Emotional Abuse & Trauma Recovery: How to Recognize, Overcome & Heal from Psychological Manipulation or Abuse + Build Your Self-Esteem  

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Robin’s Review of Emotional Abuse & Trauma Recovery: How to Recognize, Overcome & Heal from Psychological Manipulation or Abuse + Build Your Self-Esteem 

by Relove Psychology

Rating: 5 out of 5.
Emotional Abuse & Trauma Recovery
by Relove Psychology

Emotional abuse can be difficult to recognize and even harder to leave behind

Victims of emotional abuse may feel like;

...they are walking on eggshells, constantly fearful of upsetting their abuser.
they are isolated, as the abuser may have limited their relationships.
like they are going crazy, or that their memories have been distorted.
Simply put, their life has been hijacked, and they are no longer in control

This book is for anyone who has experienced emotional abuse or wants to understand and support a loved one who has.

Inside you will learn about the causes and effects of emotional abuse, as well as healing strategies. You will learn all about the feelings of worthlessness, isolation, and powerlessness that victims often feel. Plus you will discover practical solutions for dealing with them and becoming a stronger person.
Robin's Review: This comprehensive and intuitive book on Emotional Abuse & Trauma Recovery is invaluable to those seeking healing. Through thoughtful, well-crafted writing, the reader gains valuable insight into recognizing various forms of abuse as well as understanding its short-term and long-term effects. From Narcissistic Abuse to PTSD, all facets focus on self-empowerment through positive personal affirmations, self-care practices, and reframing one's life narrative for true emotional recovery and embarking upon a journey toward self-acceptance and empowerment that will help individuals recover from their experiences of abuse or trauma.
This book is an absolute must-read for any reader looking to broaden their knowledge of healthy and unhealthy relationships. It offers an impactful perspective that will have you reflecting on its profound messages long after you've finished reading the last page!

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