The Splintering Place

Ghosts have a story to tell so the dead stick around to tell their story.

by Venessa Kimball

Rating: 5 out of 5.
The Splintering Place
by Venessa Kimball

Ghosts have a story to tell so the dead stick around to tell their story.

Welcome to House. A quintessential Victorian masterpiece, with a presence bold enough to bolster a deeply rooted family dynasty, draw in the curiosities of its legacy, and sustain the darkest secrets brimming within its exquisitely aged walls.

Isabel Prado has been offered a job too good to refuse. All expenses paid and an extremely generous salary to care for the elderly Mrs. Joan Gideon - a renowned author and award-winning screenwriter of mysteries and the macabre, now suffering from Alzheimer’s disease.

As Isabel moves into Gideon House to care for the matriarch of the estate, she’s hopeful this opportunity will give her the security she’s been seeking all her life. But both Gideon House and its inhabitants are hiding sinister secrets … secrets that are slowly unleashing a trail of terrifying supernatural manifestations before Isabel’s eyes.

As Mrs. Gideon’s mind deteriorates under Isabel’s care, Isabel must determine if the ailing widow is conjuring the menagerie of horrific hallucinations through her broken mind to unveil the mysteries kept hidden within Gideon House, or if it’s Isabel’s own sanity splintering, bringing forth her haunting past she thought she left buried years ago.


Venessa Kimball has built a complex story of a family dynasty, plagued with a terrifying secret. She drew me in with the descriptive, rich story building. It had some twisty turns and surprises. The slow burn of suspense and mystery was thrilling me throughout the book.

A chilling and haunting tale that has placed Kimball as one of my favorite authors, that being said I will buy all her books in the future. This story does not disappoint. I very highly recommend this book to everyone no matter the genre they love.

I love introducing the characters, and Kimball’s characters are great. Learning the stories and backgrounds is one of my favorite things as I read through a book. 

Joan Gideon, 83-year-old author and screenwriter suffering from Alzheimer’s disease, matriarch of Gideon House.

Oscar Gideon, Joan’s son takes care of her estate.

Isabel Prado, Joan’s 24/7 caregiver.
Quincy Bell, aka Coco, housekeeper and cook.

Sam Ripley, gardener/handyman. 

I am throwing in the Gideon House as it’s as much a character as any person. It was established in 1865 as the Thornberry Estate and commissioned by Mary Elizabeth and Wallace Thornberry. It has twenty-one rooms, ten bathrooms with approximately 13,734 square feet. It has been passed down through the family to Joan Gideon.

My favorite lines from the story.

“The rich have messy houses and messy secrets, honey. The dearly departed sometimes linger, spillin’ tea about their past.”

“It’s an old house from a long line of rich folks. A ghost or two is expected. If that’s all there is, then Coco thinks we winnin,’ honey.”

“Child, Coco’ll be your fairy godmother, but that’s about all you gonna get.”

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The Empress – A Review

Book 1 of 2: The Tarot Club

 by Erin Mc Luckie Moya

Rating: 5 out of 5.
The Empress
by Erin Mc Luckie Moya
Book 1 of 2: The Tarot Club

There is a reason that the powerful get more powerful. Something that they don't talk about - or acknowledge. Sure, you can get ahead the traditional way - by stomping on those beneath you to get to the top. By being ruthless and cutthroat.
But you can also employ a Witch. Someone who will read cards for you in a way that gives you an edge over your competitors, cast spells for you so that your desired outcomes are seamless.

The Tarot Club is exactly this, only this time Corinne's client is the Bratva - the Russian Mob, and she suddenly finds herself reading cards to determine who should live and who should die by their hand.
And Dimitri is the man who will lead the Bratva into a new era. But does Corinne want to stick around and be part of that? Will she stay as their Empress?

The first book in a duet in the Tarot Club series is set to keep you on the edge of your seat gasping for more.

This is a story about the relationship between Corrine, a witch that reads tarot and Dimitri, grandson of the leader of the Bratva. His grandfather insists he go to a fortune teller to get insight into the family business and loyalties and that is where they meet. They start out with preconceived judgments of one another until something changes.

This is an enemy to lover story full of chemistry and hot steamy passion. It has excellent world building of magic and mafia in a modern-day setting.

The Emperor (The Tarot Club Book 2)
Book 2 of 2: The Tarot Club
This title will be released on Mar 10, 2022.

Russian Mafia

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Poems About U

by Sumera Farman

Rating: 5 out of 5.
Poems About U
by Sumera Farman

A collection of poetry which tells the story of a one-sided love affair. It shows the beginnings of a nameless relationship and the ending of a relationship including its devastating emotional and mental effects on the person who is the giver of unrequited love. This book is guaranteed to make you think of your lost loves and there will definitely be a poem or verse that you are able to resonate with. It's a true representation of a breakdown of a relationship.

OMG! This is a book of short, succulent, and powerful poems that take you through the feelings of the author and maybe even you. It depicts the journey of one-sided love. This made me feel so many emotions. This was a soul-stirring journey from start to finish. It was a true and honest take on unrequited love.

Short Story

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 by David Viergutz

Rating: 5 out of 5.
by David Viergutz

They knew there was something waiting, hiding, watching…

The Wendigo craves flesh and will be a slave to its hunger forever.

James Pope and his wife Rebecca share a son...and a marriage crippled by dysfunction. When James's alcoholism culminates to his arrest, Rebecca promptly moves out and files for divorce. To clear her head, she attempts an ill-prepared adventure in the Rocky Mountains with her son.

A day into the trip, James receives a cryptic text with coordinates to a restricted section of the forest near where his estranged wife and son are visiting.

But when all attempts to contact them fail, James assumes the worst. He springs into action to help his family...and hopefully get a second chance with Rebecca.

Soon, his rescue mission becomes a fight for the family's survival against a horrifying creature of legend, the Wendigo. Now, they can all finally agree on something: They aren't alone in the woods.

The story takes place in the Appalachian Mountains in Felton Forest (Fell or Foul Forest) Michigan on a preserve in a restricted zone. It is written from the point of view of each character.
James Pope and his wife Rebecka and son Jr.
Edgar Wiles and Joe Corrinth trackers.
Arnie House forest ranger and supervisor of the park

Aside from the proofreading errors this was an excellent story that I couldn’t and didn’t put down.

The storyline was new and inventive. It was an easy to read suspenseful telling of an urban myth. Extremely fun and entertaining.

The characters were well thought out and cleverly relatable. My favorite was Jr with his coming-of-age test.

My favorite lines from the book are:

“Lime green pinto screaming bitch, because it’s insufferable whine when it’s started up cold and it’s consistent nagging when it’s brakes squeaked. “

“I’ll tune you up”

“Stop and rob”

This title will be released on October 11, 2021.

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Candle Magick for Beginners: A Comprehensive Guide to Spells and Rituals

 by Cassandra Jade

Rating: 5 out of 5.
Candle Magick for Beginners: A Comprehensive Guide to Spells and Rituals by Cassandra Jade

Are you new to the world of Witchcraft? Ready to step into your power and create the life of your dreams? You have come to the right place.

In this guide, you will learn all the foundations of how to perform a spell using candle magick. You'll learn everything from mental work and preparation to what kind of candles to use and when to perform your rituals. Once you have your basic knowledge down, an entire chapter is dedicated to 20+ spells on love, self-confidence, wealth, and more.

In Candle Magick for Beginners, you will learn:
•History on paganism and candle magick
•Shadow work and how it's necessary for manifestation
•Astrology and timing for rituals
•How to choose the shape, size, and color of your candle
•Herbs, oils, and other elements to dress your candle in and enhance your rituals
•How to create your own spells
And much, much more.

Candle Magick for Beginners is your guide to access and enhance the innate power already present within you.

I really loved this book. No matter what or how you practice, you can glean valuable information from this book. Easy to understand and comprehensive. I would recommend this book to any level of practitioner.

#Candles #Magic #Spells #Ritual
#Herbs #Oils #Astrology #Moon Phases

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Gates of Eden: Starter Library

by Theophilus Monroe

Rating: 5 out of 5.
Gates of Eden: Starter Library
by Theophilus Monroe

Druid's Dance (The Druid Legacy, Book 1)
When Elijah Wadsworth manifests strange abilities that he neither understands nor can control he discovers that he's at the center of a legend that has been unfolding for centuries.

Wyrmrider Ascending (The Fomorian Wyrmriders, Book 1)
Joni Campbell returned to the merkingdom of her ancestors hoping to find peace. But when the bokors open a portal to the void, and the wyrms break through into the world, she must learn to harness the power of these beasts if she hopes to save her home, and the world, from an even greater threat.

Voodoo Academy (The Voodoo Legacy, Book 1)
Annabelle Mulledy and her soul-bound familiar didn't always get along. But their connection gave her unique abilities. When an insidious Loa discovers her power he seeks to claim her for himself. Her only hope? Join the Voodoo Academy and learn to master her powers. But are the Loa who brought her to the Academy really allies, or are they also trying to use her for their own nefarious purposes?

Bloody Hell (The Legacy of a Vampire Witch, Book 1)
Mercy Brown has avoided the Order of the Morning Dawn for centuries. But the quasi-religious organization, dedicated to the elimination of all vampires and witches, has found her. The only way to defeat them. She'll have to go to "bloody hell."

Scared Shiftless (The Legend of Nyx, Book 1)
After being bitten by a vampire, Nicky--a shapeshifting water elemental--lost her powers. Now, she's stuck in a male body. After hunting vampires for years, she finally has a lead on the one who attacked her. Will she be able to face her nemesis and regain her powers, or will she lose what's left of herself in the process?

Rise of the Morrigan (pre-quel to the Gates of Eden universe)
When the Dagda takes three sisters and combines them into what he thinks will make his ideal wife the Morrigan rises to defy him.

What is the Gates of Eden Universe?
A lot of religions and traditions had some kind of “other” world, a primeval world, unmarred and unstained by human corruption. In the Judeo-Christian tradition it was the Garden of Eden. For the Druids and Celts, it is Annwn. For Louisiana vodouisants it is Guinee.

All the Gates of Eden books are based on a particular mythological or spiritual tradition. While the magical systems are fictional, they are based on rites, lore, and mythologies unique to these traditions. There is a lot of overlap between traditions in these books–what the Druids call one thing, the Voodoo Mambos call something else. In the end, however, we see in these books a magical system that transcends the differences in religion and myth and unifies us all under a common force, a power, something uniquely human but nonetheless absent from our magic-less world. There may be many “Gates,” but ultimately there is one Eden, one Annwn, one Guinee. One humanity.

I couldn’t have explained it better. If you can’t find something in this starter library that you like then I don’t think it can be found. It is such a teaser for all things mythical.

Science Fiction

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She will stop at nothing to find the rogue vampire.

Fire Witch

(A Zvi Jayden Novel)

by Sasha Marshall

Fire Witch
by Sasha S Marshall
(A Zvi Jayden Novel)

A horrible murder by a rogue vampire makes him Black Star’s number one fugitive. Deputy Hendri Connor calls on Zvi Jayden species unknown into the investigation. Her sister Moe who is a peacefully talented witch and Killian Kavanaugh who is centuries old King of the vampires, and a true gentleman are there to help her catch the killer of the horrendous murders before it’s too late.

Add in a “safe” hangout called The Bar, a bunch of varied supernaturals and you got a story so complex and witty that you cannot, and I mean cannot stop reading.

Sigh…as I fan myself. What can I say other than a fun and humorous must read.


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