The Lament of Death: 

My name is Kyara, and I am a banshee.

Children of Chaos Series

 by Maria Vermisoglou

Rating: 5 out of 5.
The Lament of Death: Children of Chaos Series
by Maria Vermisoglou

My name is Kyara, and I am a banshee.

My job? Bringing the dead to the other side.

I expected to become a healer...
…But fate bestowed me with a curse.

Cause, yeah. Being a Banshee is a curse.
I'm hated by my friends and family, and I'm kind of stuck in the Realm of Silver, the last place I want to be. But if I don't accept my job and take souls to their next stop, well, things will get bad fast. The wicked ones will drown the world in darkness, while the rest. I don’t even want to know.

What I really want is to gather the strength I need to become who I want to be.
Is it even possible to do my job with all this pressure from... everybody?

Prepare for an epic adventure!

My Review:
Kyara comes into her powers after turning sixteen. Thinking she was to become a healer, only to find out that she is something else is really hard on her and her relationships. This is really a fantastic coming of age story in a dystopian world setting. I really felt for Kyara as a character. To be different, bullied, and shunned is difficult to say the least. She had amazing growth and maturity that made this story a great read.


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This is Book 1 in the self-titled series HIVE.

It was a strange life in a strange world

by Mickey Hadick

Rating: 5 out of 5.

This is Book 1 in the self-titled series HIVE.
by Mickey Hadick

It was a strange life in a strange world

If you opted-out, you opted-out of civilization

Leah, the daughter of a corporate executive, lives a privileged life in a hive-like city created after nearly all of humanity is wiped out by climate disasters, plague, and war. The corporation manages all of society with flawless efficiency, and once Leah opts-in to the terms of service, she'll be one of the lucky ones enjoying the fruits of other-people's labor, just as her parents planned.

But Leah is, instead, hoping to spend more time with Abel, the son of the Chief Operating Officer. Leah's feelings for Abel have grown stronger. Unfortunately, the corporation has different plans for the two teenagers.

When the corporate security team brutally kills innocent bystanders, Leah is awakened to the corporation's ruthlessness. Now she wants nothing to do with her parents' world.

Leah and Abel can only be together if they escape the city and make their way to the rumored settlements beyond the corporation's reach. Escape won't be easy: the corporation's artificial intelligence tracks all movement throughout the city, searching for suspicious activity.

Their only hope is to connect with The Collective, the resistance group trying to overthrow the corporation and restore civil liberties.

All they have to do is pull it off to find a new life.

The dystopian society called Westham is separated into New Town and Old Town.

To live in New Town, you had to opt-in and agree to the “Terms of Service” where you will be monitored 24/7 by an Artificial Intelligence program where sensors track your every move, which is recorded and logged into data servers, and then the AI reviews it. Tracking, logging, and interpreting data. These were presented as challenges overcome by the corporation which allowed for greater freedoms for those opted-in, as the solutions provided stability, growth, and happiness for society. And it was run by the authoritative corporation called R 1. These citizens were call the “incorporated “.

The “unincorporated” people live in urban decaying older communities referred to as Old Town. These people living there have opted out, clinging to the rights bestowed upon them from the constitution and receiving no help from the corporation R1.

If you opted-in to the corporation’s “Terms of Service,” you most certainly would not control your own future and violating the Terms of Service got you banished to Family Valley aka “the herd.”

Here are some of the characters:

Leah Davidson
Ballard Davidson, Vice President of Messaging
Tyra Davidson, wife
Karas Davidson, daughter

Abel Barker
Greg Barker, Chief Operating Officer of R 1
Hannah Barker, wife
Illasha Barker, sister

Stanley Whitehead Director of Operations for Messaging of R 1
Novalee Whitehead, daughter

Rohn Gray, Chief Minister
Marie Margaret Gray, wife
Ashton Gray, son

Jaylend Foster, teacher at Decker’s Cafe

Viktoria Olsen, Chief Executive Officer of R1
Merritt Rasmussen Chief Security Officer
Priori Leaf Chief Inspector
Inspector Stetson Fox

I found this book to be an interesting and entertaining take on a dystopian society. It was quite imaginative in its futuristic world building. It thoroughly described this world with exciting science fiction oddities. I would happily read it again and again. And I highly recommend it to everyone no matter what genre you enjoy. I am chomping at the bit for the next installment of this series which will happen sometime next year.

Favorite Lines:

“Engage yourself”

Her father warned her of this almost daily as a child. “You want to be sent to the herd?” he would ask. “That’s what they do with naughty kids.”

“If your tree is growing in the forest but your friends don’t know about it, do you even have a tree?”

“You had to account better than the bad guys’ accountant, and lawyer better than the bad guys’ lawyer, and grift better than the grifter behind the con.”

#Dystopian #Science Fiction #Fantasy #ComingofAge #PostApocalyptic #Romance #ArtificialIntelligence #AI

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Dust – Book and Movie

by Jacqueline Druga

Rating: 5 out of 5.
by Jacqueline Druga

Without warning the United States is invaded and attacked. The result ... World War III. In the sanctity of her shelter, Joanna Collins reconciles her life on the pages of a notebook. In doing so, she gains the determination to discover what has become of those she loves in a world that has turned to dust.

Also available as a full length movie on HERE

Watch the Trailer Here

Precious Mindset

Have a better mindset, have a better life.

by Djenat Remmache

Rating: 4 out of 5.
Precious Mindset:
Have a better mindset, have a better life.
by Djenat Remmache

This book was written to help people around the world improve their lives by being happier, motivated to make their dreams come true, stronger, and wiser. All of this, by shifting their perspective of things.
True power lies within yourself. You have the power to improve your life, to be happy, to be strong, to be the person you aspire to be, and to achieve whatever your goals are. The secret is having the right mindset.

I have never reviewed a book of this genre. I found it interesting and helpful. I really liked some of the ideas the author spoke of, and I am willing to incorporate them in my everyday life.

Self Help

Weed Mountain

by Kate Kersey

Rating: 4 out of 5.
Weed Mountain
by Kate Kersey

A looming drug test, a brutal shrew, and a toxic work environment that only women could devise, combine in Kate Kersey’s debut novel. Weed Mountain takes you along with empty-nesters Luca and Chloe. In search of new adventures, they flee New Jersey and find a little mountain in wild and wonderful West Virginia.

The untamed beauty of the state is the backdrop for a love rectangle, a cat hoarder who bites, and a sweet moonshiner with a green thumb. While getting to know their neighbors, Luca and Chloe sweat the test result that could destroy their plans and doom Chloe to professional misery.

A great story depicting the trials and tribulations of a woman, Chloe and her husband, Lucas after moving to West Virginia. Chloe was very believable and true. She had her struggles yes but became stronger because of them. I really enjoyed this book.

They were average people caught in a deadly time.

URBAN GRIDLOCK: A Post Apocalyptic Zombie Survival Thriller

(Chronicles of the Undead: Book 1)

by Jaime Hernandez

Rating: 5 out of 5.
A Post Apocalyptic Zombie Survival Thriller: (Chronicles of the Undead: Book 1)
by Jaime Hernandez

They were average people caught in a deadly time.

Lifelong best friends Max and Jesse are six stories high working a construction job, when the gates of Hell explode in downtown Cleveland. They bear witness to the furious beginning of the Zombie Apocalypse. Trapped in the middle of the city, the pair must fight their way back to the only thing that matters… their families.

As the two struggle to make their way out of the city, their families must do whatever is necessary to survive. Max’s family is in a race against time to fortify their suburban castle against the coming storm, while Jesse’s family is forced to leave the comfort of their home to find a secure shelter.

With danger and horrors surrounding them, they must all find their way back to each other. In the fight to stay alive, who will live and who will die?

Follow the terrifying tale of these two families from one of the bestselling, award-winning authors of the Zombie Road Fan Fiction Collection.

If you are looking for a zombie apocalypse story then look no further. This story has it all. A strong storyline/plot, page turning steady momentum and suspense, action packed vivid scenarios, strong, smart, and relatable characters that you are invested in and a well written and intelligently thought-out plan. A “how to guide” for when the SHTF with great information.

It is based on the first three days of a world ending apocalypse. It follows the main characters, Max Lopez, and Jesse Ramirez as they try to reunite with their families. Their wives, Michelle and her two kids, Lucia and Joey and Anna and her two kids, Camille, and Damon as they set up base at the Lopez home. It ends with a cliffhanger but since the second book is already out then there is no need to worry.

“Holy shit, it’s raining bodies” and a “twice dead” zombie are my favorite lines from the book.

This book is Jaime Hernandez first book in the Chronicles of the Undead.

The second book is Suburban Jungle: A Post-Apocalyptic Zombie Survival Thriller (Chronicles of the Undead)

The third book is in the works!

Dead Soil – A Review

by Alex Apostol

Rating: 5 out of 5.
Dead Soil
A Zombie Series
by Alex Apostol

What happens when civilization falls and the dead rise? 

The devastating outbreak of a new strand of fatal flu has the world concerned. As every lab in the country tries to come up with a vaccine to stop humanity from being wiped out, another threat rises---the dead. While some ignore the warning signs and fall victim to the wandering hordes of zombies, others band together in small groups in a desperate attempt to survive. Many struggle to understand, as they watch their friends and family die, whether this is a challenge to overcome or a new, permanent reality. Christine and Liam are building a life together in a small town in northwest Indiana. They live in a nice apartment, both have promising careers in respectable fields, and are about to take the plunge into matrimony. When the zombie plague devastates the couple by taking what small amount of people they love in the world, they have to make the choice to step up or hide behind closed doors. It's a good thing Liam has been practicing with a bow and arrow since he was five years old. Zack Kran is the couple's next-door neighbor and Liam's best friend. He owns a comic book and gaming store in the heart of Chesterton, Indiana---a small town on Lake Michigan. It was his dream to share his love of comic art and epic fantasy battles with the world. But as debt weighs on his shoulders with no one coming into the shop, he struggles with the decision to sell or not. The only ray of light to shine through the hovering gloom is a young woman named Anita, who comes in the stores simply to flirt. When the zombies overrun the town, Zack vows to find this woman he barely knows and spend the rest of his short life making sure she survives. Will the hours he spent maneuvering collective swords in front of the mirror be enough to get to her? Carolyn Bock is a HR representative at the local steel mill. Eternally on the quest for a suitable husband, she is blindsided when she finds her neighbor eating someone. She seeks shelter with Luke Benson, the librarian across the hall whom she always had he eyes on, only to be betrayed and locked inside her apartment under suspicion of being bitten. When the only person who knows she's in there flees the building, she has no choice but to find her own way out before the dead find a way in. Gale, Gretchen, Lonnie, Rowan, and Mitchell are a group of misfits wandering the expansive wooded area of the Dune's State Park to hide from the growing hordes of zombies. Lonnie Lands was appointed group leader from his acts of heroism that saved the other members. But as his head swells with power, will he become the new threat to their survival? The "Dead Soil" trilogy is not only about the horror of living in a world overrun with rotting, but shambling corpses also out to eat everything with a pulse. It's about the changes that many need to make in order to survive a world that's out to get them.

I liked how it was so comfortable to read. I’m not saying the story is boring. Not in the least. It’s a cozy zombie apocalypse story. The characters are your everyday people. It was well written and an easy fast read. It is a story about before, during and after the apocalypse. It was fun and entertaining. Now onto the next book in this series. Stay tuned.

Seeder Shadow Wars – A Review

by J. Houser

Rating: 5 out of 5.
Seeder Shadow Wars (Seeder Wars)
by J. Houser

Dating and High School: Hard Enough. Now Add Assassins.

Avoiding assassination wasn’t on Mel’s to-do list for her junior year. Learning she wasn’t human hadn’t made the list, either.

An only child with overprotective parents, Melody Walters just wants a drama-free year—and to be able to date. She gains the interest of more than one suitor but doesn’t realize any one of them could be an enemy on the hunt. For her, the dating scene could prove deadly.

Mel discovers she’s a member of a botanical race, forced to hide their daughters in the human world until they mature enough for their powers to bloom. Something goes wrong with her blooming process, breaking her cover and jeopardizing the lives of her protectors and the large family she’d never known about.

With the enemy threat ever-looming, in a rush to master her new powers before she’s stranded in the human world forever, Mel struggles to decide who she can trust and if the sacrifice being asked of her is too great.

Modern take with Fantastic and vivid world building. The plot is strong, creative, understandable, and entertaining. It is an easy read and centered around the lives of typical teenagers or is it? The characters are complex but relatable so much, so you become involved in their decisions and root for them. They are young adults making adult decisions. There is a coming-of-age theme, but it is not what you would expect.

Young Adult
Science Fiction
Coming of Age

Static – A Review

On Kindle Vella Today

by Jacqueline Druga

Rating: 5 out of 5.
by Jacqueline Druga

On Kindle Vella Today

For dust you are and to dust you will return....

On Memorial Day afternoon, the skies above Carthage, Missouri brighten as if the sun explodes. It lasts a few seconds. Everyone believes it to be a fluke. But it doesn't just happen in Carthage, it happens all over. While delayed, the aftereffects of the event are brutal to all those who were exposed to the flash. Those not exposed like Alana Cross are helpless to do anything. There is nothing that can be done but watch as humanity crumbles and extinction looms on the horizon.

What a freakishly chilling take on an apocalyptic event and post-apocalyptic survival story. Jacqueline Druga has no bounds to where her imagination will take us. I was immediately scared thinking of the “what ifs.” Easy to read page turner that is thought provoking in so far as what would you do? I love the everyday characters put in extraordinary circumstances with a choice to decide. There is always a choice. What would you choose? I found myself wondering which character I would be. Which choices I would make.

No Shift Sherlock – A Review

(The Legend of Nyx Book 3)

by Theophilus Monroe

Rating: 5 out of 5.
No Shift, Sherlock: A Vampire Hunter Urban Fantasy Mystery (The Legend of Nyx)
by Theophilus Monroe

As if bloodsuckers weren't frightening enough...
whatever killed these people consumed their souls...

Leaving their bodies completely unscathed.
The victims had only one thing in common.

They were all attacked at my club.

But when you mess with my fans, Nicky's fans... well, you'll unleash Nyx and soon regret it.

The Grimoire of the Nazarene is still missing.

If the Order of the Morning Dawn finds it first, Mina will unleash a legion of angels to wipe out everything she deems unnatural: vampires, witches, me... and good people like me, people in my community.

Is there a connection between these killings and the missing grimoire?

I have reason to believe it's all connected.

With everybody that turns up at my club I suspect that Mina gets a little closer to acquiring the Grimoire of the Nazarene and ending us all.

Nyx is a badass, trans woman. And every vampire, and supernatural killer’s, worst nightmare. She refuses to allow bias and prejudice to define her and would rather not focus on any negative energy sent her way. Life for Nicky is uncomplicated, until it suddenly isn't. She has her famous club; she has the devotion of Devin and she's even taken a young witch under her wing. So far as Nicky's concerned, life is great. Then suddenly a death occurs, then another and Nicky, Devin and Malinda are forced into action. More death and a heart is broken, but Nicky must now solve the mystery of the deaths AND stop evil from killing more.

I really loved the complex characters and their actions. It was a neat easy to read story with so much action and adventure that I had a tough time putting it down to do other stuff. The author has a real feel for making you understand, like and love the characters. I invested so many emotions into this story that I feel like we’re family. I highly recommend you read all the books.

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