Robin’s Review of Cadaverous

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by Jay Bower

Rating: 5 out of 5.
by Jay Bower

When the sun went dark, it was only just the beginning…

Gaige Penrod yearns for the light of musical greatness. A self-taught metal guitarist with a dream of being the greatest, he finds himself drawn to a concert celebrating an eclipse, where he is overcome by an otherworldly presence that changes him forever.
As Gaige searches for answers, he becomes obsessed with the idea of fulfilling his musical destiny, and he sets out to reunite his band on his quest for glory. But in his pursuit of fame, he makes a deal with a shadowy figure, and unleashes a sinister force that threatens to consume him and everyone around him.
Cadaverous is a chilling tale of the dangers of unchecked ambition and the horrors that leave us questioning the true cost of our own desires.
Robin's Review: I was not ready to dive into the twisted world in "Cadaverous" by Jay Bower. In this chilling tale, the main character, Gaige Penrod, will stop at nothing to achieve fame - even if it means going to the darkest corners of the human psyche and finding the answers in the occult. Hold onto your seats because this story will take you on a wild ride until the very end. Bower's writing is impeccable, making it impossible to put this book down after just one page. 

This creepy tale is brought to life by Mr. Bowers' impeccable writing skills and accompanied by a Spotify playlist that adds extra vibes to every page. Cool songs Bro! A gripping story such as this one promises some sleepless nights but is definitely worth it!

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