Robin’s Review of A Whisper In The Dark

A Whisper In The Dark by Guy Quintero A Whisper In The dark by Guy Quintero The Agency is recruiting brave souls to solve the murder of Sara Duncan. This mission has a high probability of vector contact. Survival is not guaranteed, and neither is your sanity. Welcome to the depths of shadow and madness. … Continue reading “Robin’s Review of A Whisper In The Dark”

A Whisper In The Dark

by Guy Quintero

Rating: 5 out of 5.
A Whisper In The dark
by Guy Quintero

The Agency is recruiting brave souls to solve the murder of Sara Duncan. This mission has a high probability of vector contact. Survival is not guaranteed, and neither is your sanity. Welcome to the depths of shadow and madness.
Ghost Team spearheads the operation, led by Emmerich Steiner. What was meant to be an investigation leads them into a web of terror run by demonically possessed individuals and their willing servants. Em, along with his brothers Badrick and Fredrick, his fiancée and second in command, Callisto, and the rookies Calvin and Evan, battle the forces of darkness in a brutal life or death struggle.
Robin's Review: Guy Quintero has done a great job integrating a ton of creatures into this story without making it feel overdone. Nothing is off-limits in this debut novel. The world-building is rich and descriptive, without any unnecessary words. There are a lot of acronyms, but they're easily explained through the rookie's eyes.

The plot focuses on Ghost Team, a badass team of soldiers who work for the USA - Unholy Slaying Agency. It's their job to eliminate supernatural monsters that plague the world. There are Lycanthropes, Ghouls, Zombies, and more – Oh My!

It crosses many genres and has everything you could want in a book. I loved the little Easter eggs he writes into the story, like, Roanoke.

The next in the series is Book Two: The Cannibal Peaks. This title will be released on October 18, 2022.

#youngadult, #military, #fantasy, #thriller, #suspense, #occult, #supernatural, #dystopian, #horror, #sciencefiction, #creature

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Robin’s Review of Hawk: Cross Security Book Two

Fate. Destiny. Karma…bring them back together five years later…

Robin’s Review of Hawk: Cross Security Book One

by Nancy Brown

Rating: 5 out of 5.
Hawk: Cross Security Book Two
by Nancy Brown

As a member of Cross Security, Mason Hawk is a tormented man on a mission…some might say he has a death wish. 
No case is too difficult. Nothing is off limits. He delivers his own brand of justice. Solitude is his only reward. For fifteen years he has hidden the secrets he ran from at age seventeen. He shut everyone out when he became a Navy SEAL and he honed his skills to become the monster he believes he is. He’s a man with demons that run deep and dark. No one gets in. That is until she walks into his life and brings him to his knees. She is beautiful, smart, and perfect. Like beauty and the beast, he believes she could never love a man like him.
Kai Wailani has lived the perfect life. She has a loving family, has surfed all over the world and is on top of her game at the U.S. Air Force, but she wants more. When she joins Cross Security, the only man stopping her from achieving her goal is a gorgeous wall of muscle who goes simply by Hawk. He’s dark, dangerous, and yet, he can make her smile with a single glance. He’s a force when he walks into a room and he wants nothing to do with her.
Like fire and ice, the dance begins. They are enemies. They are lovers. There are so many secrets. Can Hawk and Kai trust each other enough to find their happy ending or will their passion end them both?
Robin's Review: These complex but enjoyable characters are working at Cross Security. This installment revolves around Kai and Hawk and picks up where the previous book Luke left off. This was a fast paced, action packed romance story. This book pulled at my heart strings with everything that happened from Hawk’s background. I recommend this series to anyone looking for a thrilling romance story.
It was my pleasure to receive a free copy of this book but that does not in any way affect my opinions in this review of this entertaining story.
Next in the series:
Coming soon
Chris, Cross Security Book Three

#romance #action #adventure

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Robin’s Review of Allegra – A Dystopian Romance

Allegra – A Dystopian Romance

 by Nikita Bloom

Rating: 5 out of 5.
Allegra - A Dystopian Romance
by Nikita Bloom

A small mistake in the formula that was supposed to cure one disease, led to another. NOW IT’S KILL or be KILLED. 
In an apocalyptic world surrounded by nothing but dusty ruins, dictatorial military rule, and a divided population, those are the only two choices. Aiden is a soldier in Roy Randall’s army, the head of the underworld. As a child who was thrown to the streets, he’s struggling to survive, with no real choice and no goal worth fighting for. Until he meets Allegra, who doesn’t want to just survive but to live... and love. Everything changes. Now Aiden is torn between his love and his commitment to a man who will determine whether he will live or die. Despite her fear, Allegra is swept away by an unexpected love story, but a sudden discovery shocks her world and forces her to choose between the fragile security of her previous life and a dangerous adventure. Will they succeed in saving the human spark in their hearts in a world where no room’s left for humanity?
Robin's Review: This was an action-packed dystopian romance that crosses many genres such as post-apocalyptic, military thriller, science fiction, suspense, and horror to say a few. The plot is strong and interesting, in that it was set in a post-apocalyptic world after a virus ravages mankind changing some but not others. So, the “government” has decided who shall live - the “clean” and who shall die - the ones changed by the virus.

The characters were complex and compelling so much that I rooted for them throughout the story turning each page anxiously. The world building was done so that I felt like I was right there. The moral dilemma behind the story was intriguing. Doesn’t everyone have a right to live? And who has the right to take that away?

Overall, a really well written story that I highly recommend to everyone. It has a little bit of everything to satisfy your reading desires.
It was my pleasure to receive a free copy of this book from the author but that does not in any way affect my opinions in this review of this entertaining story.

#military #action #thriller #dystopian #sciencefiction #fantasy #horror #postapocalyptic

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Robin’s Review of Venom Spear: Blades of Grass

Those who sleep have awakened, and Dearborn is the only thing standing in the way of the rest they desire.

Venom Spear: Blades of Grass

by Austin Chambers

Rating: 5 out of 5.
Venom Spear: Blades of Grass Book 1 
A Cascadia Fallen Apocalyptic War Thriller
Book 1 of 2: Blades of Grass
by Austin Chambers

A massive natural disaster…

…was all it took to drop America to her knees.

Will she be ready for the coming wars?

Air Force Colonel Lou Caldwell was already in his own private hell. Living in the bottle since his son’s suicide, Lou is pressed into assignment by the nation’s leading general. His mission? Act as the Joint Chief’s quiet eyes and ears on the ground, assess the military’s true readiness…

…and find the pulse of America.

China and Russia square up for war, intent on claiming their role as the world’s foremost superpower. Mexican cartels align, emboldened by an evil and cunning horde that has claimed Seattle as its own. They begin making powerplays throughout the west. An attack in Denver kills dozens.

As if things aren’t bad enough…

…the American infrastructure begins to fail. Rolling blackouts morph into days-long nightmares. The loss of Seattle’s tech-giants has had devastating effects on the internet. The world’s economies begin to tank. Governments become desperate.

What will Lou find? Will America truly have a gun behind every Blade of Grass when she needs it most?

Find out in the action-packed opener to this Cascadia Fallen spinoff series!
Robin's Review: Wow what a twisty turning thrill ride.

This is a spin-off from the author’s Cascadia Fallen series and now I must go back and read them all. This was a well written fast paced edge of your seat page turner. The characters were strong and relatable. The plot was interesting and a little scary like if this could really happen that way. The world building was descriptive and so creative that I felt like I was right there. I can’t wait for book 2 to be released.
Next in Series:

Dragon Unleashed: Blades of Grass Book 2
This title will be released on Apr 22, 2022.


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Robin’s Review of Luke: Cross Security Book One

Fate. Destiny. Karma…bring them back together five years later…

Robin’s Review of Luke: Cross Security Book One

by Nancy Brown

Rating: 5 out of 5.
Luke: Cross Security Book One
by Nancy Brown

Luke Sanders is not only tall dark and sinfully sexy, he’s also deadly. He left behind the only life he knew as an elite sniper for Navy SEAL Team Six to join Cross Security. one of the most renowned security companies in the world. He doesn’t do relationships. He doesn’t do romance. It was only one night. Him. Her. Pleasure. And then a fast goodbye before he starts his new life. She’s a stranger. And yet, she’s not, she’s perfect. All he’s left with when the night is over and he boards his plane back to New York, is a name… QUINN.

Quinn Flanagan lost everything the night her family was killed. She forsakes her own chance at happiness to avenge her loved ones by joining MI6 and carrying on her father’s legacy. One dangerously hot night, she lets her precious guard down. When she walks away the next morning, all she takes from the only man who has ever managed to leave a lasting impression is his first name…LUKE.

Fate. Destiny. Karma…bring them back together five years later when the same man who abducts Quinn while on assignment for MI6, also shoots Luke’s twin brother. Can Luke save them both or will he walk away a second time?
Robin's Review: Luke and Quinn have an unforgettable hot and steamy one night stand that leaves them both longing for more. Years later they happen upon each other again but for another reason.

This story was full of sexy sparks filled with tension between the two main characters. It also had a “military” rescue mission packed full of action, adventure and suspense that made it hard to put down. It had equal parts of romance and intrigue to make it an excellent read. I highly recommend this story and author for your future reads.

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Robin’s Review of Atlanta Ares Weapons Project – Book 1

Terrorists have unleashed a biological weapon that devolves the infected into a horde of murderous zombies.

Atlanta (Ares Weapons Project Book 1)

by Matthew Sleadd

Rating: 5 out of 5.
Ares Weapons Project Book 1
by Matthew Sleadd

Terrorists have unleashed a biological weapon that devolves the infected into a horde of murderous zombies. They scour Atlanta, kidnapping survivors and dragging them into their hive where a mysterious force puppeteers mobs across the city. The military calls troops to establish quarantine and prevent anyone from leaving, but the CDC has only one doctor researching an end to this plague. This doctor is trapped inside Atlanta, so they form a desperate plan to save all of humanity.

Jason Hartman retired as a sniper from the SAG’s high-value target rescue team. He was not expecting to join his brother and a Special Operations team leader to launch a mission to infiltrate the city and extract the government’s lead infections disease expert. But can they act quickly enough to avoid the city’s destruction, and will they avoid becoming infected by the zombie plague themselves? All the while, shadowy governmental forces operate behind the scenes. How far will the military go to cover their tracks and prevent the truth from being known? Who will ultimately be responsible for the destruction of the city?

Robin's Review: If you like your characters with military training and different types of zombies then this is your book. This book has action, zombies, snarky one liners and some interesting survival tips. I enjoyed this book immensely. It was a quick paced pager turner with nonstop action. Matthew Sleadd is now one of my go to authors for the Post-Apocalyptic genre. I can’t wait for the next installment in this series.

An unknown terrorist organization released a biological toxin in five major cities that include New York, Philadelphia, Chicago, Houston, Phoenix and Atlanta that turns these cities into a zombie infested war zone.

Command consisting of Captain Miller, Ensign Richardson, Colonel Maes, General Bullen and Chief Spencer have green lighted a mission that is off the books and consists of a non-active duty person.

That person is Chief Warrant Officer, Marcus Spencer that is now put on leave. He asks Former Sergeant, Jason Hartman to accompany him into Atlanta. Jason agrees on one condition which is to stop and pickup his brother David Hartman and his wife Maggie.

Their mission is to extract Dr. Richard McComber, head of infectious disease research at the CDC in Atlanta who has pertinent research on this fungal “Horde Virus”.
Zombie Tips:
Don’t break into homes of people with guns. It won’t go in your favor.

Don’t leave them (zombies) unless you know they’re dead. (Remember horror films)

You are only as silent as your loudest person.

Cinch down any gear that might give off any untoward sounds.

Find a place to rest that has nothing inside that anyone would want

Barricade using parked cars so that it blocks anyone from entering.

When searching someone the goal was to remove anything that someone could use later to hurt you and also check for information.

Shooting at night is difficult and requires a combination of layered shadows. Rather than looking for a well-defined target, you searched for distortion to the background.

Zombie Names:
ravenous monster creatures, quarterback, super motivator, fighter, slow movers, shambles, cadaver, terrestrial threat, wretches, friends, knuckle-draggers, super zombie, queen,

Favorite Lines:
“Fine, but tell me he wasn’t chairborne.”

“This is Atlanta. I’m concerned about being shot under normal circumstances.”

What part of retired did you not understand when deciding who to pack in your clown car?”

“We may need to focus our attention on shot placement. If you can manage, aim for the head.”

“So Chief. At what point can I use the z-word?”

“Sir, we have four of those people you won’t let me call zombies.”

“Our friends from earlier are making house calls now. Only going to be a matter of time before one of them knocks on our door asking if we found God.”

“Textbook terrible”

“For a plus, I see nothing smarter than, ‘Grog eat.’”

“They did the roach thing and scattered with the first bullet.”

David, how goes the truck? You got it fixed yet?” My brother’s hand came, middle finger extended, from around the hood; then he pulled his hand back to keep working. “Looks like he’s almost done,” I said and turned back to Spencer.

“He looks like a fatty-cake kind of kid.”

“Have to make fun of someone, and unless you have anyone from the Air Force, or please tell me, Space Force, I’ll make do with the kid.”

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Robin’s Review of Enemy within the Gates: The Sweats Book 1

A pandemic holds the world hostage ◆ A US military base is bombed ◆ A new power is ready to take over

Enemy within the Gates: The Sweats Book 1

by Marietta Standlee

Rating: 5 out of 5.
Enemy within the Gates: 
The Sweats Book 1
by Marietta Standlee

A pandemic holds the world hostage. A US military base is bombed. A new power is ready to take over 

While a pandemic terrorizes the world, a ruthless international group that has operated in the shadows for decades sees their chance to finally seize world power. These men and women will stop at nothing to exploit the public's fear in order to gain people’s trust and take control over the government.

Trapped inside a bathroom at Charlotte Douglas International airport, Dani, a young reporter, tries to come to terms with the sudden outburst of violence she witnessed there. The events that follow in the next few days will change everything she has ever believed in.

Stranded at a Marine base, Olivia surmises that there are worse places to be stuck during an apocalypse. But when the base turns out to be the last outpost standing in the way of an ambitious political group attempting to gain world power, Olivia is in more danger than she thought possible.

Jack, a staff sergeant with the Marine Corps., tries to come to grips with the new reality, where the men and women in charge of the country he fought and bled for turn against him and his soldiers.

Alan, an ambitious and corrupt politician, learns that the group he thought of as his ally has turned against him. Desperate to survive, he seeks the most unlikely allies to survive the brewing apocalypse.

How can these people, who are strangers to each other, band together to save not only the US from an enemy within, but also save the world from falling victim to a globalized dictatorship?
Robin's Review: What if 2020 was a zombie apocalypse? What would it look like? Maybe like this book.

A deadly virus named “The Sweats” surfaced in La Vieillesse, France and then spread worldwide. With the New World Order, a rogue shadow government, behind the scenes running the government. They have a playbook list that they are checking off items at an alarming rate until they take over control of the country.

They purposely divided the American citizens and caused protests and civil unrest. Add in a force-fed one sided media blitz and you have a divided nation and citizens in need of help. So NWO sends in the NSF—New Security Forces. What comes next is truly horrifying.

Settings and some of the players:

Zombies aka Crazies, deranged, infected, crackheads and killers

Charlotte Douglas International Airport, NC
Dani Montague, reporter for World News Today
Matt Sterling, works for Stephen Perdue Show

Fort Harris, NC
Olivia Prendergast
Lt. General Harald “Hammerhead” Beauvier
Jack Pellman, Staff Sergeant
Esmeralda “Rudy” Rodriguez, Staff Sergeant
Captain Pedro Menendez

Fort Saunters, NC
Washington D.C.
Senator Alan Montgomery
Stephen Perdue
Porter Rossman

Favorite lines:

"GPAI?" “General pain in the ass,"

“vomiting out large lead rounds at the racing Humvee.  "Faster!"
“You only need to be faster than the slowest member of your group when chased by a wild animal.”

“If you buy a hundred green beans for dinner and you throw away twenty because they're spoiled, you still end up having green beans for dinner."

“but in desperate situations, the devil eats flies”

Enemy within the Gates: Book 2 The President coming soon

Science Fiction
Infectious Disease

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Proximity – A Review

The ICHO Wars, Book 1

 by Kevin Alan

Proximity (The ICHO Wars, Book 1)
by Kevin Alan

Rating: 5 out of 5.
Proximity (The ICHO Wars, Book 1)
by Kevin Alan

A Post-Apocalyptic story set somewhere in the future. 

Former U.S. Army Special Forces operative, codenamed Bishop, a scientifically modified stealth soldier/mercenary is wanting to get out of this kind of life so he can be with his son. But before this can happen, he is captured and given an ultimatum by U.S. Army Director of Operations, Richard Ramar. The mission is to infiltrate and retrieve a secret weapon from a U.S. weapons facility taken over by terrorists in the Syrian desert. 

 In exchange for Bishop’s freedom and survival, Ramar makes two requests: assassinate the terrorist leader, and retrieve the weapon inside that facility before it changes mankind’s future… what little is left of it. 

The world building was interesting and new. The characters were beautifully written but flawed which made them easy to sympathize with. It was action packed and exciting. Looking forward to the next book in the series. 

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