Krae – A Review


by Tim Eagle

by Tim Eagle

Krae's nose always knows. She has hyperosmia; a heightened olfactory sense which tells her something is rising in Stevats--and it stinks. Horrors from the past seek to resurface, heralded by the terrible odor, and the screeching of crows.

Death swirls all around Krae, bringing chaos and confusion. Her marriage, her job, and her very being, all seem at risk by something ethereal lingering in the air, something just below the range of even her perception.

But is the stench haunting Krae's house a threat, or a warning?

What a strange and bizarre short story. I liked the interesting topic and where the author went with it.

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Things are always more complicated than they seem.

PREY: Revelations

Book two in the series.

by T. Purcell Dodge

Rating: 5 out of 5.
PREY: Revelations
By T. Purcell Dodge

“Gage,” she responded as she closed the door behind her, “as in baggage without the bag,”

If you didn’t read book one in this series called Prey: Emergence then “spoiler alert” Gage is ok.

Bridget “Gage” Grayson thought she was done confronting her past but that was wishful thinking. With the revelation that she isn’t really an orphan because her parents are alive sends her into a tailspin. Now she must choose to trust her father or her family at Prey.

This a complicated storyline that makes you really feel for the main character, Gage. This book is just as fun as the first one but just a little deeper and more frustrating in terms of her relationships.

There is profanity, mild rude humor, and violence in this book.



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Can she unravel the vindictive plot?

Choir Loft Murder

Frankie Shep Suspense Novellas – Book 3

by Karen Randau

Choir Loft Murder: 
Frankie Shep Mystery Suspense Novellas Book 3 
by Karen Randau
Murder in a small town, Rawlins, Wyoming

A new member of the church choir, Sarah, with an angelic voice that can hit those amazing high notes, dies from a blowgun dart to a vital carotid artery, and the murder weapon implicates Pastor Quint O’Brien. Frankie Shep is shocked to discover Quint, her fiancé, was a champion blowgun competitor and that his blowguns are missing. Quint is being framed for murder! She knows he is being set up, but she learns he did have a viable motive. But our Frankie is determined to get to the bottom of things, no matter what it takes! The trouble is the real killer is watching her every move and is never going to let her find the truth!

With a little help and understanding from Cole and Isabella, and their two daughters Hope and Faith, Sheriff Knox, their dog friends Lexi and Angel and animal friends Star, Concho, and her pet cows, Rosie and Diesel.

I really loved this cozy mystery. It was fast-paced but easy to read. The story had many twists and turns that kept you wondering who really did it. The characters are sweet and likable. You don’t have to read prior books in this series to understand what’s going on. But I highly recommend it.

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