Robin’s Review of Flower of Memory: An Amaranth Prequel

In a scientific and spiritual sense, humanity has its world ordered

Flower of Memory: An Amaranth Prequel Amaranth #0.5

 by David M. Snow

Rating: 5 out of 5.
Flower of Memory: An Amaranth Prequel

by David M. Snow

An underwater ark that shelters the last remaining survivors. A young doctor tormented by his past. A mysterious power that could drive them into madness.
A cataclysmic Flood has forced the survivors to retreat into an intergenerational ark, secluded from the world they have always known. But the wait is insufferable in the abyss of the Great Ocean. More than a century, heavy with silence, has passed.

The surface is but a timeworn dream. A forgotten memory.

But Skyler Goldberg is not ready to give up. Even if it means losing everything.

Can a single man show the Archeans the path to redemption in a world abandoned by its creator?
Flower of Memory is the prequel of the dystopian science-fiction series Amaranth. Fans of the TV series The 100 and the Snowpiercer will enjoy every page!
Robin's Review: This is such a freaking cool story. It's a refreshing change to the science fiction/post-apocalyptic genre. I loved every part of it, the plot, the world building, the characters, and the writing. It was a great read. I highly recommend this book.

It was my pleasure to receive a free copy of this book but that does not in any way affect my opinions in this review of this entertaining story.

Amaranth: Amaranth #1
Book 1 of 1: Amaranth
This title will be released on October 19, 2022.

#dystopian #sciencefiction #thriller #action #mystery #suspense

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Robin’s Review of In The Dust Trilogy Book 1

In The Dust

 by K. A. Gandy

Rating: 5 out of 5.
In The Dust: Endless Desert Trilogy
Book 1
by K. A. Gandy

The year is 2399, and the earth has been damaged beyond repair. 
Desert is consuming the North American continent, Europe was wiped out by a cataclysmic meteor shower, and the world's oceans are unsalvageable poison. Those who could afford to flee to space are long gone, leaving the rest behind in the dust.Nyx is completely alone, scavenging the ruins of humanity to get by. With her brother suddenly missing, the only people she can trust are herself and her busted up Bronco. 
Robin's Review: This is an interesting post-apocalyptic story with a fresh and original plot. The world building is quite imaginative but felt real. The characters are well written and relatable. I enjoyed this book and look forward to the next one in the series.
It was my pleasure to receive a free copy of this book but that does not in any way affect my opinions in this review of this entertaining story.
The next in this series: Finding the Bastion: A Scorching Dystopian Adventure (Endless Desert Trilogy Book 2) This title will be released on Feb 28, 2023.

#postapocalyptic #sciencefiction #fantasy #action #adventure #thriller #suspense #teen #youngadult #dystopian

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Robin’s Review of Faceless


 by J R White

Rating: 5 out of 5.
by JR White

The apocalypse wasn’t the end, not for those who survived.
Amidst the ruin of a crumbling world, Bash struggles to move on after the love of his life, Tempest, sacrificed herself to save him from the Inferus. When he discovers a blood-soaked note that could have only come from her, he begins to question whether she's actually dead. Fearing she’s been turned into one of the Faceless, a mindless slave to the Inferus, Bash is determined to uncover the truth and somehow, find a way to save her. The only problem is, there’s no known cure for the Faceless, save death.
Robin's Review: Because of floods, earthquakes and other natural disasters ravaging the planet and mutating pathogens with no cure humanity was almost wiped out. Then the aliens came and enslaved those that were left.

This was a multi genre story. It had action, drama, romance, dystopian and horror all wrapped up in a freaky package. The world building was described nicely to the point I was hot and itchy. The characters were complex and interesting. The plot was different and entertaining with it being post-apocalyptic and aliens thrown in. I really enjoyed this book and look forward to more from this author.

It was my pleasure to receive a free copy of this book from the author, that does not in any way affect my opinions in this review of this entertaining story.

Epic Line: “We kinda deserved it—the end of the world. Humans were killing the Earth, ignoring its calls of distress, and still demanding more. It was only a matter of time before something drastic happened.”

The Reliquiae:
meaning in Latin for survivors, remnants...The last of mankind.

Characters: Zachary, the appointed ‘Leader’ of the Reliquiae and his wife, Deja and their twins Hades and Tempest. Along with Bash and his German Shepard, Skull Crusher, and several others.

The Monsters:

Inferus: Aliens that have landed and enslaved humans.

Faceless: Are slaves to the aliens. They are humans with their faces erased by masks the color of bone.

Rabids: Creatures with thick scaly skin covered in sparse hair and sores stretched tight over every bone.

#alieninvasion #postapocalyptic #romance #sciencefiction #fantasy #horror #dystopian

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Robin’s Review of So Over the Undead (Zooey Zombie Book 2)

Zooey is back and she’s learning how life is going to be…

So Over the Undead (Zooey Zombie Book 2)

by Alex Apostole

Rating: 5 out of 5.
Alex Apostol
So Over the Undead 
Book 2 of 2: Zooey Zombie

Zooey is back and she's learning how life is going to be for her now that she's Undead. There are laws to protect this new race of human and their rights, but she quickly realizes many don't want them to be able to go to school or work or even live in the same neighborhoods as regular people. As Zooey tries to piece her life back together she gets caught up in a social nightmare as the human race fights back against the Undead. Can Zooey stand up for her new race and be heard or will her voice fall on deaf ears? In light of recent attacks being blamed on the Undead reverting back to their zombie state, it's harder than ever to find support.
Robin's Review: Zooey Beckett is returning to Harvard University. She graduated in June of 2020 with a Bachelor’s in Psychology. And then the zombie apocalypse happened. Now she is re-enrolling for her graduate studies in Cognition, Brain, and Behavior Psychology, but as an “Undead” this time.

What is an “Undead” you may ask?

It’s a new race of human called the Undead, people who had been changed into zombies by the rampaging virus and then brought back to life by what the government deemed the cure, but it wasn’t a cure, more of a suppression of one’s inner zombie. She’ll receive the “cure” twice a week for the rest of her life.

As Zooey tries to integrate back into society she is met with quite a few obstacles, prejudice and racism are just the tip of the iceberg that she is up against. Even her longtime friends Elizabeth and Oliver who have stood by her throughout everything, before and after the apocalypse, just can’t understand what she feels, let alone what she has gone through and is going through.

This is what I like to call a “cozy” zombie apocalypse story, that means is that I could read it again and again it’s that entertaining. The world building is different and exciting because it is post-apocalyptic, I loved this, and the world is rebuilding but with a twist. One of my favorite ideas in the story were the NATIONWIDE Z-ALERTS. The characters were your average snarky young adults with some good one liners. This was such an enjoyable story with the same underlying issues as we have today. What a compelling read for zombie readers and lovers a like. 

It was my pleasure to receive a free copy of this book but that does not in any way affect my opinions in this review of this amazing story.
#dystopian #sciencefiction #fantasy #postapocalyptic #horror

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Robin’s Review of Apocalypse: A Zombie Thriller

It’s like Anne Rice meets Anita Blake in Underworld…with ghosts.

Apocalypse: A Zombie Thriller

 by Hayley Anderton & Laura Swift

Rating: 5 out of 5.
Apocalypse: A Zombie Thriller
by Hayley Anderton & Laura Swift

The virus has arrived. A deadly virus that destroys humanity. A virus that replaces the living with creatures that crave human flesh. As the human race dwindles, an unlikely group of young survivors battle against the odds to stay alive and avoid joining the ranks of the undead. Follow Cassie as she desperately searches for her brother; Heidi as she tries to cope with the consequences of her actions; and Ginge as she takes on a new role of keeping everyone alive.  Lives will be lost. The army of the dead will keep on growing. Welcome to the apocalypse.
Robin's Review: Cassie, Luke, Heidi, Eliza, Poppy, and Rob all go to the same school. When the outbreak starts, they are separated but try to get back to each other. Picking up Toby, Rori, Heidi, Eliza, Gemma, and Warren along the way.
They make their way to their friends’ farm where Ginge, Hannah, Billy and Cara live.

Here I go again:
This is what I call a cozy zombie apocalypse story. Meaning I could read this again and again, it was that entertaining. It was fast paced with bits of action and a little gore but a quick and satisfying read.
The characters were your average snarky young adults with some good one liners. I liked how they understood that it was a zombie apocalypse and went with the flow. I really enjoyed this book and can’t wait to read the next one in the series.
Zombie Tips:

Doors won’t hold forever.

Always search for weapons.

“Time to adopt the mindset and move with the times.”

Don’t make noise so that the rotters pinpoint your location and trap you.

Of course, hit them in the head seems to work.

Close the door behind you so no one can sneak up on you.

Always collect food as you go when given the chance.

“This might be the end of the world. We’ve got to stick together now.”

Zombie Apocalypse Rules:

“Number one. Nobody goes out alone. Secondly, every single one of us needs to be armed. And thirdly…” His eyes grew dark. “Ginge did the right thing by Gemma. We all need to be prepared for more scenarios like this one. If anyone is bitten…we don’t hesitate. We don’t wait. We put the sorry bastard out of their misery.”

Favorite Lines:

“Wow, she’s got some impressive teeth on her…do you not feed her or something?” Heidi grinned to herself. “Did she bite off more than she could chew?”

“Haven’t you heard? The only people who survive the apocalypse are the psychos. And usually, the ones with a sarcastic sense of humor.”

“God, I’m so out of breath. If I’d known the apocalypse was coming, I might have done some more cardio.”

“This is the bloody apocalypse, Heidi. I wouldn’t call this the optimum environment for chilling out.’’

“This isn’t a bloody field trip!”

“We don’t know when we’ll be able to eat next. I doubt that the rotters will leave Tesco alone just for our convenience…”

“You did what you could in the moment you were given. That’s enough.”

“Like after you watch a horror film at a sleepover and then you can’t even face going to the bathroom?” “Oh God, I’m glad someone else gets it. I’ve needed to pee since dinner.”

“We have to plan for a new future. Forget everything you had planned. Forget university. We’re not students anymore. We’re hunters, fighters, survivors.” Eliza sniffed. “Not sure what employers would think if I put that on my CV.”

Next book in this series will be released March 31, 2022

It was my pleasure to receive a free copy of this book but that does not in any way affect my opinions in this review of this entertaining story.

#horror #humorous #action #adventure #romance #dystopian #sciencefiction #fantasy

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Robin’s Review of Wait for Me

Wait for Me

by J.M. McKenzie

Rating: 5 out of 5.
Wait for Me
by J.M. McKenzie

Lisa is on a train, 20 miles from home, when the United Kingdom is hit by a terrifying bioterrorist attack, and a national emergency is declared. After she was separated from her husband, Neil, in the hours following the September 11th attack, she made him promise that, in the event of a similar crisis, their priority should be to go home and wait for each other there. Keeping her promise, and trusting Neil to keep his, she sets out on what she believes will be a quick and easy journey. But the world she once knew has changed forever and has become deadly and unpredictable. Will she make it back home to Neil? Will he be there? Will he wait for her?
Robin's Review: This is a story of one woman’s courage to get back home to her husband after an apocalyptic event in the UK. The plot was interesting and entertaining. The setting was descriptive and understandable. The main characters were your average everyday people put in the horrifying position and then made to make hard decisions. Mistakes were made by the characters but that made it all the more relatable.


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Robin’s Review of No Child of Mine

There’s nothing a government wouldn’t do to remain in power.

No Child of Mine: A dystopian political conspiracy thriller.

 by Olga Gibbs

Rating: 5 out of 5.
No Child of Mine:
by Olga Gibbs

There's nothing a government won't do to remain in power.

57th Year of the true leadership of The Ordained Liberating Party; or Year 2273 by the old calendar.

"The Collapse" took millions of lives and most of the country's farming lands, bringing the surviving population of the island to the brink of starvation.

Out of the aftermath of the chaos and anarchy, a new state had emerged, known as The Federation Britannia, run by the single and unopposed Ordained Liberating Party.

The division of the country's orphanages for children of "the true citizens" and children of "the enemies of the state" began the clearance of the questionable element, and bloody years of the Age of Cleansing had finished the purge, leaving behind a perfectly obedient electorate that marched every year in the Liberation Day parades, praising the Party's leadership and following the Party's every directive.

The rule of the Party is absolute. Its tool of compliance, the State Security Unit, is feared.
Tom isn't a frightened follower, he is a true believer. He loves the Party with all his heart. He trusts in the Party's wisdom. The Party had raised him, rewarding his devotion and love with a lucrative engineering job, and after the approval for the Procreation license, it also granted him a family.

But the unexpected midnight visit by the State Security to his flat, questions asked and blood samples collected, unsettles Tom more than he likes to admit, and the following day, whilst investigating the "black uniforms" interest, Tom witnesses the State Security troops, led by the familiar officer, marshalling the children from his daughter's nursery, packing them into trucks and taking them into the unknown.

At that moment Tom is forced to make a decision: either to follow the Party directive and to surrender his child into its plenary care or to protect what he loves and run.

But there's nowhere to run. There's no escape from the island or from the complete control of the Ordained Liberating Party.

"No Child of Mine" is a story of a father's journey to save his child from a totalitarian regime, who is in order to bury the truth prepared to exterminate an entire generation.

Robin's Review: After an apocalyptic event called the “collapse” this dystopian world emerges. It is set in the year 2273 in what used to be England. It is now called The Federation Brittania. “The Ordained Liberating Party” is in charge, rules heavily and demands loyalty.

Tom is a true believer where his wife Judy is more skeptical. They are parents to their child Tilly. In this different society the children are raised by others with visitation given to the parents once a month.

But something happens at the “Liberation Day” parade that makes them question their government, their freedom and independence.

This story had spectacular world building that made me fall right into it.
The characters were your average everyday people but so relatable and flawed.
The plot was original, interesting, and full of suspense and mystery.
I really enjoyed this story and would recommend it to lovers of this genre.

Thanks so much for a review copy of this book. I am voluntarily leaving a review of my personal opinion.

Science Fiction

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Robin’s Review of After the End

As a Doomsday prepper, he’s ready to survive the apocalypse. But what about the men hunting him?

After the End: A Post-Apocalyptic Survival Novel

 by Joshua V Scher

Rating: 5 out of 5.
After the End:                                                                                     A Post-Apocalyptic Survival Novel
by Joshua V. Scher
As a Doomsday prepper, he's ready to survive the apocalypse. But what about the men hunting him?

It turns out Addison was right: the world as he knew it did come to an end by means of a killer virus.

He's by himself now near what was Sicily, Oklahoma, tending to a wilted vegetable garden, foraging for rabbits, and eking out not quite enough water from a dried-up well. It's time to move. His Uncle Izzy, whom he's decided to seek out in his survivalist cabin hundreds of miles away, had prepared him well for an apocalypse - all but for the loneliness.

The plan is simple. Gun. Bow. Bike. Go.

If he could just make it across the state, then maybe...

But the virus didn't quite kill everybody. And humanity isn't all that humane anymore.

Ransacked and run-down, Addison learns all too quickly that hope is the enemy and trust is a liability. Survival has its costs.

In the land of the blind, the one-eyed man might be king, but in the land of the dead, he's bait.

The literary bleakness of Cormac McCarthy's THE ROAD meets the survivalist thrills of Gary Paulsen's HATCHET in this harrowing novel from Joshua V. Scher. Now a Motion Picture from Shout! Studios and 1157 Productions, out 8/17/2021.
Robin's Review: This world is Eden with no escape. Addison, Addie, is left by himself in this dystopian world post-apocalyptic event. It was ravaged by a virus called the “Stripes.” Leaving the survivors in a BS or PS. Before Stripes or Post Stripes world. This story shows the loneliness of being the only one left after an apocalypse. A very interesting blend of fiction, movie references such as “Wilson” and survival tips/recipes like colloidal silver and the hilarious recipe for “Preppers Surprise.” I enjoyed the tale of the “Deer Women.” Also keeping track of humans and dead bodies on the calendar was interesting. There’s even an explanation of how to tell time by the stars. This was such a great book with its wealth of information and relatable characters. It had funny sayings that I couldn’t help but laugh out loud.
Favorite lines:

“God is in the details, and haste is of the Devil.”

“The protocol’s about— Safety. Precaution. Survival.”

“Starve a cold, feed a fever.”

“The only difference between a beacon and a warning is who’s doing the looking.”

“The more you know, the less you need.”

“I bet you’re hungry enough to eat the balls off a low-flying duck.”

“But it just bounces off her like green Jell-O off a plastic tarp.”

“Always better to flinch than get hit.”

“See, the trick with subterfuge is sacrifice.”

“Ain’t nothing to do but wait. Stillness is my ally, boredom my comrade, with which I wage a quiet war of hide and go screw yourself.”

“Individuals are great. I love each and every one of ’em. It’s people who’re awful.’”

Some Survival Tips:

Get the best polarized and antiglare lenses and fit them with a top-of-the-line, military-grade, anti-reflection filters.

Check the smoke alarm for the 9-volt battery.

Use effective decoy methods.

Average person needs three quarts of water a day, just for consumption.

When you are trying to be quiet, open your mouth and take short, metered breaths.

Jerky lasts way longer if you don’t chew it. You can suck on the juices a good half hour before it dissolves.

“So, by digging a small pit and surrounding it with rocks, you keep the fire contained but by digging a trench into the outer the circle, you got yourself a channel for the air to flow in and feed the fire.

“If there’s one thing a cancer stick’s good for, it’s catchin’ fire.”

“Dessert noodles is made by sprinkling artificial sweetener on ramen noodles.”

“To make a spit for cooking make two tripods of twigs at opposite ends of the fire and tie a shoelace loop dangling from each.”

Fish Mox Forte is antibacterial fish medication which is amoxicillin in 500 mg capsules.

Directions on how to make a hot stone bed for sleeping.

Good places to hold up would be ones that were already abandoned and decayed before the scourge and that had already been picked over, pulled apart, and left to sink into disrepair.
Worthless ruins would be great sanctuaries.

Allison’s Reading Material:
I think I got the authors correct

Self-Reliance magazine
Walden by Henry David Thoreau
The Bible
The Decameron book by Giovanni Boccaccio
Robinson Crusoe novel by Daniel Defoe
To Build a Fire and Other Stories book by Jack London
How to Survive the End of the World as We Know It book by James Wesley Rawles
U.S. Army’s Complete Guide to Edible Wild Plants
U.S. Air Force’s Survival Handbook
His favorite sci-fi book by Tate Avess
“Because it can’t all be business.”

Science Fiction

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Robin’s Review of Death by Decent Society

Since the financial Armageddon, it’s been guns, gold and lots of slaves…

Death by Decent Society Book 1 of 5: Sovereigns of the Collapse

by Malcolm J. Wardlaw

Rating: 5 out of 5.
Death by Decent Society

Book 1 of 5: Sovereigns of the Collapse
by Malcolm J. Wardlaw

Since the financial Armageddon, it’s been guns, gold and lots of slaves.It is 2106. Seventy years have passed since our times collapsed in complete banking disaster. No one cares about over-population, mass extinctions or climate change any longer. The world is a post-apocalyptic paradise—for a few.One of those ‘few’ is Donald Aldingford, a star barrister in his mid-thirties, a man on the threshold of career triumph. But through ill luck, he gets shot down and jailed for trespassing into private airspace. This event changes the course of his life. He picks up disturbing rumours about his younger brother Lawrence, who disappeared without trace ten years earlier aged seventeen.After being repatriated, Donald takes a deeper interest in the world around him. He lifts stones. He peers behind dusty curtains. What he finds is horrifying and repugnant—the dreams of madmen come true. As he closes on the mystery of his disappeared brother, he pierces the last, most dangerous veil of a rotten society.Sovereigns of the Collapse is a five-part dystopian saga for those curious about the coming dark age. The story flows through ongoing action with ‘to be continued’ style endings (not cliffhangers). The series contains adult themes and is not recommended for the under-16s.
Robin's Review: This story is about a dystopian sovereign world set in “Great Britain” after a great economic collapse and the caste system that has born from it.

Donald Aldingford is the main character in a sovereign state made up a unfair caste system. It goes on to show Donald’s progress and understanding of the unjust society he lives in.

It was fast paced and well written with an fascinating plot that progressed with an interesting world built and the growth of the main character.

The other books in this series:
The Night of Blind Ambition
The Church of Nuclear Science
Operation Ultimate
Nuclear Nightminster

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Robin’s Review of Without a World by Kristen Illarmo

A black hole is coming for Earth, but that is only the beginning of Miranda’s problems

Without a World by Kristen Illarmo

by Kristen Illarmo

Rating: 5 out of 5.
Without A World
by Kristen Illarmo

A black hole is coming for Earth, but that is only the beginning of Miranda’s problems.

She thought life in the Trash Lands was bad, scraping for food and water, wishing she could blend into the sea of ash. But when she learns her mother was right, Earth will get sucked into a black hole, Miranda must trust in skills she never knew she had to get to a place she refused to believe existed. When she finds an idyllic new world, to Miranda’s surprise, she cannot turn her back on the suffering on Earth, but will she risk it all to save a doomed world?

Without A World, the first book in the Kirasu Rising series, delivers non-stop, action-packed adventure as we race alongside a strong female protagonist through space and alternate dimensions. If you like young adult, metaphysical, action-adventure you will love this series.
Robin's Review: An interesting dystopian story with Earth and another world.

This was a compelling read about a character faced with tough decisions. This was a fast pasted quick read with a different and interesting plot. The characters were well written and likable. I highly recommend this story to all ages.

Thanks so much for an advance review copy of this book. I am voluntarily leaving a review of my personal opinion.

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