Robin’s Review of Somewhat Alive (Bookland Book 1)

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Somewhat Alive (Bookland Book 1)


by Kate Lexie

Rating: 4 out of 5.
Somewhat Alive 
Book 1 of 1: Bookland
by Kate Lexie

Stay home, stay safe.Zoey found the world frightening enough before the pandemic. 
But when a new variant sends the world spiraling into a zombie apocalypse, she's happy to stay home and keep to herself for as long as possible. But eventually, her supplies dwindle and she has no choice but to venture outside. What will she find? People? Zombies? Does it even matter, since she's terrified of both?
Welcome to Bookland.
Robin's Review: "Somewhat Alive"―written by Kate Lexie, is an exciting novel that follows Zoey's quest in a world devastated by a zombie outbreak. With her sanctuary compromised, she must brave a perilous reality, facing both the undead and fellow survivors at Bookland, her beloved theme park in Florida. Trust becomes a scarce commodity in her journey as she struggles to stay alive.

Somewhat Before: A Bookland Prequel 

Walk With Me Into the Dark

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