Robin’s Review of As The Fallen Rise

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As The Fallen Rise


by Sadie Hewitt

Rating: 5 out of 5.
As the Fallen Rise
by Sadie Hewitt

It started with iridescent wings... now one woman must face danger and mystery beyond her wildest imagination.
Created by Primordials, daemons were made in the likeness of humans following a devastating betrayal. And for nearly six hundred years, Agnes was the Mage who protected them, kept them alive, and gave them power. Since her death, the seven factions of daemons have been on the brink of war, inching closer and closer to burning the world to the ground.
Robin's Review: As the Fallen Rise by Sadie Hewitt is a thrilling blend of fantasy and romance. The story follows Greer, a young woman caught in a magical war, as she searches for her birth mother and uncovers sinister truths. Including multiple character perspectives enhance the plot, and the world-building sets the stage for an exciting series.

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