Robin’s Review of Hawk: Cross Security Book Two

Fate. Destiny. Karma…bring them back together five years later…

Robin’s Review of Hawk: Cross Security Book One

by Nancy Brown

Rating: 5 out of 5.
Hawk: Cross Security Book Two
by Nancy Brown

As a member of Cross Security, Mason Hawk is a tormented man on a mission…some might say he has a death wish. 
No case is too difficult. Nothing is off limits. He delivers his own brand of justice. Solitude is his only reward. For fifteen years he has hidden the secrets he ran from at age seventeen. He shut everyone out when he became a Navy SEAL and he honed his skills to become the monster he believes he is. He’s a man with demons that run deep and dark. No one gets in. That is until she walks into his life and brings him to his knees. She is beautiful, smart, and perfect. Like beauty and the beast, he believes she could never love a man like him.
Kai Wailani has lived the perfect life. She has a loving family, has surfed all over the world and is on top of her game at the U.S. Air Force, but she wants more. When she joins Cross Security, the only man stopping her from achieving her goal is a gorgeous wall of muscle who goes simply by Hawk. He’s dark, dangerous, and yet, he can make her smile with a single glance. He’s a force when he walks into a room and he wants nothing to do with her.
Like fire and ice, the dance begins. They are enemies. They are lovers. There are so many secrets. Can Hawk and Kai trust each other enough to find their happy ending or will their passion end them both?
Robin's Review: These complex but enjoyable characters are working at Cross Security. This installment revolves around Kai and Hawk and picks up where the previous book Luke left off. This was a fast paced, action packed romance story. This book pulled at my heart strings with everything that happened from Hawk’s background. I recommend this series to anyone looking for a thrilling romance story.
It was my pleasure to receive a free copy of this book but that does not in any way affect my opinions in this review of this entertaining story.
Next in the series:
Coming soon
Chris, Cross Security Book Three

#romance #action #adventure

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Robin’s Review of Unitas: Trio Seeder Wars

Unitas: Trio – Seeder Wars

by J. Houser

Rating: 5 out of 5.
Unitas: Trio
Seeder Wars
by J. Houser

Lost Secrets of the Green Lands

Leading Princess Kaylah to Seeder borders was only Rachel and Saff's first step in stopping a never-ending war. The Ivy queen and king's assassination leaves Prince Soren in sole control of their troops and resources.

Banding together, the Unitas group sets out to discover forgotten secrets to their pasts and powers. They work to discover how to cure the poisoned Seeder lands, as well as how to best infiltrate the Ivy palace, all while recruiting and training in secret.
Robin’s Review: There are the “Seeders” and the “Ivies”, they have somewhat of a truce albeit shaky. But there are even more secrets, drama, action and danger.

This is the third book in the Seeder Wars series. It’s a smart and entertaining book. It has a different take on dystopian world building. J. Houser has beautifully described the Green Lands, as lush and vibrant as a dystopian world can be. It’s amazing, and the characters are written with complexity, but are genuine and strong.
Thanks so much for a review copy of this book I received from the author through story origin. I am voluntarily leaving a review of my personal opinion.

The next in the series:
The Heir of Exile (Seeder Wars Series Book 4)
This title will be released on July 29, 2022.
#paranormal #urbanfantasy #teen #youngadult #romance #comingofage

Robin’s Review of A Creation of Tomorrow

A Creation of Tomorrow

by D.L Fletcher

Rating: 5 out of 5.
A Creation of Tomorrow
D.L Fletcher

Alice's daughter Patsy now missing, her granddaughter Cami was without a mother and the one person that protected her from her father's anger. Having no doubt Cami's father Tom was responsible for the bruises, Alice turned to the police again and again, but just like when Patsy went missing, they repeatedly turned their backs on her.

Alice was desperate to find help. With nowhere left to turn, she turned to the most dangerous men she'd ever laid eyes on. Rumor had it that they were drug traffickers. The leader was thought to be the devil himself, and his men his demon disciples, but what choice did Alice have? She needed someone that could protect Cami.

They didn't wear patches on their leather, and they weren't called by any name, but they were brothers. For Rick, running a drug ring was challenge enough. Having each other's back was all that mattered until Alice approached him.

Drawn in the moment he looked at Cami's picture Rick ordered Jonathan and Swan to tail the little girl and find out what they could about her situation. It didn't take long to discover that she needed their help.

What none of them knew was the impact their decisions would have on tomorrow.
This is A Creation of Tomorrow...
Robin's Review: Alice Hendricks is trying to protect her granddaughter, Cami from her abusive father, Tom Watson. Enlisting the help of drug trafficker, Rick Stackston and his “boys.”

I couldn’t help but fall in love with the character Cami and I totally felt her pain, confusion, and anxiety.

This is a well written and engaging story with thoroughly fleshed out characters and some twisty turns. There is just enough cuteness and wit to make you keep turning the pages, blended well with drama, and stirred with a lot of action. I am so invested in these characters, I am heartbroken this journey has ended, but has it?

I never had such a wide variety of emotions while reading, I laughed, I cried, I cheered, and I mourned. This story was such an enjoyable experience, I highly recommend this book and this author. I am a fan for life.
My Favorite Line: “He thought about the little girl in the hospital all broken and confused. He thought about how life was before her, and what she brought to them when she walked into their lives. He thought of all the boys, and how they were always content after seeing her, and about how she gave them purpose in a world where they really didn't have one.”

Triggers: Child Abuse, Death and Violence

Next in Series:
A Creation of Yesterday (Creation series Book 2)

It was my honor and pleasure to receive a free copy of this book but that does not in any way affect my opinions in this review of this entertaining story.

Organized Crime

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Robin’s Review of  Complex Solutions: A young adult coming of age thriller

Complex Solutions: A young adult coming of age thriller

 by Susan Dalessandro

Rating: 5 out of 5.
Complex Solutions
by Susan Dalessandro

Math is easy for Lexi, but complex emotions are difficult, and A.P. Calculus won’t help her overcome guilt, fear, or self-destructive behavior. 
Sixteen-year old Lexi Thompson believes she should’ve died in the car accident that took her parents. Now she slices her guilt into her skin, aggravating an already dangerous cutting habit. When Lexi is contacted about her parents’ lost proof of a famous math theorem, her guilt over her parents’ deaths intensifies. Math was her parents’ passion as well as her own. Lexi enlists her friend and fellow math whiz, Joe, to help find the proof. As their relationship deepens, Lexi struggles to keep her self-harm secret. Further, she realizes she’s not the only one interested in her parents’ proof. A mysterious man hangs around her family’s vacant home and lurks in the woods where she runs with her dog. The stalker's presence exacerbates her anxiety, along with the frequency and severity of her cutting. The more she tries to conceal her self-harm, the more she pulls away from Joe and from finding the proof. If she can’t let go of her fear and open up to Joe, she may lose him as well as the proof to a man who’s intent on stealing her parents’ legacy.

Triggers: Death, psychological issues such as depression, anxiety and self-harm.
Robin's Review: A complex and compelling story of teen Lexi. She is going through high school and life with a broken spirit. Her parents have died from a car accident, and she has had to move in with her grandmother which means a new school and new people. Lexi is going through so much; guilt over her parents death, anxiety and depression, which has resulted in self harm. She tries to solve a mystery concerning her parents mathematics secret, but that turns out to be quite dangerous for her, add bullying in because she is new and different at her school, and it’s hard for her to make new friends let alone open up her heart to someone.

This story has complicated mental health issues such as depression, anxiety and self-harm, but it is written with such knowledgeable concern and sympathetic understanding that it just blew me away. The plot is strong and full of teenage emotions and new found strength. It shows the main character grow throughout the story and then learning to forgive herself. I really enjoyed this story and look forward to more from author, Susan Dalessandro.
It was my pleasure to receive a free copy of this book but that does not in any way affect my opinions in this review of this entertaining story.

#youngadult #urbanfantasy #teen #comingofage #mystery #romance

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Robin’s Review of The Dying Butterfly

The Dying Butterfly

by D.L. Fletcher

Rating: 5 out of 5.
The Dying Butterfly
by D.L. Fletcher

A post-apocalyptic zombie story. Though it is about an illness the message remains true, and that is when there seems to be no light hold on to hope. It is about never giving up when it appears there is nothing left to fight for. 
It is about not taking anything for granted from the simplicity of tasks to the little noises, all the way up to the people we cherish; and that sometimes the strangers we meet along the way, even if we don’t see it, are the ones that give us that strength. Holly and Tony were a young couple in love. They thought they had all the time in the world, but they were wrong... As the illness spread and the population was dying, chaos sprang forcing Holly, Tony, and her family to flee their homes. A plan set and necessities previously stocked for this anticipated moment they took to the road. One night as the deranged charged their camp they were forced to scatter, separating Holly from everyone she knew and loved. In her search for her family and Tony, she stumbles upon a small community. By the light of a flickering candle, from a typewriter she found in her travels, Holly tells us about the illness, her new life, and her search for the ones she lost. She shares her new philosophies on life, all that we take for granted each and every day, and human vulnerability as she reminisces the past, and her dreams of one day being reunited with the love of her life and her family.
Robin's Review: This was a well written, well thought out story with intense bits that made it a real page turner. The writing was descriptive enough to give you the idea of what the author was trying to portray but not overly gory. So, in that this is not your typical zombie apocalypse story. It focuses on the characters, their lives, their trials, and their trauma.

This story is told through the main character, Holly as she journals her thoughts of what she went through.

Introduction of charaters:
Her boyfriend/husband Tony Gardner
Her parents Jim and Georgie Wood
Their neighbors Joyce and Brad
Landon and Dahlia who were stragglers
Mr. Donald Clay Head of the community
Her rescued dog, Maxine
Lucy and Jordan part of the community
Zombie Apocalypse Tips:

It was no longer a world to trust first and see if they disappoint you later.

Describing the amount of infected as a pyramid scam. “Hundreds hooked hundreds more in, turning it to thousands overnight and thousands more the next."

“I know it's risky, but practice and learning is the only way to get strong now; and being close to some sort of supply source.”

"Look for a place maybe no one will want."

Learn how to be stealthy, and how to fight without getting bit.

Pre-packed bags of personal necessities or Bag for Running

two-way radios
freeze dried food
sleeping bags that attach to the outside of packs
small survival books on edible and healing plants
large variety of vegetable seeds
two shirts, three pairs of underwear, three pairs of socks, bottle of tablets to purify water, and one thin jacket

Medical kits:
antibiotics, inhalers gauze, slings, safety pins, cotton, alcohol and antibiotic creams. Gravol, Advil and Pepto-Bismol.

Other Items to Collect:

Pre-packed bags of personal necessities or Bag for Running,
two-way radios
freeze dried food
sleeping bags that attach to the outside of packs
small survival books on edible and healing plants
large variety of vegetable seeds
two shirts, three pairs of underwear, three pairs of socks, bottle of tablets to purify water, and one thin jacket
Candles, packs of every size of battery
flashlights, windup radios, Water, water, water

Prep the house by putting boards by the windows ready to be hammered up and fill pillowcases with sand, stacking them as needed for barricades inside entrances.

I remember asking my dad why we didn't just leave right then and there rather than do all that work to protect something we had no power to hold on to. This isn't to protect the house Holly. It's to protect those in it.

We need to save our resources for when there aren't any resources left. If we run now, we burn through everything unnecessarily. We will be looking for food and water when we should be working at getting as far away as we can. This is all to make sure everyone is safe.

Rules To Live By:

No fires for any reason

No yelling and to watch the volume when laughing

Keep your eyes open and watch the perimeter.

Set up a schedule and ration the food and portions.

All washing of any kind should be done with lake water. No exceptions. We need to conserve the fresh water - drinking only.

Save the use of flashlights to when they are a must. Batteries will be rationed like everything else.

Have multiple plans

Stay put when told

#dystopian #apocalyptic #romance #thriller #horror

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Robin’s Review of Faceless


 by J R White

Rating: 5 out of 5.
by JR White

The apocalypse wasn’t the end, not for those who survived.
Amidst the ruin of a crumbling world, Bash struggles to move on after the love of his life, Tempest, sacrificed herself to save him from the Inferus. When he discovers a blood-soaked note that could have only come from her, he begins to question whether she's actually dead. Fearing she’s been turned into one of the Faceless, a mindless slave to the Inferus, Bash is determined to uncover the truth and somehow, find a way to save her. The only problem is, there’s no known cure for the Faceless, save death.
Robin's Review: Because of floods, earthquakes and other natural disasters ravaging the planet and mutating pathogens with no cure humanity was almost wiped out. Then the aliens came and enslaved those that were left.

This was a multi genre story. It had action, drama, romance, dystopian and horror all wrapped up in a freaky package. The world building was described nicely to the point I was hot and itchy. The characters were complex and interesting. The plot was different and entertaining with it being post-apocalyptic and aliens thrown in. I really enjoyed this book and look forward to more from this author.

It was my pleasure to receive a free copy of this book from the author, that does not in any way affect my opinions in this review of this entertaining story.

Epic Line: “We kinda deserved it—the end of the world. Humans were killing the Earth, ignoring its calls of distress, and still demanding more. It was only a matter of time before something drastic happened.”

The Reliquiae:
meaning in Latin for survivors, remnants...The last of mankind.

Characters: Zachary, the appointed ‘Leader’ of the Reliquiae and his wife, Deja and their twins Hades and Tempest. Along with Bash and his German Shepard, Skull Crusher, and several others.

The Monsters:

Inferus: Aliens that have landed and enslaved humans.

Faceless: Are slaves to the aliens. They are humans with their faces erased by masks the color of bone.

Rabids: Creatures with thick scaly skin covered in sparse hair and sores stretched tight over every bone.

#alieninvasion #postapocalyptic #romance #sciencefiction #fantasy #horror #dystopian

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Robin’s Review of Apocalypse: A Zombie Thriller

It’s like Anne Rice meets Anita Blake in Underworld…with ghosts.

Apocalypse: A Zombie Thriller

 by Hayley Anderton & Laura Swift

Rating: 5 out of 5.
Apocalypse: A Zombie Thriller
by Hayley Anderton & Laura Swift

The virus has arrived. A deadly virus that destroys humanity. A virus that replaces the living with creatures that crave human flesh. As the human race dwindles, an unlikely group of young survivors battle against the odds to stay alive and avoid joining the ranks of the undead. Follow Cassie as she desperately searches for her brother; Heidi as she tries to cope with the consequences of her actions; and Ginge as she takes on a new role of keeping everyone alive.  Lives will be lost. The army of the dead will keep on growing. Welcome to the apocalypse.
Robin's Review: Cassie, Luke, Heidi, Eliza, Poppy, and Rob all go to the same school. When the outbreak starts, they are separated but try to get back to each other. Picking up Toby, Rori, Heidi, Eliza, Gemma, and Warren along the way.
They make their way to their friends’ farm where Ginge, Hannah, Billy and Cara live.

Here I go again:
This is what I call a cozy zombie apocalypse story. Meaning I could read this again and again, it was that entertaining. It was fast paced with bits of action and a little gore but a quick and satisfying read.
The characters were your average snarky young adults with some good one liners. I liked how they understood that it was a zombie apocalypse and went with the flow. I really enjoyed this book and can’t wait to read the next one in the series.
Zombie Tips:

Doors won’t hold forever.

Always search for weapons.

“Time to adopt the mindset and move with the times.”

Don’t make noise so that the rotters pinpoint your location and trap you.

Of course, hit them in the head seems to work.

Close the door behind you so no one can sneak up on you.

Always collect food as you go when given the chance.

“This might be the end of the world. We’ve got to stick together now.”

Zombie Apocalypse Rules:

“Number one. Nobody goes out alone. Secondly, every single one of us needs to be armed. And thirdly…” His eyes grew dark. “Ginge did the right thing by Gemma. We all need to be prepared for more scenarios like this one. If anyone is bitten…we don’t hesitate. We don’t wait. We put the sorry bastard out of their misery.”

Favorite Lines:

“Wow, she’s got some impressive teeth on her…do you not feed her or something?” Heidi grinned to herself. “Did she bite off more than she could chew?”

“Haven’t you heard? The only people who survive the apocalypse are the psychos. And usually, the ones with a sarcastic sense of humor.”

“God, I’m so out of breath. If I’d known the apocalypse was coming, I might have done some more cardio.”

“This is the bloody apocalypse, Heidi. I wouldn’t call this the optimum environment for chilling out.’’

“This isn’t a bloody field trip!”

“We don’t know when we’ll be able to eat next. I doubt that the rotters will leave Tesco alone just for our convenience…”

“You did what you could in the moment you were given. That’s enough.”

“Like after you watch a horror film at a sleepover and then you can’t even face going to the bathroom?” “Oh God, I’m glad someone else gets it. I’ve needed to pee since dinner.”

“We have to plan for a new future. Forget everything you had planned. Forget university. We’re not students anymore. We’re hunters, fighters, survivors.” Eliza sniffed. “Not sure what employers would think if I put that on my CV.”

Next book in this series will be released March 31, 2022

It was my pleasure to receive a free copy of this book but that does not in any way affect my opinions in this review of this entertaining story.

#horror #humorous #action #adventure #romance #dystopian #sciencefiction #fantasy

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Robin’s Review of Luke: Cross Security Book One

Fate. Destiny. Karma…bring them back together five years later…

Robin’s Review of Luke: Cross Security Book One

by Nancy Brown

Rating: 5 out of 5.
Luke: Cross Security Book One
by Nancy Brown

Luke Sanders is not only tall dark and sinfully sexy, he’s also deadly. He left behind the only life he knew as an elite sniper for Navy SEAL Team Six to join Cross Security. one of the most renowned security companies in the world. He doesn’t do relationships. He doesn’t do romance. It was only one night. Him. Her. Pleasure. And then a fast goodbye before he starts his new life. She’s a stranger. And yet, she’s not, she’s perfect. All he’s left with when the night is over and he boards his plane back to New York, is a name… QUINN.

Quinn Flanagan lost everything the night her family was killed. She forsakes her own chance at happiness to avenge her loved ones by joining MI6 and carrying on her father’s legacy. One dangerously hot night, she lets her precious guard down. When she walks away the next morning, all she takes from the only man who has ever managed to leave a lasting impression is his first name…LUKE.

Fate. Destiny. Karma…bring them back together five years later when the same man who abducts Quinn while on assignment for MI6, also shoots Luke’s twin brother. Can Luke save them both or will he walk away a second time?
Robin's Review: Luke and Quinn have an unforgettable hot and steamy one night stand that leaves them both longing for more. Years later they happen upon each other again but for another reason.

This story was full of sexy sparks filled with tension between the two main characters. It also had a “military” rescue mission packed full of action, adventure and suspense that made it hard to put down. It had equal parts of romance and intrigue to make it an excellent read. I highly recommend this story and author for your future reads.

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Robin’s Review of Trouble in the Green Lands


Book 2 of 3: Seeder Wars Series

by J. Houser

Rating: 5 out of 5.
Trouble in the Green Lands

Book 2 of 3: Seeder Wars Series
by J Houser


It's been three years since Saff made the life-changing decision to embrace her Seeder nature and move to the Green Lands. She loves her job, her husband, her Seeder family, and everything about this enchanting new realm. Life couldn't be more perfect. Except for the disturbing new war tactics displayed by their enemies, the Ivies.

Rachel's senior year in high school is anything but typical. Discovering her true identity as a Seeder means learning new abilities, hiding from Ivy assassins, and preparing to leave the human world behind. But something's not right with her powers, causing crippling self-doubt and leading her to make unlikely allies. Rachel's ready to join the rebellion, helping to put an end to centuries of unrest amongst the green folk.

But people and promises are rarely as they seem in a war filled with secrets and misdirects.

Far from being on the same page, Rachel and her new mentor, Saff, realize they can only take the needed leap of faith by trusting each other. The ultimate goal for them both is to stay alive, find out who they can trust, and just maybe, if they can manage that, they can stop a never-ending war.

From the Author
*Content Warning* mental health, self-harm, assault, discrimination
It has been a few years for the characters of book one titled Seeder Shadow Wars. Saff and Devin are married and are now teachers in the Green Lands.

Ben, Saff’s brother and Heather Devin’s sister are a couple planning on marriage.

Lyza’s little girl. Rachel is beginning to “bloom.”

There is still conflict between the “Seeders” and the “Ivies” but something new is brewing.

This is a smart and exciting coming of age story in a remarkable and truly creative world. It continues on with the great world building but also delves deeper with old characters and new. Once again drawing you into their lives and choices whether good or bad. This story revolves around friendships, love and growth as human beings and other “species”. Some darker themes are explored but it is done with respect, kindness and understanding. J Houser is a remarkable author with great storytelling experience.

Unitas: Trio
Seeder Wars Series Book 3
This title will be released on Mar 25, 2022.

Also available by the author by signing up for her newsletter.
"Son & Soldier: A Seeder Short Story"

“The Return & Question”
Bonus scenes taking place between Seeder Shadow Wars & Trouble in the Green Lands.

Robin’s Review of A World Fallen

What would you do to save someone you love?

A World Fallen

by Nicholas Lawrence Carter

Rating: 5 out of 5.
A World Fallen
by Nicholas Lawrence Carter

A disease ravaged the world… …and now, it has adapted. What would you do to save someone you love? As a young girl, Rosaline watched her mother and sister die. The monsters were brutal, relentless. Now, she has a son. She will do anything to protect him. The diseased only want to kill and, to her horror, they've evolved. They can speak and deceive. "Are you alone?" That’s always what they ask. Over and over again."Are you alone?"Usually followed by the false promise, "I can help you." Anyone can be infected. Trust is a risk. Are there any good people left? You’ll love A World Fallen, because even in despair, we can find hope.

Mature Content Triggers: Violence, PTSD, Mental Illness, Cutting

Robin's Review: This was an amazing book. It went beyond just being an average zombie apocalypse story. It touched upon many issues that some writers might overlook like mental illness, depression, and PTSD that you might find in an apocalypse. I believe the author researched these issues fairly well and portrayed them realistically. I find the love and caring between the characters to really make the story. They were your average everyday people, so they were to me very relatable. And of course, the different types of zombies were intriguing and really creepy. I really enjoyed this book and I look forward to more from Nicholas Lawrence Carter. Well done, Sir.

Rosaline and Mikey
Kylie, Marcus, and Patrick
Hawaii, Zee, Rad, Outlaw and Sweetie
Norman, Jack, and Daisy

Zombie Names:
creatures, diseased, infected, beast, Adapted, afflicted, monsters, talkers, smart ones, and killers.

Zombie Tips:
The goggles are important to ensure no blood gets in the eyes and the gloves keep the hands clean.

Never take chances

never sleep on low ground go somewhere more defensible or to higher ground.

The disease infects people which makes people the threat.

sleep fully dressed

People need water so the infected lie in wait at the water source.

Favorite Lines:
“It only takes an apocalyptic event to give my profession a good name, how about that?” the attorney responds, a cheeky expression exuding from her.

“You’re sunshine in the flesh, you know that?

Science Fiction
Coming of Age

I received a free copy of this book via Story Origin and am voluntarily leaving a review.

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