Outlast (Apocalypse Book 5)

Robin’s Review of Outlast (Apocalypse Book 5)

by Hayley Anderton

Sacrifice left me heartbroken, but Outlast boldly reignites my flames of hope. This fifth installment in the Apocalypse series is jam-packed with excitement; it has everything from heart-wrenching moments and nail-biting scenes to zombie-killing triumphs. With a festive “holiday” season occurring during an apocalypse, what could go wrong?
There are a few twisty turns added into the mix of this wild ride, but this book again had me cheering on these characters as they face intense odds to survive. But to what end? Is this the end? Ms. Anderton says “no” more books will be coming in the series. So thankfully, it doesn’t end just yet. But until the next book, I will be reading her other series titled The Last Girls On Earth.

Book Series Order:
Apocalypse: A Zombie Thriller
Book 1 of 5: Apocalypse
Fallout (Apocalypse Book 2)
Book 2 of 5: Apocalypse
Chaos (Apocalypse Book 3)
Book 3 of 5: Apocalypse
Sacrifice (Apocalypse Book 4)
Book 4 of 5: Apocalypse

The Last Girls on Earth: Book 1: Sloth
Book 1 of 2: The Last Girls on Earth
The Last Girls on Earth: Book 2: Gluttony
Book 2 of 2: The Last Girls on Earth
by Hayley Anderton

Robin’s Review of Time’s Orphan

Fate. Destiny. Karma…bring them back together five years later…

Robin’s Review of Time’s Orphan: Odriel’s Heirs Book 3 Book 3 of 3: Odriel’s Heirs

by Hayley Reese Chow

Rating: 5 out of 5.
Time's Orphan (Odriel's Heirs Book 3) 
Book 3 of 3: Odriel's Heirs
by Hayley Reese Chow  

Speak of pain, and I’ll tell you of the Time who stole it away…
Besieged by war, ravaged by monsters, and crawling with the undead, the land of Okarria is dying. Seventeen-year-old Emara survives by using her modest healing gift to save as many as she can while eluding the invaders who thirst for her enchanted blood.
Robin's Review: Emara is the main character in this entertaining coming-of-age story for young adults. As one of Odriel's Heirs without the proper training, she is truly a hidden gem. The writer has crafted a vivid and detailed world, while also making sure readers can relate to every individual character. Along with intense action and suspense, this plot kept me engrossed from start to finish. For fans of epic fantasy narratives, this series is highly recommended. 

Reading Order:

Odriel's Heirs 
Book 1 of 3: Odriel's Heirs

Burning Shadows: A Tale of Odriel's Heirs  A novella
Idriel's Children (Odriel's Heirs Book 2) 
Book 2 of 3: Odriel's Heirs
Night of Ash: A Tale of Odriel's Heirs  A novella

Time's Orphan (Odriel's Heirs Book 3) 
Book 3 of 3: Odriel's Heirs

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Robin’s Review of Prepper’s Water Purification Survival Bible

Prepper’s Water Purification Survival Bible

 by Johnathan Nash

Rating: 5 out of 5.
Prepper’s Water Purification Survival Bible: How to Find, Harvest, Filter, Purify, and Store Water Off the Grid 
by Johnathan Nash

What happens when you turn on the tap and no water runs out? 
How to Find, Harvest, Filter, Purify, and Store Water Off the Grid
By Johnathan Nash
What happens when you turn on the tap and no water runs out? Or you are far from civilization and freshwater? We can go at most for three days without drinkable water, but what then?
Water is the most fundamental of survival needs.
While many communities around the world are used to struggling with water shortages, many of us have no clue what we would do in this sort of situation.
Setting up a reliable source of drinkable water is not something that is easily done overnight…
It pays to make these plans well in advance and slowly put resources towards a trusty water source that can keep you and your family safe and hydrated and meet basic hygiene needs too.
Robin's Review: Mr. Nash consistently provides much-needed information in response to “what if” situations. In his first book, titled Prepper's Guide to Survival Off the Grid: How to Be Self-Sufficient and Self Reliant When Society Crashes and the Lights Go Out, he went over how to prepare for many “what if” situations, but this book delves into the number one basic survival need you will face, and that is water and a good source of water.  This book is well written, easy to read, and chocked full of concise information.  Whether a newbie or a seasoned prepper, this is the guide to keep handy in your vehicle or go-bag. I keep his first book in my vehicle and will also add a copy of this one.  Because when the SHTF, you can’t just pull out your e-reader and look it up.  I highly recommend getting a copy of this book and giving it to each family unit as a way for them to begin to plan ahead.  

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Bloodtooth by D.W. Hitz

This title will be released on January 17, 2023

After nightmares begin in the small town of Custer Falls, Montana, in 1992, it’ll be thirty years before they end.

Just outside of Custer Falls, something is sleeping. Life in the small town was never ideal, but it was safe, quiet, and predictable. After Wes Henson and his friends’ field trip to Bloodtooth Caverns, all of that changes.

Until he does, the town’s nightmares are no longer harmless. The good side of your conscience may go quiet as the devil on your shoulder speaks up. Children fall into comas, while adults are torn to pieces in their sleep.

All they did was stray off the path. They didn’t expect to break their bones and discover an ancient relic. But once it’s in Wes’s hands, he’s the one that has to put it back.

Because when this evil is awake, no one’s dreams are safe.

If Wes and his friends want to survive, they’ll have to conquer the waking world and the dreamscape.

If you thought your nightmares were bad, just wait until you hear about the town of Custer Falls, Montana. Something is stalking the townspeople in their nightmares, and it’s up to Wes Henson and his friends to stop it. This is no ordinary task- they’ll have to face what’s lurking in both the waking world and the dream world.

This book was a great read from start to finish. I particularly enjoyed the dark and creepy nightmare element, which pulled me right in. The characters were well-written and relatable, which added to the story. The story had everything I could ask for: dark caverns, evil presences, twisty turns, a mix of past and present, action, and suspense that kept me on the edge of my seat.

If you’re looking for a good scare, I would definitely recommend this book. It was a lot of fun to read, and I enjoyed it immensely. You can’t go wrong with any of Mr. Hitz’s stories.

It was my pleasure to receive a free copy of this book but that does not in any way affect my opinions in this review of this entertaining story.



Heart wrenching

Trigger Warnings



Suicidal Thoughts

Life of Cyn is a moving and powerful story about healing and survival. It accurately depicted the long-term effects of sexual assault and trauma, which can last for decades. The domino effect into addiction and the difficulties of intimacy and trust are all accurately portrayed. The book details her journey as she tries to come to terms with what happened to her and rebuild her life.  It’s an incredibly moving story that will stay with you long after you’ve finished reading it.

This was a hard topic, but it was beautifully written, and though I cried at times, the ending was satisfying.  If you’re looking for a well-written and insightful book, I recommend this one.


Thanks so much for an advance review copy of this book. I am voluntarily leaving a review of my personal opinion.

Robin’s Review of If Only A Heart and Other Tales of Terror

If Only A Heart and Other Tales of Terror

by Caleb Stephens

Rating: 5 out of 5.
If Only A Heart and Other Tales of Terror
by Caleb Stephens
An unlikely friendship is born in the red clay dirt of a trailer park. Two latchkey kids who will do anything to hold onto one other, despite the consequences.
If Only A Heart and Other Tales of Terror is a visceral collection of thirteen stories that explores what happens when we open ourselves to others and dare to let them in. There are monsters on these pages, yes, ones whose teeth cut deep, but never as deep as the teeth of the monsters in the mirror.
Robin's Review: This is a dark and intriguing collection of scary tales, each one different. They fill you with dread and anxiety about what will happen next in the twisty turns of each story. I recommend this book, but only if you read it with the lights on. I hope you enjoy them because I sure did.

It was my pleasure to receive a free copy of this book, but that does not in any way affect my opinions in this review of this entertaining story.

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Robin’s Review of Fear Forge Anthology: Winter Quarter 2022

Fear Forge Anthology: Winter Quarter 2022

Horrorsmith Publishing

Fear Forge Anthology: 
Winter Quarter 2022
by Horrorsmith Publishing
A forged mask that communicates with the dead, a cable repairman called to investigate an empty field...
...or so he thinks, a father-son DIY project not quite working as intended, an excavation going horribly awry, and a blacksmith called to do the bidding of an old god. 
An unfortunate series of events, indeed...
These infernal souls, and many others, are all part of the Fear Forge—the first edition of Horrorsmith Publishing's debut anthology series. It features tales told of cursed smelters, haunted crafted objects, and the degradation of relationships forged within the fires of vengeance. For these authors, fear has forged with the mundane, turning simple rings, rockers, and candles into ravenous blacksmiths of destiny that have doomed us all.
Fear Forge is the first edition of this series, and Horrorsmith Publishing did an amazing job. This book is chock full of great stories. It starts with a lively written foreword from Joe X Young, which sets the tone for the rest of the book.  It concludes with a “meet” the author section.
I'll touch on a few of the stories, but I just want to say that each story was unique, twisted, and oh-so entertaining.
First up is Locke and Key’s Brian and his need for not dreaming. You feel such sympathy for him trying to stay awake, so he doesn’t dream, but then you find out why.
The Ozymandias Crucible has the emperor sending for special artist smiths Doigt Smith and Tryn Smiths. They are to make a Devine Creation for the Emperor but at what cost?
The Death Whisperer’s Gordon Norman is in a bind, so he hires Steve, a death whisper to help his mother, Gina to move on. But easy said than done.
The Trophy has Franklin Jones a raw what’s that saying out of the frying pan into the fire.
Forging a Partnership we have Matthew, a serial killer that gets a taste of his own medicine. Of course, he doesn’t like it.
The Chosen Sword’s Ronald bought a forge to make a little money with the leftover scraps he has from plumbing, but can it be that easy?
And finally, The Art of Fear’s Callie Williams gets a job offer at the perfect time, but is it?
This short story anthology is imaginatively written, exciting, and just fun to read. I loved it and can't wait for the next one.
Featured Authors:
Alex Reid - "Iron"
Alexa K. Moon - "Find a Penny, Pick It Up"
Andre H. Harewood - "Life Masks"
C. M. Forest - "Born of Death"
D. W. Hitz - "The Trophy"
D. W. Gillespie - "Mostly Alone"
Eddie Generous - "The Chosen Sword"
E. L. Giles - "A Eulogy of Love, Blood, and Iron"
Edmund Stone - "Emily"
Garrett Rowlan - "Death Whisperer"
J-F. Dubeau - "The Ozymandias Crucible"
Jennifer Claywood - "The Art of Fear"
John Kiste - "The Darwell Curse"
Justin Boote - "Forging a Partnership"
Michael H. Hanson - "The Forge"
Nat Whiston - "Lock and Key"
R. C. Hausen - "Nowa Kuznia"
Simon J. Plant - "Grandy's Rocker"
Theresa Jacobs - "The Sculpture"
Thomas K. S. Wake - "Vestiges of Humanity"
Tim Borella - "Serasthes"
George Jacobs - "The Pit of Heaven"

#action #adventure #dystopian #postapocalyptic #thriller #sciencefiction #fantasy #horror

Robin’s Review of The City Grew Monsters

The City Grew Monsters

by Hunter Adams

Rating: 5 out of 5.
The City Grew Monsters 
A Zombie Apocalypse Novel 
by Hunter Adams

Can a little girl survive a zombie apocalypse?
After her mother was killed by an intruder, six-year-old Magdalena “Maddy” Ruiz creates a rule for herself: avoid strangers. Always. But when the zombie apocalypse spreads through San Diego like wildfire, and reaches the Cielo Vista Towers where her father works the night shift as a doorman, she finds herself stuck in an empty 25th floor penthouse… and dangerously close to the new neighbors.
Robin's Review: This is a unique and fresh take on the zombie apocalypse genre. Why? Because it is being told and felt through a young girl’s eyes. Which is new for me at least. Maddy is only six and staying in an upstairs apartment while her father, Ernesto works downstairs.  When the crap hits the fan and it tuns into a zombie apocalypse and Ernesto doesn't come back for Maddie, she's left to fend for herself. Of course, there are others in the same boat, and you get to see it through their eyes too. This is a well-written, easy-to-read story. The characters are well-defined and relatable. I enjoyed this story and recommend it to others who want a little angst with their zombie apocalypse. I look forward to the continuation of Maddie’s story.

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