Robin’s Review of Grimm & Dread A Crow’s Twist on Classic Tales

Is it possible to make Grimms’ Fairy Tales, the gruesome collection that shaped our storytelling, even more dreadful?

Grimm & Dread A Crow’s Twist on Classic Tales

Cassandra L. Thompson, Lucas Mann, Ryan Brinson

Rating: 5 out of 5.
Grimm & Dread
A Crow's Twist on Classic Tales
by Cassandra L. Thompson
Lucas Mann
Ryan Brinson

Is it possible to make Grimms' Fairy Tales, the gruesome collection that shaped our storytelling, even more dreadful? Leave it to Quill & Crow Publishing House to try. Included in this anthology are twelve deconstructed tales with "A Crow's Twist." Some are dark and some are meaningful, but all of them will make you reconsider the classic stories in new ways. Featuring authors Lucas Mann, Victoria Audley, Brad Acevedo, Stephen Black, Ryan Brinson, Elou Carroll, Adam Faderewski, Beatrice Hadwin, Sabrina Howard, J.S. Larmore, Zeena Mubarak, and Mary Rajotte.
Robin's Review: I enjoyed these short retelling of fairy tales. I really like them better than the original/classic ones. They were creepy and compelling but also had a lesson hidden in it. I think I will get a hard copy for when my grandchildren are older.

Thanks so much for an advance review copy of this book. I am voluntarily leaving a review of my personal opinion.
The stories included are:

What the Earth Bore by Mary Rajotte

Black as Snow by Zeena Mubarak

Where Shadows Fall by Stephen Black

The Devils Deal by Ryan Brinson

Become a Flute, Become a Spy Glass, Become a Knife by Elou Carroll

Godmother Death by Adam M. Faderewski

That Which You Have Promised by Sabrina Howard

The Three Wounds by Beatrice Hadwin

A Tainted Rose by Brad Acevedo

What's in a Name by J.S. Larmore

The Wind So Mild by Victoria Audley

The Crow Princess by Lucas Mann

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Robin’s Review of Seed of Despair Guardians of the Seeds – Book 1

Whoever controls the seeds, controls the people…

A dystopian paranormal novella

by M.A. Olesen

Rating: 5 out of 5.
Seed of Despair: Guardians of the Seeds
by M.A. Olesen

Whoever controls the seeds, controls the people…
While the privileged sleep soundly in their beds, the pain in the outskirts birthed its own monsters.

The Mahres, creators of nightmares and immortal guardians of the heirloom seeds, have sworn to free the destitute from hunger and destroy the hold the genetically engineered plants have over humanity's food source.

Alistair, the most gifted of the Mahres is wasting his powers away. He can control people’s minds, but to take his place in the fight he needs to control himself first and prove his wisdom as a mentor.

Abandoned by his family on the steps of the Eram when he changed into a Mahre, Godfrey is a brave and kind six-year-old. Trouble finds him as he struggles to embrace his new gift and let go of the family that gave him away.

When the child is forced into his care, Alistair must find out if he can save him from the terrible world that poverty created and how far he would go to protect him.

Robin's Review:

I love love love this story. I can’t wait to read the next book in the series. It’s that awesome. It was a short, fast read with so much depth to the story. The characters and their relationships were well written and complex. This story had all my emotions going… sad, happy, angry, and heartbroken. M.A. Olesen is now on my auto-buy list. I strongly recommend this book and author to everyone who wants a thought-provoking story based in a dystopian world.

Seed of Trust: A dystopian science fantasy novella (Guardians of the Seeds Book 2)
Book 2 of 3: Guardians of the Seeds

Seed of Danger: A paranormal dystopia novella (Guardians of the Seeds Book 3)
Book 3 of 3: Guardians of the Seeds

Science Fiction

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The Lament of Death: 

My name is Kyara, and I am a banshee.

Children of Chaos Series

 by Maria Vermisoglou

Rating: 5 out of 5.
The Lament of Death: Children of Chaos Series
by Maria Vermisoglou

My name is Kyara, and I am a banshee.

My job? Bringing the dead to the other side.

I expected to become a healer...
…But fate bestowed me with a curse.

Cause, yeah. Being a Banshee is a curse.
I'm hated by my friends and family, and I'm kind of stuck in the Realm of Silver, the last place I want to be. But if I don't accept my job and take souls to their next stop, well, things will get bad fast. The wicked ones will drown the world in darkness, while the rest. I don’t even want to know.

What I really want is to gather the strength I need to become who I want to be.
Is it even possible to do my job with all this pressure from... everybody?

Prepare for an epic adventure!

My Review:
Kyara comes into her powers after turning sixteen. Thinking she was to become a healer, only to find out that she is something else is really hard on her and her relationships. This is really a fantastic coming of age story in a dystopian world setting. I really felt for Kyara as a character. To be different, bullied, and shunned is difficult to say the least. She had amazing growth and maturity that made this story a great read.


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