Shadow Work for Beginners: Discovering & Healing Your Unconscious Self 

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Robin’s Review of Shadow Work for Beginners: Discovering & Healing Your Unconscious Self 

by Relove Psychology

Rating: 5 out of 5.
Shadow Work for Beginners: Discovering & Healing Your Unconscious Self | A Journey to Self-Discovery, Increasing Self-Esteem & Mastering Your Emotions

How to release what holds you back from living the life you want
It can be difficult to accept things about ourselves which we’d rather keep hidden, and often it’s tempting to ignore them.

Unfortunately, if we do the latter, then we continue our self-destructive behaviours.

Explore your Dark Side through Shadow Work

This book reveals how shadow work can uncover hidden aspects of your personality, heal old wounds, and create lasting positive changes. Get ready to explore the secrets that lie within and learn how to use their power for transformation, better relationships and to live the life you want.
Robin's Review: Shadow Work for Beginners is an essential self-discovery resource, helping readers tap into the concept behind Carl Jung’s ‘shadow self.’ For those seeking to develop their understanding of unconscious motivations, nurture their inner child and increase personal acceptance levels – this book provides unique insight. Through a range of exercises that explore key events from childhood through adulthood, readers will be guided on how they can work towards healing themselves both externally as well as internally; accepting all aspects of who they are along the way!
Shadow Work for Beginners is an enlightening and introspective path to self-discovery. Relove Psychology has again produced an interesting book, leaving readers deep in thought as they explore their shadow selves with the exercises provided. It’s a fascinating look into unlocking inner truths that can help lead anyone on the journey of true understanding within themselves – highly recommended!

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