Poems About U

by Sumera Farman

Rating: 5 out of 5.
Poems About U
by Sumera Farman

A collection of poetry which tells the story of a one-sided love affair. It shows the beginnings of a nameless relationship and the ending of a relationship including its devastating emotional and mental effects on the person who is the giver of unrequited love. This book is guaranteed to make you think of your lost loves and there will definitely be a poem or verse that you are able to resonate with. It's a true representation of a breakdown of a relationship.

OMG! This is a book of short, succulent, and powerful poems that take you through the feelings of the author and maybe even you. It depicts the journey of one-sided love. This made me feel so many emotions. This was a soul-stirring journey from start to finish. It was a true and honest take on unrequited love.

Short Story

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Neon Dreams and Nightmares

Edited by Roma Gray and Joseph Cautilli 

Rating: 5 out of 5.
Neon Dreams and Nightmares: Mixed Punk Works of Dystopian Futures
Edited by Roma Gray and Joseph Cautilli 

Welcome to the Future! The future is one of our making and our writers are up to the task. In these pages you will encounter many wondrous stories on bio terrorism, weaponized dogs, genetically engineered humans, dystopian worlds, and introspective androids. This is just to name a few situations, of course; the future is very unpredictable—and sometimes very frightening. On the road up ahead are worlds characterized by lawlessness, dominating corporations, and governments unwilling to protect basic human rights. You better prepare yourself because it may take all your resources and creativity just to survive. Punk is the word; whether it is cyberpunk, post-cyberpunk, biopunk or solarpunk, you will discover what it means to be human in a changing world.

It has the following stories:

Serious as a Heart Attack by Tobias Cabral, Marisha Cautilli and Joseph Cautilli  

The Perfect Birthday Present by Roma Gray   the Locket by Charles Reis  

The Scream Decelerated by I.A. Galdames   We Are the Glitches by Ahti Ahde  

Betting Stakes by O.E. Tearmann   Android Servant by Mark Henson  

A Feast for Ghouls by Carlos Tejeda Ocampo  

Addicted to Another World by John Andrews

Technophobia by Mark Henson  

The Coming Storm by Joseph Cautilli  

Painting the Air by Michael Peirce

Iris by A. Galdames  

Fallen Butterflies by Marisha Cautilli and Joseph Cautilli

If you are a science fiction fan then you are bound to find at least one story if not more that tickles your fancy.

These stories were fun and entertaining to read. They were just enough to welcome you into the lives of the characters and their stories. I would highly recommend this book and maybe check out the authors other books.

Short Story
Solar Punk
Bio Terrorism
Genetically Engineering

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 by David Viergutz

Rating: 5 out of 5.
by David Viergutz

They knew there was something waiting, hiding, watching…

The Wendigo craves flesh and will be a slave to its hunger forever.

James Pope and his wife Rebecca share a son...and a marriage crippled by dysfunction. When James's alcoholism culminates to his arrest, Rebecca promptly moves out and files for divorce. To clear her head, she attempts an ill-prepared adventure in the Rocky Mountains with her son.

A day into the trip, James receives a cryptic text with coordinates to a restricted section of the forest near where his estranged wife and son are visiting.

But when all attempts to contact them fail, James assumes the worst. He springs into action to help his family...and hopefully get a second chance with Rebecca.

Soon, his rescue mission becomes a fight for the family's survival against a horrifying creature of legend, the Wendigo. Now, they can all finally agree on something: They aren't alone in the woods.

The story takes place in the Appalachian Mountains in Felton Forest (Fell or Foul Forest) Michigan on a preserve in a restricted zone. It is written from the point of view of each character.
James Pope and his wife Rebecka and son Jr.
Edgar Wiles and Joe Corrinth trackers.
Arnie House forest ranger and supervisor of the park

Aside from the proofreading errors this was an excellent story that I couldn’t and didn’t put down.

The storyline was new and inventive. It was an easy to read suspenseful telling of an urban myth. Extremely fun and entertaining.

The characters were well thought out and cleverly relatable. My favorite was Jr with his coming-of-age test.

My favorite lines from the book are:

“Lime green pinto screaming bitch, because it’s insufferable whine when it’s started up cold and it’s consistent nagging when it’s brakes squeaked. “

“I’ll tune you up”

“Stop and rob”

This title will be released on October 11, 2021.

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Candle Magick for Beginners: A Comprehensive Guide to Spells and Rituals

 by Cassandra Jade

Rating: 5 out of 5.
Candle Magick for Beginners: A Comprehensive Guide to Spells and Rituals by Cassandra Jade

Are you new to the world of Witchcraft? Ready to step into your power and create the life of your dreams? You have come to the right place.

In this guide, you will learn all the foundations of how to perform a spell using candle magick. You'll learn everything from mental work and preparation to what kind of candles to use and when to perform your rituals. Once you have your basic knowledge down, an entire chapter is dedicated to 20+ spells on love, self-confidence, wealth, and more.

In Candle Magick for Beginners, you will learn:
•History on paganism and candle magick
•Shadow work and how it's necessary for manifestation
•Astrology and timing for rituals
•How to choose the shape, size, and color of your candle
•Herbs, oils, and other elements to dress your candle in and enhance your rituals
•How to create your own spells
And much, much more.

Candle Magick for Beginners is your guide to access and enhance the innate power already present within you.

I really loved this book. No matter what or how you practice, you can glean valuable information from this book. Easy to understand and comprehensive. I would recommend this book to any level of practitioner.

#Candles #Magic #Spells #Ritual
#Herbs #Oils #Astrology #Moon Phases

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HELLROSE-A Book Review

 by Emma King

Rating: 5 out of 5.
by Emma M. King

Over the past 150 years, HELLROSE psychiatric hospital has become one of America's most feared establishments.
After being plagued by flashbacks to a terrifying past, a psychiatrist, Dr. Lisa Williams, tries to repair her life by helping a new outlandish patient who has his own horrifying history.

Hellrose is a psychiatric hospital in Nevada where criminally insane convicted patients live out their sentences. It is also a place to evaluate patients to see if they are criminally insane or just lying criminals.

It is up to the main character, renowned psychiatrist Dr. Lisa Williams to do these evaluations.
 After a horrific accident, Lisa is plagued with flashbacks. Going back to work she is assigned a new patient, Harvey Power that needs to be evaluated for the crime of murdering his family.

I will not give spoilers to the rest of the story.

This story had a chilling atmosphere with great character development and a twisted plot. Aside from the proofreading errors, this story is filled with tension, suspense, anxiety, and terror.


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The Seventh Day Series Book 1

by Leslie Swartz

Rating: 4 out of 5.
The Seventh Day Series Book 1
by Leslie Swartz

Wyatt is a typical schizophrenic firefighter with daddy issues when his life falls into shambles. His wife leaves him, he loses his job and the voices in his head are getting louder. Just when he thinks he’s finally made a breakthrough, a woman interrupts his therapy session, setting his life on a course more unbelievable than his hallucinations.

Gabriel is the Messenger of God, and she loves humans. Like, all of them. Beautiful men, gorgeous women…and sometimes both at the same sexy time. But, when she’s called to save the world from a long-forgotten enemy, she drops everything and gets to work. Four angels, born human, must join with Lucifer and the vampire queen to stop the sadistic Lilith from destroying the Gate between Heaven and Earth, enslaving humanity, and slaughtering millions.

A story with supernatural characters such as angels and demons with the age old good versus evil theme. Witty and clever.

Nephilim The Seventh Day Series Book 2
Elohim The Seventh Day Series Book 3
Cain The Seventh Day Series Book 4
Alukah The Seventh Day Series Book 5

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The Foley Chronicles: Files from the 8th District

by Nathan Bush

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Written in Blood: The Foley Chronicles: Files from the 8th District (Volume 1)

Detective Ken Collins is completing his rookie year in Homicide, a division of the Investigative Branch of the Foley Police Department, when a serial killer with an insatiable appetite for destruction, and a desire to ruin Ken’s life, begins mutilating prostitutes in the 8th District. Ken must work the case with his partner, Senior Detective John Filcher, all while dealing with personal circumstances that include physical and mental issues, burgeoning questions about his Eternal security, and his dad’s recurring illness. Unfortunately for the duo, the killer is brutal and efficient and leaves no trail to follow. Things get complicated for them when the investigation turns south, and the Governor’s newly initiated ‘Special Crimes Division’ shows up. During the investigation, John, a devoted Christian, uses every opportunity to try and lead Ken to the Truth. Will Ken and John find the killer before more victims die? Will the killer make good on his vow to destroy Ken? Will the ‘Special Crimes Division’ make a move to take the case away from the detectives from the 8th District? Will Ken accept the Truth that can change his life forever? This is a story written with multiple points of views. A murder mystery tale with characters that are normal, believable, and realistic. For this being his first novel, it is well written.

Root of Evil The Foley Chronicles: Files from the 8th District (Volume 2)

Detective Quin Butler is the new guy in the Homicide Division of Foley’s 8th District. He isn’t in town long when he and his partner, Senior Detective John Filcher, draw their first case together. A man is found bludgeoned to death and his motel room ransacked. Nothing at the scene suggests what the killer was after. To add to the mystery, his body is riddled with odd-shaped markings. As they work the investigation, new evidence in a cold case comes to light and makes life even more hectic for the pair. Trouble abounds for Quin in his personal life when he meets a beautiful woman, who happens to be an old friend (old flame?) of John’s. Why is John so protective of her? What circumstances caused her to leave Foley in the first place? When the answers come, will Quin second guess his decision to pursue her against John’s wishes?

Once again this story involves Detective John Filcher and his division. It is a murder mystery crime story.

Twisted Christian The Foley Chronicles: Files from the 8th District Book 3

Verdugo, a man with a skewed view of scriptural interpretation, believes he has been chosen by God to pour out His judgment on the men responsible for a young girls death and bring justice to her and her family.

Detectives Berg Anderson and John Filcher are thrust together to find him. One is a self-proclaimed non-believer; the other, a professed Christian.

How will the non-believer handle being saddled with a true Christian for a partner? Will Verdugo be able to complete his mission before he is captured or killed? Or will the Homicide Detectives succeed in stopping him before the body count gets out of control?

Detective John Filcher is at it again but with a new partner. It is a murder mystery crime story with a twist.

Preying Games, The Foley Chronicles, Files from the 8th District Book 4

She’s on the hunt, and Foley will be her preyground. Amy is a tech savvy blogger who is tired of being trampled on by men. Utilizing her considerable technical skills, she concocts a plan to rid Foley of its aristocracy by drawing them into a deadly game of seduction. Namely, men of power and money. Men who think they’re above the rest of society. Men who are out for themselves. Detective Shelby Lynn joins the 8th District Homicide Squad and is immediately thrust into an untenable situation when she’s partnered with the disagreeable Detective Berg Anderson. They soon team with Senior Detective John Filcher and Detective Quin Butler on a case, which quickly turns into more than a simple murder investigation. The team encounters crime scenes that aren’t what they seem, bugs, drugs, newspaper editorials, a possible copycat killer, one of their own in trouble, and much more. Can the Homicide Detectives of the 8th District stop this killer before she eliminates her lengthy list of prey?

This story has a whole slew of characters besides Detective John Filcher. Another creepy murder mystery crime story.

Krae – A Review


by Tim Eagle

by Tim Eagle

Krae's nose always knows. She has hyperosmia; a heightened olfactory sense which tells her something is rising in Stevats--and it stinks. Horrors from the past seek to resurface, heralded by the terrible odor, and the screeching of crows.

Death swirls all around Krae, bringing chaos and confusion. Her marriage, her job, and her very being, all seem at risk by something ethereal lingering in the air, something just below the range of even her perception.

But is the stench haunting Krae's house a threat, or a warning?

What a strange and bizarre short story. I liked the interesting topic and where the author went with it.

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The greatest power one can possess doesn’t come from light or darkness, but from a place of love.

Charisse Tarren and the Black Pendant

(A Family Legacy – Book 1)

by Iuliana Foos

Rating: 5 out of 5.
Charisse Tarren and the Black Pendant

Charisse Tarren and the Black Pendant
(A Family Legacy)
by Iuliana Foos

The greatest power one can possess doesn’t come from light or darkness, but from a place of love.

When Charisse and Draxen meet shortly after the peace proclamation in the galaxy, they discover the fighting is far from done. In search of answers, they unite efforts against fate, risking their lives for each other.

The most well known White Templar healer in the galaxy, Charisse Tarren, always felt a piece was missing in her life—her identity and a mystery of darkness. A darkness that she should be able to control. Raised as an orphan by the templars, she lets a vision of family lure her in with the promise of an important discovery in Ruesha.

Lord Draxen Harett, a member of the Dark Circle, is the one initiating the first peace treaty in the galaxy after hundreds of years of war. His parents’ spirits appear before him, sending him to a forgotten world, Ruesha according to his spirits, he was supposed to witness a major event and reflect, as well as act upon, his actions to determine the future of peace of the galaxy. But what he finds is Charisse Tarren in a bit of trouble. As they work together to survive they become closer in understanding each other’s life paths.

Two very different and powerful people from opposite backgrounds and teachings. A quest for identity, a misunderstanding, and a revelation that will rock a centuries old perception to its core. 

It doesn’t get better than that. The story is well written with intense world building. The characters are strong and relatable which makes you root for them throughout the story. It is fast paced, and action filled so much so that you can’t and won’t want to put it down. You will want to read the whole series.

So here it is:

Charisse Tarren and the Black Pendant (A Family Legacy Book 1)

Kalina Theus and the Death Vision (A Family Legacy Book 2)

Adanya Tebbet-Theus and the Dark Mask (A Family Legacy Book 3)

Thane Tebbet Theus and the Chasing Dreams (A Family Legacy Book 4)

Radox Harett and the Lost Daughter (A Family Legacy Book 5)

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Vampire Greta Greyson is Unlucky at Love

A Heart Freely Given

by Annette Alex

Rating: 5 out of 5.
A Heart Freely Given
By Annette Alex

Heart Freely Given is a stand alone novella.

Unlucky at love, vampire Greta Greyson considers that to be her lot in life. Her past
relationships had all gone up in flames. No more bad romances for her.

After a promising promotion, Greta holds a top position in the most prominent household in the
world. She will do whatever it takes to succeed and bury her shameful past in the hard, cold

Sent on a special mission to find Bren Jacobi, human leader of the former Resistance Against
Vampires, but what Greta finds is a powerful mutual attraction with Bren.

Human/vampire relationships are forbidden, but like moths to a flame, they are irresistibly drawn
to each other. After Bren’s new offer of employment has him living in the same estate as Greta, they can’t get enough of each other.

Faced with exposure, and other heartbreaking pitfalls, Greta will do whatever it takes to protect
the man she loves.

I really loved this book and found it to be a great read, but who doesn't love a great taboo story about humans and vampires. The characters are sexy and their relationships are complex. The plot is fast paced and full of action, it had me reaching for the next page flip.

Buy the Series
Blood Bonded to an Elder Series
Thief of Blood
Thief of Heart
Thief of Soul

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