Robin’s Review of Norman’s Descent

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Norman’s Descent


by C. T. Lewis

Rating: 4 out of 5.
by C. T. Lewis

When Norman Oswald takes the job at Castaway Cove, he knows it’s going to be his last.
When Norman Oswald takes the job at Castaway Cove, he knows it’s going to be his last. As caretaker of an abandoned amusement park, he’ll have time enough to finish his book and plenty of solitude to end his life. But as winter approaches, the park seems less and less lonely. Amidst the haunted whisperings of restless spirits, he hears the voice of his daughter, inviting him to join her in the netherworld where a mysterious being is engaged in a sinister plot and where the greatest horror is not the fear of death but the dread of living forever.

A modern re-telling of the Orpheus myth, and the first in a series of philosophical horror novels about life-transforming interactions between the living and the dead, Norman's Descent explores the meaning of life, death, love, and family.
Robin's Review: The novel "Norman's Descent" follows the story of Norman Oswald, who takes on the responsibility of caring for an abandoned amusement park to find peace and end his life. But as the winter season approaches, he starts hearing his daughter's voice and discovers a sinister plot in the underworld. This thought-provoking horror narrative explores the themes of life, death, and the significance of family. It is a well-crafted, imaginative, and spine-tingling read that I thoroughly enjoyed.

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