What if Fairytales are true…

ANIELA: Prelude To The Apprentice’s Notebook Series

 by William Presley

ANIELA: Prelude To The Apprentice's Notebook Series by William Presley
What if Fairytales are true…

ANIELA: Prelude To The Apprentice's Notebook Series by William Presley

Slavic folklore/fairytale horror story in present day Ann Arbor Michigan.
Sam Valente, creative writing major is interested in the unknown. But something is missing. Somehow empty inside he is always looking for something to complete him. Initially lured in by the promise of inspiration on the afterlife. Who better to ask than the dead born again?

Aniela blurs the lines between real and imaginary like you’re living in an inescapable dark fairy tale. One that she gets to write. I hold the pen! You do what I tell you, you kill who I tell you, she says.

Aniela forces Sam to enact her fantasies of murder and mutilation. If he does not do what she wants, someone he cares about will meet with a horrible death. So, Sam’s only choice is to selectively choose someone to die until he can save himself.

This leads him to seek a priest for confession who in turns refers him to see a psychiatrist, Dr. Emery Loudon. Dr. Loudon specializes in the supernatural.

Together, they must stop her before more people die, but will they?

Delightfully sinister take on Polish folk lore. The book wouldn’t be any more fun, unless it were real. It’s everything your grandma warned you about if you misbehaved, dark, creepy, and thrilling. Aniela is easy to read, fast paced and short, maybe too short. Couldn’t put it down. I didn’t want it to end.  I can’t wait for the next book in the series. I highly recommend reading, even buying to keep on your shelf for late night reading.
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Why I Sleep With the Closet Door Open

Horror vs. Thriller

Salem’s Lot is the Reason, now the post…

My explanation of Horror and Thriller genres as I understand it.


Involves fiction in which the plot and characters are tools used to elicit a feeling of dread and terror, as well as events that often evoke fear in both the characters and the reader, but also the feelings they inspire in the reader. Your pulse quickens, and your skin prickles as you turn the page with bated breath. A horror story can also be called a thriller, if it employs psychological fear to build suspense but usually are themes of death, demons, evil spirits, and the afterlife.

Such as:

  1. Body (Frankenstein)

2. Ghost stories or ghost lore

3. Gothic fiction (mixing horror, romance, & death)

4. Monster

5. Psychological

6. Apocalyptic


Involves the protagonist, usually acting to save their own life, rather than to solve the crime. Thrillers typically include cliffhangers, deception, high emotional stakes, and plenty of action — keeping the reader on the edge of their seat until the book’s climax.

Such as:

  1. Conspiracy

2. Legal

3. Financial

4. Political

5. Psychological

6. Romantic suspense

7. Techno-thriller

Dark Elements: Emergence – a review

Book 0, Prologue by Luke Davids

luke davids, dark elements Blogging terms to know keyword
	Dark Elements Emergence (Book 0, Prologue) A Near Future Techno-Thriller Series by Luke Davids 
This is a prequel for the Dark Elements series. 
This is an interesting and fantastic story set in the future in a world where almost everyone is “chipped”.   Inside the wall they can live the good life and be chipped or live outside the wall and fight to survive. 
Detective Atticus Cornwall is a good guy just trying to do his job. When the higher authorities decided he needs to close this murder case whether the person is guilty or not.  What is a man, husband, father to do? 
Edge of your Seat Techno-Thriller Series! 
Highly recommend.

The Skeleton lake – a review

A Jake Sawyer Crime Thriller

The Skeleton Lake by andrew lowe jake sawyer
The Skeleton Lake by Andrew Lowe
DI Jake Sawyer is an intelligent and compelling man with a tragic past that always influences him. His strong and intellectual personality adds another dimension into the dark and disturbing investigation of a particularly twisted series of murders. I definitely will be reading all the other books in this series and I can’t wait.

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