Larval Seeds

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Robin’s Review of Larval Seeds

by D.W. Hitz

Rating: 5 out of 5.
Larval Seeds
by D.W. Hitz

It's summertime on Sully's street. That means hours of doing nothing...
 ...reading comics, and being in love with his neighbor from afar. Then his drunken mom brings home a mysterious hookup.

She may have gotten the night of her life, but she had no idea what she was letting into her bed. And when Sully has to deal with her new friend, strange things happen. New feelings emerge, Sully's mom falls apart, and he's forced to choose between his carnal instincts and his humanity.
Robin's Review: Reading this book was an absolute delight! Not only is the story expertly crafted with a captivating plot, but its unique characters make it truly special. Unsurprisingly, I found myself so enraptured by all of these elements - if you're looking for a fun and engaging read, look no further than this delightful tale!

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