Robin’s Review of Sacrifice Nothing: A Tale of Apocalyptic Horror

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Sacrifice Nothing: A Tale of Apocalyptic Horror


by Michael Gesellchen

Rating: 5 out of 5.
Sacrifice Nothing: A Tale of Apocalyptic Horror 
by Michael Gesellchen 

Tired of living above a laundromat in a cramped, one-bedroom apartment...
Trent Collins fantasizes of escaping the city of Denton Falls, longing for the open spaces and quiet surroundings of the countryside. Motivated by visions of daughter Olive standing in far-reaching fields amongst the tall sunflowers and swaying meadow grasses, Trent plans to take his family to the country and sell them on his small-town hopes.
Robin's Review: I recently read "Sacrifice Nothing" by Michael Gesellchen and was impressed by the expertly crafted and captivating storyline. The characters were genuine and easy to relate to, and the plot twists kept me invested from beginning to end. I highly recommend it this story. I liked the book so much that I intend to explore Mr. Gesellchen's other works.

"Flying Colors" is as informative as it is entertaining, offering an exploration of self-discovery, mystery, and the power of human connections. Laney's work comes at an opportune moment, providing readers with a poignant reflection on the consequences of extraordinary events, such as the current pandemic. Overall, "Flying Colors" is a must-read for those searching for a touch of magic in their everyday lives, leaving a lasting impression on anyone who dares to embark on its pages.

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