The Last Girls on Earth

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Robin’s Review of The Last Girls on Earth

by Hayley Anderton

Rating: 5 out of 5.
Robin's Review of The Last Girls on Earth
by Hayley Anderton

Three girls are trying to get by in a world not made for them. 
Overpopulation has destroyed Britain as we know it, leaving behind poverty, barren lands and a new age of radical politics. Raven, Riley and Karissa have been set up to fail from the start, dealt the worst cards in the pack, but they've made it this far.

But when the government announces their solution to the problem, things go from bad to worse. Suddenly, the girls are left with no option, but to find a new way to survive in a hostile world. Will they be the last women standing, or will the last girls on Earth be crushed under its weight?
Robin's Review: Hayley Anderton's The Last Girls on Earth is an action-packed new series that left me rooting for its unusual characters. Set in a post-apocalyptic Britain, where food scarcity has put the lives of humans at risk, three girls must find their way to survive - but could it turn out to be something even bigger? With well-crafted and detailed writing plus impressive character development, which leaves you feeling like this dystopian world isn't so unrealistic, it has undoubtedly made me eagerly anticipate what else lies ahead for this entertaining series!

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