The Ghost Junkies – A Review

(A Young Adult Paranormal Thriller)

by Elizabeth J. Rekab

Rating: 5 out of 5.
The Ghost Junkies:
A Young Adult Paranormal Thriller
by Elizabeth J. Rekab

Scream, Blockbuster Video and an ouija board
sure, do bring back memories.

An escape like no other. Can Mel discover the truth of her abilities before the ghosts claim her as their own? Melissa Lowery is failing physics, shunned by the cheerleading squad, and crushing on her best friend, Aaron, who has an annoyingly beautiful girlfriend. Oh yeah, and she sees the ghost of her dead father. Talk about screwed up.
Soon, a fellow ghost seer named Seth convinces Mel to test her abilities in a haunted cabin where he introduces her to a whole new world. Literally. He teaches Mel how to slip into the realm the ghosts come from—a vivid, euphoric place called "The Veil" that sure as hell beats Jaxonville. But when the living in town start going crazy and the dead whisper about a mysterious Shadow Man, Mel realizes that the Veil may hide more secrets than she realizes... secrets that she must uncover before the whole town is consumed by darkness.

Set in 1997, The Ghost Junkies is a nostalgia-filled, paranormal thrill ride that will keep you on the edge of your seat until the very end.

A coming-of-age story based around a young woman coming into her powers of seeing ghosts. I love it love it love it! What can I say except it is a well written story with achingly pleasant characters that are so relatable and fun. The friendship of Mel and Aaron is strong and full of trust. The idea for the story was fresh and enticing. The thought of seeing ghosts is quiet chilling. It was easy and fast paced with a twist at the end. It was a superbly entertaining read. Multiple 5 stars.

She has turned into my newest favorite author. I will be buying all her books no matter what they are about.

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Land On Me is Matthew R. Corr’s debut novel – A Review

Land On Me

by Matthew R. Corr

Land On Me
by Matthew R. Corr

Grief is just love with nowhere to go.

Landon Griffin is a senior at Madison High in Madison, Texas, or “Mad High” as it’s called. He was the running back and co-captain of the school’s football team. He has had a girlfriend, who he has dated for over a year, and things were looking good for him to get a football scholarship. His dad is the superintendent of the high school and in his first year of campaigning to become Mayor of Madison, which packed on the pressure of being the golden boy.

One day he notices the back of someone in school. He is left wondering what he looks like from the front. And why does he even care? Giving the stranger the codename Mystery Boy, his simple life shatters when feelings spark for a guy he’s never met. Why is fate playing a cat and mouse game with his obsession with Mystery Boy? So, while trying to figure out where all this fits into the spectrum of his sexuality, his worries are compounded by what if people found out, everyone would treat him differently. It could even ruin his dad’s chances of getting the votes he needed for mayor.

It’s a beautiful coming of age story with a little confusion of sexuality mixed in. It’s respectfully and sweetly done. The gay stress the story invoked felt real. It filled me with a sense of dread, outrage, and sadness. The story does have some lighter notes from the 1980’s nostalgia the author throws in.

I didn’t want to stop reading because I didn’t want the book to be over, so I was stuck. I would put the book down knowing it was going to end soon but pick it back up again because I wanted to know how it ended.

The next book will come soon enough, even though I can’t wait.

Coming of Age

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What would you do if you fell into a world you created yourself?

The Twin Stars

(The Coseema Saga)

by Bridgette Dutta Portman

The Twin Stars (The Coseema Saga)
By Bridgette Dutta Portman

What would you do if you fell into a world you created yourself?

What if that world turned against you?

Olive Joshi is an imaginative sixteen-year-old with OCD and all that entails but she finds solace in writing stories in a journal about Coseema, a magical princess on the distant planet Lyria but unwittingly creates a real world that drops her into it. What? I know right?

Can Olive be the hero of her own story?

I find the character, Olive so relatable. I like how her specialness is written with kindness and sensitivity making the story more realistic if that could be said for a fantasy book. There is very unique world building that brings the world into sharp focus.

Space Opera
Science Fiction
Coming of Age
Metal health
Teen/young adult

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