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Ebb of Three by Dixon Reuel



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Liminality (The Ancient Ones Trilogy) by Cassandra L. Thompson

Picking up right where The Ancient Ones left off, David has just discovered the diabolical brother he left for dead in 15th century Romania has returned. Making matters even stranger, the news is delivered by his old friend, Danulf, the half-vampyre/half-lycanthrope he had also presumed dead. As Dan divulges his story to David and his newly reanimated lover, Morrigan, it becomes clear that the ancient pagan gods history hoped to forget are back.

Watch for my review!

Fated Uprising, Four Territories Book 2 by L.M. French

Enter the Territories where fortune favors the bloody, victory is measured by slaughter, and the fight for survival has only just begun.

My name is Veda Grey and I am the former sentinel and seal bearer of the Four Territories. Chaos consumed our world since we forced the king to abdicate his throne. Now wildings are missing and I’m determined to find them. Bay thinks I’m reckless because I refuse to huddle under his protection, but I’ve learned my lesson on blind faith. The enemy of my enemy is still an untrustworthy SOB. I won’t make the same mistake twice.

Watch for Robin’s review!

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