Run From the Dead Novella

Run from the Dead: Novella Book 0.5
The Beginning: A Zombie Apocalypse
by Joanne Nundy

A Zombie Apocalypse Series (Book 0.5)

 by Joanne Nundy

Rating: 5 out of 5.
Run from the Dead: Novella Book 0.5
The Beginning: A Zombie Apocalypse
by Joanne Nundy

Dr Karl Becker ran for his life. The life he thought he still had. Injected with a virus after confronting the head of his company about immorality and insane experimentation, Karl escaped.

Left with only one option; RUN!

To solve the riddle of humanity’s worst enemy to date; a virus to create zombies and end the world as we know it, Karl turned to an old friend, Dr Maxim Ivanov; one of the world’s most brilliant minds. Teamed with an old flame, Dr Stephanie Simpson of Oxford’s Infectious Diseases Department, they got to work on the puzzle Karl had set before them.

As horrific changes begin, Karl unwittingly passes on the virus to other humans; the virus that transforms people into rage filled, flesh-eating monsters.

Can he save himself or simply hope to save the world instead?

Join Karl and Maxim in the race to stop the world’s demise.
My Review:
This is a fascinating zombie story. I enjoyed how It is told from the perspective of a human that becomes infected with a virus. I felt everything that the character felt because it was described so thoroughly. Highly entertaining and quite addictive. I am definitely going to continue to read this series.

Run from the Dead: Book 1: A Zombie Apocalypse

Run from the Dead: Book 2: A Zombie Apocalypse
This title will be released on Nov 30, 2021

Run from the Dead: Book 3: A Zombie Apocalypse
This title will be released on March 31, 2022

Science Fiction

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Run From the Dead

A Zombie Apocalypse Series (Book 1)

 by Joanne Nundy

Rating: 5 out of 5.
Run from the Dead
A Zombie Apocalypse 

(Book 1)
by Joanne Nundy

Can’t fight the dead? Then RUN…

The dead are rising and violently attacking people on the streets of the UK. Driven by an insatiable hunger for flesh, they attack anyone who dares to go out.
Anna is trapped as the zombie apocalypse rages outside her front door. Desperate and alone, she must find a way to get to her children who are with her Ex-partner. As Anna runs from the dead, she finds help from Rob and his fifteen-year-old brother, Jack, despite Rob’s better instincts. Together, they run the nightmare gauntlet that used to be their neighborhood.

Run from the Dead is the first book in a zombie apocalypse series, following ordinary people trying to stay alive no matter what the cost. Battling the dead and humans alike, the people left must become somebody new. Someone prepared to do whatever it takes to live.
Anna must learn to survive this cruel new world, where the living can be just as terrifying as the dead.
My Review:
Anna, mother to two children, Alex and Jasper, with ex-husband Steve.
After dropping off the kids for a week visitation with their dad, she wakes up to a zombie apocalypse. As she tries to get across town to be with her kids she runs into brothers Rob and Jack who help her.

This would be my experience fall asleep with a migraine and wake up to a zombie apocalypse. The plot was strong and entertaining. The characters were interesting and relatable. I empathized with Anna and how she would do anything for her kids. I loved the camaraderie relationship between brothers Rob and Jack.

What an enticing blend of zombies, action and adventure, thrills and relationships. I would definitely recommend this series. And I would go as far as calling it a cozy zombie apocalypse story because it was so cool. Author Joanne Nundy is now my go to zombie fix author.

My favorite lines:
"Twice dead Zombie"
“You getting your knickers in a twist isn’t going to change what’s              already happened or not happened.”
“You absolute fucking legend, Anna… Batshit crazy, but unbelievable too,”

Smart things to remember during a Zombie Apocalypse:
Always sleep with your boots on
Always sleep with your packs right beside you
Super Glue can be used to glue cuts closed
Always carry a boot knife in your boot
R.I.C.E treatment method acronym
(Rest, Ice, Compression, Elevation)
And finally, do not set a zombie on fire because it just becomes a flaming projectile zombie coming after you.

More from Joanne Nundy
Run from the Dead: Book 2: A Zombie Apocalypse
This title will be released on Nov 30, 2021.

Run from the Dead: Book 3: A Zombie Apocalypse
This title will be released on March 31, 2022.

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 by Theophilus Monroe

Algorithm is launching in two days! This is a slight departure from my other books. These are short, action-packed, dystopian technothrillers. It uses what I call "technomagic." If you're accustomed to reading other genres of fantasy, magic is almost always a part of the world. In this case, our hero develops what I call "technomagic." As a former war hero, suffering from PTSD, after the government mandates a universal injection of nanobots into the population (called Nanovax), which is supposed to eliminate all death and disease once and for all, Lieutenant Goff becomes the "face" of the innovation. He received the injection after suffering a traumatic brain injury in the war. It saved him.

But Nanovax has its limits. It can heal most injuries--but some devastating accidents are too much to overcome. The Day of the Fifteen--fifteen terrorist attacks in fifteen cities--require drastic measures. An algorithm is implemented to examine everyone's thoughts, their attitudes, combined with other biostatistics like heart rate, blood pressure, and sweat output to predict when someone is a threat.

Suffering from PTSD, however, the nanobots aren't interfacing with Brian's mind like it does for others. The algorithm targets Brian, seizing his nervous system, and prepares to deliver him to Leavenworth Federal Penitentiary. But the resistance intervenes, taking Brian before he arrives in custody.

Then, they discover that on account of his injury he can do more than "foil" the function of the nanobots. He can control them. He can engage the entire nanoverse. This gives Brian new abilities--technomagic! He can wield the power of the nanobots that dwell in everyone. And when the government takes his daughter, in an attempt to lure him back into custody, he has only one option. He has to use these mysterious technomagical abilities to rescue her.

But there's a member of the President's cabinet--Dr. Archimedes Flat--who has other designs. He has a vision to expand the nanonetwork, to upload all human consciousness into a digital world, a new sphere of existence. Can Brian save his daughter? Can he stop Dr. Flat before he changes humanity forever?

So, what is technomagic? Consider it a kind of magic rooted in human technology, a magic "invented," but utilized by our hero on account of a flaw in the system.

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Dead World

Book Release Day

 by Alex Apostle

Rating: 0 out of 5.
Dead World 
A Dead Soil Novel
by Alex Apostle 

The trilogy comes to its final conclusion in Dead World. Survivors have dwindled to almost nothing as the zombies spent the last year wiping out humanity. While many in the group hide out in the newfound underground bunker society, a select few have taken up the job of saving the world. They head to a laboratory in downtown Chicago rumored to be up and running and working on a vaccine for the zombie virus. Christine is sure Liam's journal holds the key to helping them create the saving cure. But life on the road in a zombie-ridden world has its own plans. When one of her own is turned it becomes a race against the clock to make sure the cure is discovered and distributed. Will they make it in time or will the world succumb to its dark fate of living death?

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Born to be Wicked: A Snarky Urban Fantasy

(Demon Employment Book 1)

by Shade Owens

Rating: 5 out of 5.
Born to be Wicked: A Snarky Urban Fantasy Series 
(Demon Employment Book 1)
by Shade Owens

She's good, she's bad... she's a little bit wicked.

Thousand-year-old succubus Alexis Rayne is a hired killer with a long history of legal name changes, a severe drinking problem, and the ability to bring any man or woman to their knees.

During a recent job, however, she screws up big time; someone sees her, and now she’s forced to track the bastard down to tie up loose ends. During all of this, her boss calls her up to offer her the job of a lifetime. The only problem is this job implicates the vampire mafia. Will Alexis take this suicide mission? If so, it could change everything... Or it could get her killed.

Born to be Wicked, the first book in the Demon Employment series, combines cool magic, unapologetic ass-kicking, and a whole lot of attitude.

My Review:

You had me at “snarky” and boy is it ever!

Alexis Rayne is a Succubus and hired Assassin. Hot right? Cool right? It is until it isn’t. While on a contract she is accidentally spotted during the hit. Knowing this could be a catastrophe Alexis tries to cover her tracks and all evidence.
Meanwhile her boss, Jamieson has another job for her. Its highly classified and maybe even a suicide mission. What can go wrong. Everything.

Born to be Wicked was a ton of fun with a lot of wit and dry humor combined with kick ass action and a little steam thrown in for fun and excitement. The world building was spectacular. The characters are realistic and fantastical at the same time. The plot was strong and fast. paced. I really loved that the main character was a flawed take no shit female. I also enjoyed her diverse friends and even her pets.
I recommend this book and series with 5 stars.

Shade Owens other books in this series.

Already out:
Born to be Devilish: A Snarky Urban Fantasy Series (Demon Employment Book 2)

Just out October 18, 2021
Born to be Badass: A Snarky Urban Fantasy Series (Demon Employment Book 3)

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Mysterious Tales of the Unexplained

Volume 1

by Patricia Miller

Rating: 5 out of 5.
Mysterious Tales of the Unexplained Volume 1
by Patricia Miller

Singing specters, secret passageways, unsolved clues, abandoned mansions, old photo albums and hidden motives are all found in the four stories making up this unique collection, Mysterious Tales of the Unexplained. A young sleuth solves a mystery surrounding a creepy, community theatre in Break A Leg & Knock 'Em Dead. She then goes on to investigate the apparent suicide of a wealthy factory owner in House up on thMysterious Tales of the Unexplained  at a spooky inn, deciphering clues and exploring the mysterious property, only to find much more going on than they thought.

My Review:

This book contains four short stories with different mysteries to be solved. It was a quick comfy read that was well written and entertaining. I love how Patricia got the
Illustrations for the book from a local high school art class.

Break a Leg and Knock’ Em Dead
The Royal Secret
Picture on the Wall
House upon the Hill

Mysterious Tales of the Unexplained Volume 2 coming soon.

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The Splintering Place

Ghosts have a story to tell so the dead stick around to tell their story.

by Venessa Kimball

Rating: 5 out of 5.
The Splintering Place
by Venessa Kimball

Ghosts have a story to tell so the dead stick around to tell their story.

Welcome to House. A quintessential Victorian masterpiece, with a presence bold enough to bolster a deeply rooted family dynasty, draw in the curiosities of its legacy, and sustain the darkest secrets brimming within its exquisitely aged walls.

Isabel Prado has been offered a job too good to refuse. All expenses paid and an extremely generous salary to care for the elderly Mrs. Joan Gideon - a renowned author and award-winning screenwriter of mysteries and the macabre, now suffering from Alzheimer’s disease.

As Isabel moves into Gideon House to care for the matriarch of the estate, she’s hopeful this opportunity will give her the security she’s been seeking all her life. But both Gideon House and its inhabitants are hiding sinister secrets … secrets that are slowly unleashing a trail of terrifying supernatural manifestations before Isabel’s eyes.

As Mrs. Gideon’s mind deteriorates under Isabel’s care, Isabel must determine if the ailing widow is conjuring the menagerie of horrific hallucinations through her broken mind to unveil the mysteries kept hidden within Gideon House, or if it’s Isabel’s own sanity splintering, bringing forth her haunting past she thought she left buried years ago.


Venessa Kimball has built a complex story of a family dynasty, plagued with a terrifying secret. She drew me in with the descriptive, rich story building. It had some twisty turns and surprises. The slow burn of suspense and mystery was thrilling me throughout the book.

A chilling and haunting tale that has placed Kimball as one of my favorite authors, that being said I will buy all her books in the future. This story does not disappoint. I very highly recommend this book to everyone no matter the genre they love.

I love introducing the characters, and Kimball’s characters are great. Learning the stories and backgrounds is one of my favorite things as I read through a book. 

Joan Gideon, 83-year-old author and screenwriter suffering from Alzheimer’s disease, matriarch of Gideon House.

Oscar Gideon, Joan’s son takes care of her estate.

Isabel Prado, Joan’s 24/7 caregiver.
Quincy Bell, aka Coco, housekeeper and cook.

Sam Ripley, gardener/handyman. 

I am throwing in the Gideon House as it’s as much a character as any person. It was established in 1865 as the Thornberry Estate and commissioned by Mary Elizabeth and Wallace Thornberry. It has twenty-one rooms, ten bathrooms with approximately 13,734 square feet. It has been passed down through the family to Joan Gideon.

My favorite lines from the story.

“The rich have messy houses and messy secrets, honey. The dearly departed sometimes linger, spillin’ tea about their past.”

“It’s an old house from a long line of rich folks. A ghost or two is expected. If that’s all there is, then Coco thinks we winnin,’ honey.”

“Child, Coco’ll be your fairy godmother, but that’s about all you gonna get.”

#Folklore #Horror #Supernatural #Paranormal #Ghost #Witchcraft #Curse


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This is Book 1 in the self-titled series HIVE.

It was a strange life in a strange world

by Mickey Hadick

Rating: 5 out of 5.

This is Book 1 in the self-titled series HIVE.
by Mickey Hadick

It was a strange life in a strange world

If you opted-out, you opted-out of civilization

Leah, the daughter of a corporate executive, lives a privileged life in a hive-like city created after nearly all of humanity is wiped out by climate disasters, plague, and war. The corporation manages all of society with flawless efficiency, and once Leah opts-in to the terms of service, she'll be one of the lucky ones enjoying the fruits of other-people's labor, just as her parents planned.

But Leah is, instead, hoping to spend more time with Abel, the son of the Chief Operating Officer. Leah's feelings for Abel have grown stronger. Unfortunately, the corporation has different plans for the two teenagers.

When the corporate security team brutally kills innocent bystanders, Leah is awakened to the corporation's ruthlessness. Now she wants nothing to do with her parents' world.

Leah and Abel can only be together if they escape the city and make their way to the rumored settlements beyond the corporation's reach. Escape won't be easy: the corporation's artificial intelligence tracks all movement throughout the city, searching for suspicious activity.

Their only hope is to connect with The Collective, the resistance group trying to overthrow the corporation and restore civil liberties.

All they have to do is pull it off to find a new life.

The dystopian society called Westham is separated into New Town and Old Town.

To live in New Town, you had to opt-in and agree to the “Terms of Service” where you will be monitored 24/7 by an Artificial Intelligence program where sensors track your every move, which is recorded and logged into data servers, and then the AI reviews it. Tracking, logging, and interpreting data. These were presented as challenges overcome by the corporation which allowed for greater freedoms for those opted-in, as the solutions provided stability, growth, and happiness for society. And it was run by the authoritative corporation called R 1. These citizens were call the “incorporated “.

The “unincorporated” people live in urban decaying older communities referred to as Old Town. These people living there have opted out, clinging to the rights bestowed upon them from the constitution and receiving no help from the corporation R1.

If you opted-in to the corporation’s “Terms of Service,” you most certainly would not control your own future and violating the Terms of Service got you banished to Family Valley aka “the herd.”

Here are some of the characters:

Leah Davidson
Ballard Davidson, Vice President of Messaging
Tyra Davidson, wife
Karas Davidson, daughter

Abel Barker
Greg Barker, Chief Operating Officer of R 1
Hannah Barker, wife
Illasha Barker, sister

Stanley Whitehead Director of Operations for Messaging of R 1
Novalee Whitehead, daughter

Rohn Gray, Chief Minister
Marie Margaret Gray, wife
Ashton Gray, son

Jaylend Foster, teacher at Decker’s Cafe

Viktoria Olsen, Chief Executive Officer of R1
Merritt Rasmussen Chief Security Officer
Priori Leaf Chief Inspector
Inspector Stetson Fox

I found this book to be an interesting and entertaining take on a dystopian society. It was quite imaginative in its futuristic world building. It thoroughly described this world with exciting science fiction oddities. I would happily read it again and again. And I highly recommend it to everyone no matter what genre you enjoy. I am chomping at the bit for the next installment of this series which will happen sometime next year.

Favorite Lines:

“Engage yourself”

Her father warned her of this almost daily as a child. “You want to be sent to the herd?” he would ask. “That’s what they do with naughty kids.”

“If your tree is growing in the forest but your friends don’t know about it, do you even have a tree?”

“You had to account better than the bad guys’ accountant, and lawyer better than the bad guys’ lawyer, and grift better than the grifter behind the con.”

#Dystopian #Science Fiction #Fantasy #ComingofAge #PostApocalyptic #Romance #ArtificialIntelligence #AI

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ALGORITHM – A Book Review

 by Theophilus Monroe

Rating: 5 out of 5.

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by Theophilus Monroe

Nanovax was supposed to be our salvation.
Death and disease, now obsolete.

Until the terrorist attack. Fifteen cities in a single day.

Again, they said Nanovax was the answer. The same technology meant to heal us could now be used, through an algorithm, to track us, to predict human behaviors… To thwart future terrorists.

I'm Lieutenant Brian Goff. I received the first injection. It healed my wounds in the war. I became the face of Nanovax... Then, the algorithm identified me as a threat... a terrorist. Now, I'm on the run and fighting against the very technology that once saved my life and if that wasn't frightening enough the government has my daughter.

Algorithm is the first book in Theophilus Monroe's Nanoverse, an action-packed dystopian sci fi thriller series. As a former soldier, suffering from PTSD, Brian Goff is not only a threat to the new system, but his very injury has given him control over the nanobots. Like Neo, in The Matrix, Goff is an unlikely hero whose "technomagic" makes him the last hope for human liberty, freedom, and justice.
Go up and click 'Read for Free' or 'Buy Now' to find out how Brian Goff and the resistance rise up to challenge the algorithm!

This story is set in the future in Kansas City Missouri where everyone is injected with the “Nanovax” that cures diseases with an algorithm that is embedded in it that is the perfect executor of preventative justice.

The algorithm would be levied only against the most imminent and gravest terrorist threats.

The main characters of the “Resistance”
Brian Goff soldier and first injected with Nanovax
“Bonecrusher” Keith Koontz fellow soldier
Dr. John Larson co-inventor of the Nanovax
Seneca Willms, I.T. extraordinaire
Dr. Eloise Larson wife of Dr. Larson and the one who found the flaw in the algorithm
Liza Rodriguez Spec-Ops soldier
Father Ezra Pulowski who has a natural immunity to nanobots
Carlos Rodriguez convicted Navy Seal in Leavenworth
Susie Goff daughter of Brian

President Harrison Neuhaus
Rowland Fuentes Chief of Staff
Dr. Archimedes Flat co-inventor of Nanovax

That’s all I’m telling about the story except for my favorite lines of the story.

“Brian Jefferson Goff. You have been marked by the algorithm as a threat to national security. By the authority of the President of the United States, you are under arrest. Do not attempt to resist. Your peripheral nervous system is now under the jurisdiction of the United States Bureau of Prisons. You have been charged with attempted terrorism and found guilty. The judgment of the algorithm is final. You are hereby sentenced to life in prison without parole. Your motor control will be returned to you upon your arrival at Leavenworth Federal Penitentiary. You are not entitled to an appeal.”

But Dr. Flat knows… this is what he intended. The algorithm is more than a code to predict crime. It’s like a religion, a law more absolute than the Ten Commandments. Flat claims it’s scientific, based on proof, and he’s done well to convince most of the country and the government that this is the case. But the fact of the matter is it’s based on inferences from things like heart rates and blood pressure that are too human to be confined to any kind of formula. The algorithm doesn’t root out crimes. It roots out threats… threats to the nanonetwork.”

None of us need to define ourselves as victims of circumstance. Horrible things happen. But these things need not define us. When we cling to others, when we allow love to flow through our hearts, we can find ourselves again.

Wow…just wow.

I really love this story. It took me back to the movie “The Matrix.” It has that science fiction, the fourth dimension, planes of reality what is real kinda feel to it. It was action packed and full of page turning angst that kept me awake while reading it.

I would highly recommend it to everyone because it crosses many genres and is an interesting and entertaining read.

This title will be released on October 28, 2021.

Upcoming Releases in this Series (Late 2021/Early 2022):

Young Adult
Science Fiction

The Empress – A Review

Book 1 of 2: The Tarot Club

 by Erin Mc Luckie Moya

Rating: 5 out of 5.
The Empress
by Erin Mc Luckie Moya
Book 1 of 2: The Tarot Club

There is a reason that the powerful get more powerful. Something that they don't talk about - or acknowledge. Sure, you can get ahead the traditional way - by stomping on those beneath you to get to the top. By being ruthless and cutthroat.
But you can also employ a Witch. Someone who will read cards for you in a way that gives you an edge over your competitors, cast spells for you so that your desired outcomes are seamless.

The Tarot Club is exactly this, only this time Corinne's client is the Bratva - the Russian Mob, and she suddenly finds herself reading cards to determine who should live and who should die by their hand.
And Dimitri is the man who will lead the Bratva into a new era. But does Corinne want to stick around and be part of that? Will she stay as their Empress?

The first book in a duet in the Tarot Club series is set to keep you on the edge of your seat gasping for more.

This is a story about the relationship between Corrine, a witch that reads tarot and Dimitri, grandson of the leader of the Bratva. His grandfather insists he go to a fortune teller to get insight into the family business and loyalties and that is where they meet. They start out with preconceived judgments of one another until something changes.

This is an enemy to lover story full of chemistry and hot steamy passion. It has excellent world building of magic and mafia in a modern-day setting.

The Emperor (The Tarot Club Book 2)
Book 2 of 2: The Tarot Club
This title will be released on Mar 10, 2022.

Russian Mafia

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