Review of The Innkeeper on the Edge of Paris

A ghost, reincarnation, and love.

By J. Schlenker

Rating: 4 out of 5.
The Innkeeper on the Edge of Paris
by J. Schlenker

This is an interesting story line. A woman moves to France 3 years after a divorce. She is drawn to a centuries-old inn on the outskirts of Paris and begins having dreams about a woman who looks exactly like her but from the 1700s. This leads her to start solving the mystery about the woman. The mystery not only draws in the characters but also had me trying to figure things out along the way. She never expects her stay there will lead to a ghost, reincarnation, and love, not with a Frenchman, but a Scotsman named Daniel. The innkeeper, Claire, calls it destiny.

Paris, who could want more, the descriptions of the city and the Inn create imagery that only add to Isa’s tale. I enjoyed the story and the character development, but couldn’t get into the back and forth viewpoints of Isa and the ghost. Overall an interesting story with some twists and turns

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This is not a happily ever after…

Shadows of Rebellion

Four Territories: Book 1

By L.M. French

Shadows of Rebellion 
Four Territories Book One
by L.M. French

Rating: 5 out of 5.
Shadows of Rebellion
Four Territories
By L M French

“What am I?” His eyes continued to glow, but he smiled, “Exactly what you were meant to be. And nothing they could have foreseen.” Enter the Territories where war is brewing, danger grows from the very ground underfoot, and the forgotten return to reclaim what's theirs... Our king is missing and terrifying breeds that disappeared centuries ago have returned to wage war on the Territories. And I am becoming... something and am on the run from an order that would see my kind extinct. The longer I survive, rumors of an unstable half-breed grow, threatening my very existence.

You had me at “Hello Sarcastic”. And anything with humor has my vote. Oh my, some of the one liners in this book makes me fall over laughing. I love the characters. I love the story. It had great world building to it. I really really can’t wait for the next one in the series. Author Lindsay French is now one of my automatic buys without knowing what it is about. The lead character is Veda Grey. She is a half-human sentinel and seal-bearer of the Four Territories. It’s like Mercy Thompson meets Meredith Gentry and Anita Blake.

Book Two in The Four Territories Series 
Fated Uprising is coming October 27, 2021

Shadows of Rebellion is an Urban Fantasy novel with adult language, situations, and violence.

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Hunting the dead might make you the prey.

The Spirit Hunter and the Frozen Child

Sentinel Book 1

By Brenda Nichols

Rating: 5 out of 5.
The Spirit Hunter and the Frozen Child
Sentinel Book 1 
by Brenda Nichols

Hunting the dead might make you the prey.

Beth and Todd are together after seventeen years, investigating a series of mysterious fires. Growing up in an orphanage together for many years, they grew a strong bond. Todd is looking for a serial arsonist that may be a copycat of a long dead arsonist. Bethany is looking for a pyromaniac phantom child ghost with anger issues. Will their two worlds collide…yup!

Bethany Sayers works for a company called Sentinel; she is more like extended family with a certain skill set. Todd Rollins believes in the science of his work and not much else, until Bethany upends his rational world. Together they end up hunting a pyromaniac ghost that is running amok in their childhood hometown.

I really loved this story. Brenda Nichols has introduced  Todd and Bethany,  the characters are fun, intelligent, and strong, they grow throughout the book. The Spirit Hunter and the Frozen Child has everything I like in a book, plus sarcasm. These two and the rest of the impressive characters I rooted for, all throughout the story. Couldn’t put it down. It was such a page turner. I am so glad I only must wait a week to read the next in the series.

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Science FictionFantasyParanormalContemporary RomanceThrillerAction and AdventureMysteryMagic

One soul-searing kiss will…

Houston in September: A Year in Romance Novel

 by S.E. Saunders

Rating: 5 out of 5.
One soul-searing kiss will…It'll throw a monkey wrench in everything, that's what!

Houston in September - A Year in Romance Novel, By S.E. Saunders
One soul-searing kiss throws a monkey wrench in the works and starts them down a path to romance mixed with business.

Widower and successful entrepreneur, Emilia Patric flies to Houston to launch a nonprofit foundation in memory of her late husband when a series of unlucky incidences brings Emilia into engaged local family business owner, Vincent Eton’s life.

Neither is prepared for what happens next.

Omg this story is so witty and funny. Not my favorite genre but definitely one of my favorite authors. I feel in love with reading romance novels all over again. Fun, fresh, crazy! An intelligent and interesting read. I really loved the story and characters. I found myself cheering them on. They were funny and sassy. This was an enjoyable and fun summer beach read! I am going to buy this book for my mom, that’s how great it is.

Contemporary Romance
Inspirational Romance
Clean and Wholesome

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Jasper in January Coming October 14, 2021, A Year in Romance Novel by S.E. Saunders

A Year in Romance Novels are a not a series in any specific order.

The Apotheon Crucible – A review by Robin’s Reviews

Prequel to The Apotheon Trials

by   Arya White

The Apotheon Crucible The Prequel to (The Apotheon Trials)
By Arya White
Science Fiction
Action & Adventure
Magical Realism
The Apotheon Crucible 
Prequel to (The Apotheon Trials)
By Arya White

This is a prequel in the Apotheon Awakening series, a young adult dystopian series.

The Five Rings is a society that promotes the advancement of humanity at any cost.  The Powerless are nothing but a burden on society.   They are not conducive to survival.

Every year, the eighteen-year-old members from the Tempis, Durus, Umor, Caelus and Auctus factions must channel their powers to pass the Trials and prove their worth in society to the council. If not proven then they are powerless and considered worthless to society thereby being “Banished”.

The main character, Joah is a Level Seven Timewalker trainer. He has six weeks to teach all his Tempis students to make it through the trials. If they fail a fate that can only end in certain death.

Joah promises he will not fail another student to this broken world but will he? 

I am so excited to read this prequel. I love the characters and the world the author built. It is so rich and full of detail. I will definitely be reading the next book in this series. I would highly recommend this book and author.

Fascinating! Thrilling! Delightful!


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