring the menagerie of horrific hallucinations through her broken mind to unveil the mysteries kept hidden within Gideon House, or if it’s Isabel’s own sanity splintering, bringing forth her haunting past she thought she left buried years ago.


Venessa Kimball has built a complex story of a family dynasty, plagued with a terrifying secret. She drew me in with the descriptive, rich story building. It had some twisty turns and surprises. The slow burn of suspense and mystery was thrilling me throughout the book.

A chilling and haunting tale that has placed Kimball as one of my favorite authors, that being said I will buy all her books in the future. This story does not disappoint. I very highly recommend this book to everyone no matter the genre they love.

I love introducing the characters, and Kimball’s characters are great. Learning the stories and backgrounds is one of my favorite things as I read through a book. 

Joan Gideon, 83-year-old author and screenwriter suffering from Alzheimer’s disease, matriarch of Gideon House.

Oscar Gideon, Joan’s son takes care of her estate.

Isabel Prado, Joan’s 24/7 caregiver.
Quincy Bell, aka Coco, housekeeper and cook.

Sam Ripley, gardener/handyman. 

I am throwing in the Gideon House as it’s as much a character as any person. It was established in 1865 as the Thornberry Estate and commissioned by Mary Elizabeth and Wallace Thornberry. It has twenty-one rooms, ten bathrooms with approximately 13,734 square feet. It has been passed down through the family to Joan Gideon.

My favorite lines from the story.

“The rich have messy houses and messy secrets, honey. The dearly departed sometimes linger, spillin’ tea about their past.”

“It’s an old house from a long line of rich folks. A ghost or two is expected. If that’s all there is, then Coco thinks we winnin,’ honey.”

“Child, Coco’ll be your fairy godmother, but that’s about all you gonna get.”

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