Robin’s Review of Shadow Work Journal & Workbook Based on Carl Jung: Reclaim Your True Self, Deepen Self Love & Track & Heal Past Triggers & Traumas – Shadow Work Guidebook with Questions for Self Insight & In Therapy

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Shadow Work Journal & Workbook Based on Carl Jung

by Felix R. Buchwald

Rating: 5 out of 5.
Shadow Work Journal & Workbook Based on Carl Jung: Reclaim Your True Self, Deepen Self Love & Track & Heal Past Triggers & Traumas - Shadow Work Guidebook with Questions for Self Insight & In Therapy 

by Felix R. Buchwald 
Do you yearn to unleash your true self, shatter chains of past patterns and deepen self-love?
Then embark on a profound and wondrous journey with me to discover who you truly are.
Embracing this elegantly crafted, in-depth guidebook, you'll:
Decode the deepest parts of your subconscious even if you are new to Shadow Work
Employ easy-to-use techniques to get to know and interact with your Shadow
Discover the secret behind what emotions really are and how they can empower you
Dive deep into trauma healing with methods that are profound yet easy-to-use
Reshape yourself to unearth your innate joy
Learn about the 5 most common wounds that shape our behavior and how to transform them on the root level
Reconnect with your inner child to create long-lasting change
Envision the ideal version of your future self and chart a path towards it
Get to know the art of shifting to a joyous state even when negativity feels overwhelming
Master life-changing techniques that work even if everything else has failed you
Learn a failsafe process to discover and transform limiting beliefs into empowering ones
Shadow Work tools that help you become “unstuck”
Decipher the true meaning behind your dreams
Engage in over 100 deep journaling prompts with free space to capture your discoveries
Set up a journaling environment that inspires & uplifts you
Are you ready to unburden yourself? Unlock the power of Shadow Work once, benefit forever. Make this guidebook yours and enjoy the special launch pricing.

Robin's Review:This book is one of the best-written books on shadow work. The author not only goes through prompt guided questions but also goes into why you should do shadow work and how it can help you by doing so. He does not go into too much detail about Carl Jung, which is okay in my book. Also, I must say that the illustrations were breathtakingly beautiful! They created a quietness, or shall I say a pause, that grounded me before I read further into the book.

Part 1 comprises the different types of emotional wounds, not going into too much detail but more so going over the feelings that might have been brought up from learning of these types of wounds. He also has guided journal questions about each section.
He then describes how to recognize your shadow, how to begin talking with it, and, in doing so, embrace it and your shadow self.

He talks about Mindfulness, 3-2-1, Somatic Experiencing, and the well-known Mirror Technique and believes that you can work through difficult emotions by utilizing these methods.He then explains, but not extensively, the different attachment style types.

Finally, he writes about staying grounded, crafting your space, loving yourself and your shadow self, plus dealing with the ego voice, but the quote I like is, “If you want to heal fast, go slow.” Finally, he writes about creating a relationship with your journal and, most importantly, when to expand your support system.
Part 2 is comprised of journal prompt questions separated into the following segments.

Childhood, Inner Child, Relationships, Identity, Dreams, Fears, Shame Wound, Trust Wound, Anger Wound, Avoidance Wound, Parent Wound and Life’s Blueprint. This book provides thought-provoking questions for self-reflection and delves into the importance of shadow work and its profound impact. 

It is well-written and in an easy-to-read format that offers an essential resource for self-growth and a personal journey of self-discovery and healing. I highly recommend this workbook.

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