Robin’s Review of The Resistance

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The Resistance

by Daniel House

Rating: 5 out of 5.
The Resistance
by Daniel House

Missiles strike Southern California, school is canceled—and the fate of society lies in the hands of seven kids…

13-year-old Elijah Samuel is normally concerned about his next karate kick, taking down the middle school football rival, Valley…and keeping Gordon—the goblin-looking bully—from hurting his friends. These worries are quickly replaced when his hometown, West Garden, is attacked by Leon Abel, the notorious terrorist leader from the Inferno Sanctum, who has declared war on any country known to have Throngorian—a new metal discovered on Earth with intriguing scientific potential.

Elijah and his friends are evacuated to a safe haven—where they inadvertently become vital to the war efforts along with three rival gang leaders. The three gang leaders must be convinced to work together while Elijah has to persuade his friends to join alongside them to drive Leon Abel’s influence out of town. If not, destruction is imminent, and all lives are on the line.
Robin's Review: Rick, Taylor, Josh, Camyrn, Greg, Trevor, and Elijah, aka the Seven, are Oak Grove Middle School students. They are protected from the local bully Gordon and his crew by Elijah, who is a natural-born leader. As protector over the "Neighborhood," school, and dojo, everything is tense when he is around. Still, soon enough, that would become the least of their worries as terrorist leader Leon Abel and his troops take over parts of California in search of Throngorian. This special metal can be undetectable. It is up to Elijah and the crew to stand up to him, but this is something that they can't do alone. They must team up with some rival gangs and the National Guard in the hopes of pushing back Abel and his troops.
This book has a wide appeal and is easy to read. It follows a coming-of-age story primarily featuring young characters and offers an exciting glimpse into a potential apocalyptic future. With elements from multiple genres, this is an excellent read for any audience.

Favorite Lines and Quotes:
It’s funny how the news people talk for instance. 
“This is Anchorman Guy and to my left is Anchorwoman Selena, and we have breaking news,” said Anchorman Guy frantically.
“The Missile Heard By None”,”
“One of the capabilities of Throngorian metal broadcasted here was that anything with Throngorian couldn’t be detected.”
“Leon Abel has also taken a stronger hold in the Inferno Sanctum. Northern Lowry and some parts of Mason have been forced to give their metal to him.”

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