Robin’s Review of Spirituality Why Give a ****

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Spirituality Why Give a ****


by Oagis Revilo

Rating: 5 out of 5.
Spirituality Why Give a **** 
by Oagis Revilo 

What it means to be spiritual but not religious is in need of a clarifying facelift.
In this non-narrative and non-bs deep-dive, spirituality aims to connect and reconcile with its debunking adversary science.
So why care? What's in it for you?
Let this book tell you why developing a spiritual shield to deflect ego-seeking projectiles is a no-brainer when it comes to personal growth and pivoting gracefully through life's twists and turns.
Robin's Review: I recently read "Spirituality Why Give a ****?" a book that delves into the relationship between spirituality and science. The book offers a unique and informative perspective on personal growth. The author's direct and witty approach provides insightful information that makes for an interesting and enjoyable read. Overall, I highly recommend it.

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