The tower appeared overnight, but it wants to keep you forever…

It Waits on the Top Floor

Horror Lurks Beneath – Book 1

by Ben Farthing

It Waits on the Top Floor
by Ben Farthing

The tower appeared overnight, but it wants to keep you forever.

Thursday night, it was a dirt lot. Friday morning, it was a 60-story skyscraper. What the heck!

Chris, is an unemployed architect. His wife Sherri leaves him and their newly adopted son, Eddie.

Eddie, a curious 9-year-old decides there’s treasure inside the out of the blue mysterious skyscraper that appears like magic and goes exploring. His terrified dad chases close behind.

But Chris and Eddie are not the only people curious about the mysterious skyscraper either; others are also feeling called toward the monstrosity intent on solving its mysteries. What they find is beyond terrifying. Like a maze they are being pushed up towards the top floor.

And something is waiting on the top floor.

This was an intriguing idea for a story. It was well thought out and written with twists and turns literally that made it an edge of your seat read. I’m hooked. I have already bought the next book in the series. They Cling to the Hull (Horror Lurks Beneath Book 2)

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