Robin’s Review of The Kaleidoscope (The Horror Trove)

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The Kaleidoscope (The Horror Trove)


by A.P. Royal

Rating: 5 out of 5.
The Kaleidoscope 
The Horror Trove
by A.P. Royal

You peek through the kaleidoscope:
A town looks for answers from a mysterious woman on the verge of death.

A waiter works his way up the corporate ladder of a restaurant with compromising secrets. A man loses control as he struggles to cope with the truth about his wife's murder.

From the twisted mind of A.P. Royal comes a debut horror anthology filled with sinister twists and captivating storylines that promise to keep you guessing until the very end. The collection features twenty unique short stories sure to keep you up at night.

There are patterns to the madness, patterns we will never understand.

Take another look through the kaleidoscope...nothing is as it seems.
Robin's Review: Enter the twisted world of The Horror Trove with The Kaleidoscope, a collection of 20 short, creepy stories that will thrill your senses and leave you feeling unsettled. I know I was. These tales are quick, easy to read, and filled with freaky fun that will keep you on the edge of your seat. The Kaleidoscope offers something for every horror aficionado. I definitely recommend this collection and its author for anyone looking for a bit of freaky fun.
The Kaleidoscope:

Off the Coast of Nowhere
Abby's Little Tea Party
The Man at the Diner
Buyer's Remorse
Exotic Encounters
The Gully
Down the Spiral Staircase
The Crane Game
The Hand of the Devil
Azalea's Cookhouse

Lifeline Denied
Jimmy and the Flower Bug
The Vultures
Nanny Elda
Daddy was a Drifter
Prisoner 1N54N3

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