Robin’s Review of Hotel of Madness: The Boy King: Book 1

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Hotel of Madness: The Boy King: Book 1


by William Tchatchou

Rating: 5 out of 5.
Hotel of Madness: 
The Boy King: Book 1 
by William Tchatchou

A Necromancer. A careless Wizard. The Book of the Dead.

All Arthur wanted was a vacation. 
But when the Necronomicon he crafted to make a little dough falls into the wrong hands, Arthur finds himself having to save the world – again.

As zombies assault the Hotel Gaylord in Washington D.C., Arthur and a ragtag group of survivors face ancient evils and Old Gods in an attempt to salvage earth from the onslaught of the zombie horde… and worse. Can Arthur and newly minted Hero Susan save the day? Or is Washington slated to become the next Lost City of Atlantis?
Robin's Review: Arthur Curry, Necromancer Extraordinaire sold a special book; but it was no ordinary story. It was an ancient Sumerian copy of the powerful and mysterious 'Necronomicon', which had just opened hell itself in the hotel hosting Katsucon Convention! Zombies are wreaking havoc on Washington D. C’s Gaylord Hotel while more sinister forces threaten to swallow them all - that is until our brave hero rallies his unlikely group of survivors together for a nail-biting battle against evil! Join this thrilling adventure at Hotel Madness and see if you can manage to stay alive throughout its macabre entertainment! I highly recommend this author and his series.
Favorite Lines:
“And I have a strict your screw up your problem policy.”
“A Necronomicon is several parts; blood, bone, flesh, muscle tissue, bone marrow, topped with one human soul.”

Series Order:
Hotel of Madness: The Boy King: Book 1
Book 1 of 2: The Boy King
The Shadow Over Christmas: The Boy King Book 2
Book 2 of 2: The Boy King

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