Outlast (Apocalypse Book 5)

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Robin’s Review of Outlast (Apocalypse Book 5)

by Hayley Anderton

Sacrifice left me heartbroken, but Outlast boldly reignites my flames of hope. This fifth installment in the Apocalypse series is jam-packed with excitement; it has everything from heart-wrenching moments and nail-biting scenes to zombie-killing triumphs. With a festive “holiday” season occurring during an apocalypse, what could go wrong?
There are a few twisty turns added into the mix of this wild ride, but this book again had me cheering on these characters as they face intense odds to survive. But to what end? Is this the end? Ms. Anderton says “no” more books will be coming in the series. So thankfully, it doesn’t end just yet. But until the next book, I will be reading her other series titled The Last Girls On Earth.

Book Series Order:
Apocalypse: A Zombie Thriller
Book 1 of 5: Apocalypse
Fallout (Apocalypse Book 2)
Book 2 of 5: Apocalypse
Chaos (Apocalypse Book 3)
Book 3 of 5: Apocalypse
Sacrifice (Apocalypse Book 4)
Book 4 of 5: Apocalypse

The Last Girls on Earth: Book 1: Sloth
Book 1 of 2: The Last Girls on Earth
The Last Girls on Earth: Book 2: Gluttony
Book 2 of 2: The Last Girls on Earth
by Hayley Anderton

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