Robin’s Review of Between Shadow and Flame: Book 1 of the Guthanderkaz Series (Guthanderkaz)

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Magic is in their blood; powerful magic.

by C. T. Bryce 

Rating: 5 out of 5.
Between Shadow and Flame: Book 1 of the Guthanderkaz Series (Guthanderaz 
Book 1 of 1: Guthanderkaz
by C. T. Bryce

With a past shrouded in mystery and a childhood spent constantly on the move...
David Rose has lived a life without consequences or connections. The last thing he cared deeply about was his friendship with his barely remembered brother he hasn't seen since he was seven.
When he discovers his mother burning a letter from the estranged family they've been running from, David ignores his mother's warnings to reclaim what he lost.
What awaits him is a fog-shrouded castle full of threatening strangers and dangerous secrets. Torn between the meaningful relationships he's always yearned for and his own sense of morality and self, his only hope lies in a power he never knew he possessed.
Robin's Review: "Between Shadow and Flame" is a wonderful story that dabbles in various genres, including fantasy, magic, witches, wizards, dark fantasy, coming-of-age stories for teens and young adults, and a hint of dystopian themes. The writing style is engaging, and the story is easy to follow. Set in a world of magic and intrigue, this book follows the journey of a young man named David, who is torn between his love for his family and his desire for freedom and independence.

C.T. Bryce offers readers a thrilling journey to a world that is as captivating as it is terrifying. With their exceptional ability to craft a magnetic realm, the authors transport us to the ominous Fyrnlendh, with its castle looming in the distance, forbidden, and alluring.

But it's not just the world-building that's masterful - the characters are just as remarkable. You cannot help but feel empathetic towards David, the book's enigmatic protagonist, as he struggles with his love for his father and his brother, Basil, versus the rest of his family. Finding a complex and well-defined character is rare, but C.T. Bryce easily pulls it off.

Between Shadow and Flame is more than just a book - it's an experience that will leave readers spellbound. Its intricate web of relationships and politics will keep you hooked, and its blend of magic and culture make for a truly unforgettable read. I highly recommend Between Shadow and Flame to anyone who enjoys epic fantasy novels with strong world-building and a snarky teenage main protagonist. The authors are talented writers, and I look forward to reading more of their work in the future.

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