Best Sellers for Kindle

by Robin’ Review

Best Sellers for Kindle

The list is a mix of my favorite genres that are best sellers at the time of posting. The list changes frequently, be sure to check the price on specials! May require Kindle Unlimited.

dystopian Fiction

Dystopian Bestsellers for Kindle

#1 The Last Librarian
The last library… The last books… The last chance… Never let them catch you reading!
$ Free

#2 The Girl who Shot First You’ll love this post-apocalyptic thriller because it will take brains, trust and a whole lot of courage for Alexandra to save the world. $ Free

#3-7 The Death Fields (6 book series)
Her battle is with a parasitic virus
$ Free

# 8 2121 Trilogy
This set includes Salazar, Book 1, Sondra, Book 2, and Dinah, Book 3.
$ Free

#9 Star Chamber Brotherhood
The second book in the Kamas Trilogy
$ Free

#10 NACL: Eye of the Storm
NACL: Eye of the Storm is a high-octane, non-stop, foul mouthed and steamy roller-coaster of a novel.
$ Free

 Post-Apocalyptic Fiction

Post-Apocalyptic Best Sellers for Kindle

#2 The Scourge Box Set
The scourge virus spread like wildfire across the United States and then the world.
$ Free

#4 Transition (The Next Evolution Book 1)
Transition is the first book in the Avery Blake and Vered Ehsani series The Next Evolution.
$ Free

#10 Battlefield Z Complete Set
A science fiction post apocalyptic comedy collection. Contains books 1 – 9 of the series.
$ Free

#13 The Survivors (Life After War Book 1)
Some of the survivors are different, powerful.
$ Free

#14 X WAR: Infiltration
A series of events begins a shocking revelation that will change everything. 
$ Free

#16 The Navigator (The Apollo Stone Series Book 1)
The old world order collapsed following the meteor impacts of 2031 
$ Free

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