Neon Dreams and Nightmares

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Edited by Roma Gray and Joseph Cautilli 

Rating: 5 out of 5.
Neon Dreams and Nightmares: Mixed Punk Works of Dystopian Futures
Edited by Roma Gray and Joseph Cautilli 

Welcome to the Future! The future is one of our making and our writers are up to the task. In these pages you will encounter many wondrous stories on bio terrorism, weaponized dogs, genetically engineered humans, dystopian worlds, and introspective androids. This is just to name a few situations, of course; the future is very unpredictable—and sometimes very frightening. On the road up ahead are worlds characterized by lawlessness, dominating corporations, and governments unwilling to protect basic human rights. You better prepare yourself because it may take all your resources and creativity just to survive. Punk is the word; whether it is cyberpunk, post-cyberpunk, biopunk or solarpunk, you will discover what it means to be human in a changing world.

It has the following stories:

Serious as a Heart Attack by Tobias Cabral, Marisha Cautilli and Joseph Cautilli  

The Perfect Birthday Present by Roma Gray   the Locket by Charles Reis  

The Scream Decelerated by I.A. Galdames   We Are the Glitches by Ahti Ahde  

Betting Stakes by O.E. Tearmann   Android Servant by Mark Henson  

A Feast for Ghouls by Carlos Tejeda Ocampo  

Addicted to Another World by John Andrews

Technophobia by Mark Henson  

The Coming Storm by Joseph Cautilli  

Painting the Air by Michael Peirce

Iris by A. Galdames  

Fallen Butterflies by Marisha Cautilli and Joseph Cautilli

If you are a science fiction fan then you are bound to find at least one story if not more that tickles your fancy.

These stories were fun and entertaining to read. They were just enough to welcome you into the lives of the characters and their stories. I would highly recommend this book and maybe check out the authors other books.

Short Story
Solar Punk
Bio Terrorism
Genetically Engineering

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