She will stop at nothing to find the rogue vampire.

Fire Witch

(A Zvi Jayden Novel)

by Sasha Marshall

Fire Witch
by Sasha S Marshall
(A Zvi Jayden Novel)

A horrible murder by a rogue vampire makes him Black Star’s number one fugitive. Deputy Hendri Connor calls on Zvi Jayden species unknown into the investigation. Her sister Moe who is a peacefully talented witch and Killian Kavanaugh who is centuries old King of the vampires, and a true gentleman are there to help her catch the killer of the horrendous murders before it’s too late.

Add in a “safe” hangout called The Bar, a bunch of varied supernaturals and you got a story so complex and witty that you cannot, and I mean cannot stop reading.

Sigh…as I fan myself. What can I say other than a fun and humorous must read.


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