Robin’s Review of Summer’s End The Summer Solstice Series Book 1

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Summer’s End The Summer Solstice series Book 1


by Kristy Brown

Rating: 5 out of 5.
Summer's End 
The Summer Solstice series Book 1

by Kristy Brown

She wakes up in the hospital, badly burned with no identity.
He’s been trained to kill her before she burns the world to ashes.
When they finally meet, will he be able to take her life now that he’s started to feel for her?
His fate is already written.
The prophecy is already set.
Love between them is forbidden.

Robin's Review: Prepare to be swept away by Kristy Brown's breathtaking novel, "Summer's End" - the first dazzling installment of the thrilling Summer Solstice series. The young adults' Summer and Alex's forbidden romance crackles with palpable tension against the backdrop of a dark, mysterious world of demons, angels, magic, and an ancient curse. Brown's masterful character development and cleverly crafted plot will keep you flipping pages, yearning to learn more about these enchanting characters and their fates. From start to finish, I was swept away by their journey with a "satisfying" ending that left me wanting more. Trust me; you won't regret indulging in this enchanting read.

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